Friday, 25. November 2011

Beginning in 1999, after passing the stage of reconstruction, at the St. Petersburg factory Gazapparat annually develops and manufactures new models of domestic gas instantaneous water heaters. Each new product – a step forward based on best practices of previous models. Especially worth to mention one of the latest innovations – the gas water heater neva Lux 5514. This model is now the clear leader in sales and it is reasonable Causes: Permanent hydraulic flame modulation makes a geyser neva Lux 5514 the best in its category.

Its customers can forget about the abrupt changes in temperature heated water. Only one control knob. More and no required, because this model is equipped with automatic electronic ignition. It is this feature puts it on par with more expensive European models of gas water heaters. Ignition burner automatically off immediately after turning the main burner. This significantly increases its service life. Special combustion chamber. Part of the water coming into this geyser cools the combustion chamber.

This technological innovation affects the lifetime of the device and saves the cost of servicing the heater. Ecology, clean air, safety is not just empty words for this column. In a gas water heater neva Lux 5514 co (carbon monoxide) less than 10 times than the specified eu standards. The phone has all the modern security system. This is true in regard to recent developments in the use of domestic gas. And the last difference. It is this gas column won the most popular of modern housing. Many consumers are happy to replace the familiar white device, to a more modern matte silver casing. In addition to color it should be noted that the new body is made of metal and plastic. Unlike enamel shells, he fears less chipping, better able to corrosion. Geyser neva Lux 5514 – a modern, popular and safe water heater that creates comfort in any home.

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