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Wednesday, 22. June 2011

As then-Dean of Faculty of Philosophy, Betancur conceived the idea of a magazine that was published not only the production of the National University professors, but in general the results of philosophical research projects to be undertaken in the country . The first name given was Ideas magazine, with whom he is trying to invoke Plato and reflect the speculative trend in which the teacher wanted to guide the publication Betancur. However, this name appeared only in the first issue, for a student magazine he had already registered and filed a complaint with the university. Faced with the need for a new name was chosen Ideas and Values, wanting to add this new direction to the magazine. These two guidelines were chosen according to what was “modern philosophy” of the time: the phenomenology. However, the original conception was that the magazine was open to all responsible and critical reflection. Another objective was to bring the teacher Betancur philosophy who was interested in, disseminating knowledge of new global philosophical, reason for a long period Ideas and Values was devoted almost exclusively to the publication of translations.

In his long lifetime, the magazine has had to overcome some drawbacks. In 1954 its publication was suspended to give priority for some years to another journal (Studium) dedicated to the humanistic culture, especially the Hispanic. In 1962 he resumed the publication of Ideas and Values in an age in which the studies of philosophy in Colombia passed through difficult times. In 1972 he was also suspended publication of the magazine and its critical attitude was described in the official press as “subversive.” Luckily for academic life in Colombia, in 1974 the publication was resumed and has continued ever since. Currently, the journal publishes articles on any topic philosophical as well as reviews and translations of works of philosophy.

Occasionally special issues are published, usually in connection with activities performed in the Department. Ideas and Values is a quarterly publication that draws on national and international collaborations. In its 50 years, the magazine has been a forum for the publication of philosophical thought in Colombia. Efforts have been made, of course, she maintained a close bond developed with the philosophical work in Latin America and the world. Ideas and Values is currently indexed in Category A2 Publindex COLCIENCIAS in Philosopher’s Index, in ULRICH, in the International Philosophical Bibliography, in the electronic library Scielo Colombia (DOAJ, DIALNET, Redalyc, Latindex and the Repertoire bibliographique of the Philosophie.

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