Personalized Process

Monday, 22. April 2019

The research method is being implemented through different tools, which may vary depending on the nature of the product or service you sell. Generally, we can define these tools follows: preliminary investigation of information in the prospectus. The first activity that I recommend, when generating an initial contact, is to know that it makes the prospectus, in that industry carries out its activities, as it is positioned in the market, which are its key financial performance figures, who are your main competitors and in general all the most relevant data on their activities. This information can be obtained through public media such as Internet, press, guilds, etc. Know the motivators initials by which have contacted your organization. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Personalized visit is one of the more expensive contact mechanisms in commercial practices (compared with channels such as contact centers, call centers, web portals, chat, etc.).

For this reason, it is necessary to optimize the use of custom visits. My recommendation is to conduct a preliminary investigation of the motivators of the prospect through a telephone contact. The development of this first contact is necessary to structure a basic questionnaire, which must be applied by the seller Advisory so that you can get the information you need to qualify the opportunity and at the same time enabling it to begin building relationships of trust with the prospect. It is important to bear in mind that one of the first data to obtain in this process is who is your interlocutor (his charge, their role within the buying process, your goal with the development of this contact, etc.). You must be clear that you want to achieve with this first contact and what is the method used to obtain the relevant information to make a decision on the continuation or not of more contacts to develop this as a real opportunity. My suggestion is to structure a process of questions that allow you to: know who is his partner and that role revelry in the process, because they have contacted you, is generally the need or problem that leads to the prospect to seek help and as It is the buying process that is taking place.

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