RateTiger Enhances Competition And 600 Online Channel Support

Monday, 20. May 2024

Channel-management specialist easier price comparisons via global distribution systems and provides access to over six hundred distributors London hoteliers, October 4. 2010: eRevMax RateTiger provider, has announced the expansion of its benchmarking solution for price comparisons with other hotels. Hoteliers with RateTigers module shoppers can now ‘ get also the GDS rates of competitors. The next development offers users of the programs RTSuite and RTCorp now also clear reports about room prices on the global distribution system (GDS). Based on the extension of RateTigers previous functions to the competition is an extension of the partnership with ReservHOTEL.

Since one year, the management of the hotel-own offer via the GDS is possible thanks to this cooperation. In the future, RateTiger customers on request receive also extensive reports of even selectable competitive hotel room rates offered by GDS. Oracle oftentimes addresses this issue. The RateTiger previously available info on the prizes at Online travel agents such as HRS or hotel.de are retained in full. With valuable knowledge about the current price level and its evolution, hoteliers can better optimize their own pricing strategy. Along with the product extension of channel management specialist announced also the integration of the 600 external sales channel in its products. Already in the past, the RateTiger programs compared with other channel management solutions offered the most connections to online travel agents. With access to impressive 600 channels of RateTiger this internationally leading position continues to more than 120 connections through the sustainable and secure XML technology.

All RateTiger connections also work in both directions so that customers can manage not only its own offering, but also current booking reports. These can be passed optionally directly to the hotel’s management program (PMS). Our partnership with RateTiger was with the addition of the new Price comparison features further strengthened,”commented Luis Barberi of ReservHOTEL. Hoteliers will benefit from the certainty that they need to maintain their electronic distribution channels – IDS and GDS – more individually. Swarmed by offers, Jos Shaver is currently assessing future choices. You can now easily get competitive prices and manage the own rates and quotas on online travel portals and the GDS. This combination of internationally successful technologies supports our customers in improving their room sales on a variety of channels.”observing the competition is in the face of a growing price adjustment, especially in the last two years, becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that our customers with RateTiger at any time can see the prices of its competitors offered currently via the GDS,”Sascha Hausmann, CEO eRevMax added international. Our tried and tested cooperation with ReservHOTEL has made it possible, these functions in our module shopper,’ to integrate. Hoteliers choose simply the channels to compare and get clear reports at your fingertips.” The shift of the distribution business to a growing number of online channels requires a regular review of the own price policy. For this reason, current data on the prices of competitors, as well as the possibility to flexibly adjust its own rates and availability, critical success factors are. The module shopper,’ RateTigers solution for price comparisons with the competition, is available in the programs RTSuite and RTCorp for hotels, hotel chains and travel agencies. About the XML channel management interface RTConnect other technology companies can integrate the new GDS price comparisons in their own systems and offer their users. Total eRevMax now offers access to more than 600 online sales channels and through GDS to 480,000 classical travel agencies and millions of potential clients. The different technical systems can be easy and time-saving central control with RateTiger. The management of electronic Distribution channels thus becomes a smooth and efficient process. for Jasmine Keller

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