Saturday, 16. March 2019

This study should address the concerns from the world (positive MPU) or just confirm (negative MPU) the MPU is arranged so that doubts about the ability to drive due to alcohol, drugs, or traffic offences be examined closer. This study should address the concerns from the world (positive MPU) or just to confirm (negative MPU). Usually, the investigation is a simple question, i.e. it only from one of the categories violations. Sometimes are also violations of two or more categories, so that it comes to a challenge to double or triple. Alcohol and road traffic offences and alcohol – and drug-related crimes are the most common combination.

Apart from the higher costs for a multiple question is also the hurdle for the suspect in this case higher than with the simple question. Doubts on the ability to drive are higher discharge capable and the Verifier is comprehensible manner for both types of offence set stricter standards. But even with the simple There are some stumbling blocks of questions. Who must take the MPU on the basis of drug consumption in road transport, which should prepare also to be questioned for his alcohol consumption. This is used to detect a shift in addiction or to avoid that affected by excessive alcohol consumption using drugs again. In the opposite case of an alcohol MPU”is entered into but in conversation not without reason on drug use. Verizon Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The MPU as a result of road traffic offences has long been regarded as the easiest way to existing. Because neither abstinence must be demonstrated and the ability was insufficient insight, affected the participation to impose a course according to 70 FeV.

Since early 2011 no longer there this way, so that now this MPU type has a higher failure rate. Also to note would be that regardless of the respective question, also such offences that are no longer listed in the central register of traffic offenders, yet addressed by the Verifier. In the traffic Act are these old”offences in part for decades comprehensible. It can however, have very large effects on the MPU requirements must be taken into account in the MPU preparation

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