PI Institute With Quick Check Analysis Of Key Figures In The Production

Sunday, 15. September 2019

Overhead arms analysis of key figures in three to five days potential will be to reduce costs immediately visible alarm clock/L, 08.02.2011 – according to research company in their production have mostly not sufficient demand and current performance measurement systems. The production intelligence has therefore developed a method of analysis Institute for companies in the process industry to assess the metrics (key performance indicator), to realize that both poor effort is based also on the world’s first framework for production intelligence. This KPI quick check is the entire relevant indicators and their operational use on the test bench in one depending on the size of production structures only three to five-day investigation. Thus, the potential can be visible soon to reduce costs. The documentation of results includes also practical conclusions to improve identified weaknesses of the KPI. Key figures play for control of processes, not only an increasingly important but even critical role”, emphasizes Jeannette Ewen, Managing Director of production intelligence Institute. A modern and high quality-oriented production management is hardly possible without clear KPI systems.

At any time to know where there are potentially efficiency losses or even power reserves, produces a clear decision basis for improvement measures. Vice versa using inadequate or obsolete data leads to wrong decisions.” So far, many companies have neglected this issue however and relying instead largely on subjective perceptions, problematizes the expert production management. However, it is usually not practical to improve the situation of ratio directly through complex projects considers. Rather the experience, show that first made a substantial analysis of the status and derived from this gradually the success ratios should be designed according to the requirements. Therefore, the KPI quick check provides a pragmatic approach, poor effort to look at the existing conditions, in case of need to be able to derive highly targeted steps”, explains Ewen. The valuation basis derived from the PI framework ensures that the future technical and procedural requirements are taken into account. In this respect the results have no expiration date, but remain usable in the long term.

This is important also in terms of security of investment.” The KPI quick check is useful if there is a poor service quality and efficiency; the causes of productivity and/or quality weaknesses are not clear; secret cost drivers, be traced a reorganization of the production to be performed There is a high error rate; General optimization run. new systems for production management are planned. About the PI Institute the production intelligence Institute with scientific management by Prof. Dr. Manfred Estler is dedicated to the development of modern methods of production management from the University of Reutlingen. The approach of production intelligence at the Center stands the Institute name according to. He oriented specifically targeted at practical added value strategies for production management, as well as an integration of production and business processes. Think factory-group gmbh Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

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