Ozone Layer

Wednesday, 13. April 2016

The quarrels for the search of a development harmnicoentre the planet with finite resources and the exploration of this for the man, had seuincio with the creation of the Club of 2 Rome, that a report gained notoriety world-wide to aopublicar in 1972 in which foresaw that if alteraono did not have one rhythm of the taxes of population growth, of PNUMA, and in this exactly year, the Declaration on the AmbienteHumano and the Plan of World-wide Action, establishing responsibilities in relation ambient squestes, mainly with the discovery of the hole in the deoznio layer on Antarctica, whose fact, gave origin to the Convention of Vienna for Proteo of the Ozone Layer, signed in 1985 and published in the year of 1987, becoming world-wide known as 4 Brundtland Report . Destaconferncia resulted the development concept> sustainable: he is that one that takes care of to the necessity of the gift to semcomprometer the possibilities of the future generations to take care of its prpriasnecessidades … is a transformation process through which aexplorao of the resources, the orientation of the investments, of the institucional innovations tcnicase, if finds in harmony and strengthens the current potential efuturo of satisfaction of the necessities of the man … is not a permanent State of harmony, but umprocesso of changes in which the exploration of the resources, the orientation dosinvestimentos, the technological routes of the development and the mudanainstitucional are in accordance with the current and future necessities (RelatrioBrundtland, 1988 P. 46). In the year of 1992, it occurred in the city of Rio De Janeiro, (CNUMAD), Conference of United Nations on the Environment the eDesenvolvimento, in this meeting the focus of the quarrels was centered, in the mudanaclimtica, biological diversity and proposals estratgicasde action and cooperaoentre countries, giving origin to a called document Agenda 21, that estabeleceuuma new phase in the ambientalista perspective in world-wide level.

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