Otmar Knoll

Saturday, 22. November 2014

fairvesta Holding AG the Tubinger fairvesta group can report a further participation of institutional wholesale investor in one of their funds. So a foreign pension fund invested due diligence involving all corporate results of the last few years three million euros after an extensive in the fairvesta sixth real estate holding company GmbH & co. KG (fairvesta VI). Thus an institutional investor has participated for the third time a Fund of the fairvesta group of companies. Already two years earlier a pension fund had invested 25 million euros in the context of a private placement at fairvesta.

Again we have highest emphasis that there is between the investors special nor participation rights beyond the usual”, says Otmar Knoll by the fairvesta group of companies, and prides itself on the highest level of trust that is placed in fairvesta again and again. We convince with numbers, data, facts, which are investors in the personal He says dialogue can inform”. Already two years ago, had also this pension fund is the result of fairvesta longer and then went to on the Tubingen real estate agents. For institutional investors our funds offer an alternative to riskier investments increasingly, as we perform in the double-digit range for years without having to take significant volatility in buying”, explains the Knoll real estate specialist. Take as hardly another company can fairvesta purchase, trade in real estate in the living to be specializing in Office and commercial area in whole Germany. The previously presented performance convinced on the basis of the results obtained. Previous projections suggest now that in 2009 despite financial and real estate crisis is likely to be the most successful in the company’s history”, says Knoll. But on his successes the resourceful Swabian company wants to be resting. For this reason their product line has expanded fairvesta during the year significantly and now offers the classic”on real estate investments a real estate term Fund as well as a participation which invests in holiday luxury real estate in Spain. All Fund sectors remains fairvesta but true to its principle and potential benefits of shopping passes to the Fund subscribers. Information about the company:

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