Procel Stamp Efficiency

Saturday, 13. September 2014

He is intent in the hour to buy a duplex refrigerator. It is of utmost importance to analyze the Procel Stamp well that must come attached to the household-electric one. It mentions itself which the energy efficiency of that household-electric one. The effective law compels all that household-electric of the white line, this includes coolants, stoves and microwaves, has its proven energy efficiency through these stamps that characterize the efficiency of the device, quantifying on average the consumption of the same of electric energy. These measures come to the meeting with what the world starts to think about question the economy of natural resources. All we have the accurate notion of that the nature simply does not resist the recent and constant consumption of its recusos, and educative measures and obstrusivas the industry must be taken.

The products of the white line are one of the main consumers of electric energy, together with electric chuveiros. Thus these products come being white of many and successive regulatory regulations on the part of agency diminishing the consumption. The Procel stamp comes of meeting to this thought when it demonstrates to the consumer the efficiency of a household-electric one. It confers an explanation on as the Procel stamp functions.

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