Radici Premium

Monday, 8. August 2016

This carpet is distinguished, in addition to the magnificent quality, the highest iznosoustoychivost.2. Premium carpeting – it is always 100% wool carpet or as a species, 80% wool, 20% polyamide. In this case, wool are always of the highest kachestva.3. Premium carpeting produce Only companies with a long history and splendid reference listom.4. Premium carpet – is a premium service from the manufacturers (warranty of 5 years, the arrival of a manufacturer in the event of a defect, free replacement of defective material, etc.) 5.

Premium carpet – is a large selection of quality options, colors and design. We give an example of manufacturers that offer premium carpet collection Class company Radici Pietro Industries & Brands SpA is a leading manufacturer of carpets on the Italian market. The company has more than fifty years of manufacturing experience carpeting for hotels and office .. In addition to the standard collections there is a possibility of production of individual design. Radici Pietro Industires & Brands SpA – one of the few companies producing carpet in Europe, which provides complete control over the production of coatings on all technological stages.

All products Radici made of high quality yarn certified environmentally friendly production methods such as standard, and special products at all stages of production are tested for quality and are supplied with a label of compliance with environmental regulations. The company's products Radici Pietro Industires & Brands SpA is popular around the world. Reference list companies includes such well-known hotel operators, as Villa D'Este, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hilton, Four Seasons.

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