Friday, 23. January 2015

Appropriate packaging for the correct in the Russian market Cookie three basic types of packaging: paper; flow-pack – pack of polypropylene transparent or color film; cardboard box; tin; mini'televizory '- cardboard box with a transparent window; plastic bucket; combo pack. Packaging for cookies with filling, usually packed in a protective film and cardboard or just a protective film. For expensive varieties with increased Oil separation is used substrate- that are under the cookies inside the main package. Gentle packing soft pechenyMyagkie cookie varieties for preservation, first put into a plastic container, and then tighten the film, or in cardboard followed by tightening of the film. Tin cans are expensive packaging, as a rule, imported cookies, and the producers are using modular substrates of waxed paper, dense enough to protect the product from damage. Cheapest cookies without the filling sold in the traditional for the Russian market of paper packaging. Producers seek to accommodate the packaging visual information about the supplements contained in the cookie, causing the image of nuts, chocolate, lemon, grape, etc.

This allows the buyer to accurately distinguish cookies with the desired taste on the counter without proofreading information on the composition. For the consumer udobnoOptimalny weight of packaging cookies for personal consumption – 200 grams, for a family (collective) consumption – 400-500 was precisely to such a range of weights tend to retail outlets for self- packaging weight biscuits. Typically, the buyer prefers to medium-sized cookies, since it is contained in the package in larger amounts, which is important for collective consumption.

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