Resume Banks Discount

Thursday, 18. August 2011

The least risky in this regard is the transport, since this type of software is a dual control in the bodies of registration. Therefore, the bank particularly suited to careful evaluation of legal Risk: check equipment vendors in order to avoid falsification of documents, requesting copies of the agreements collateral from other banks to avoid a double mortgage, on an ongoing basis monitors the status of collateral. If the borrower offers collateral of the old equipment if it has the same new, it is clear that the value of the equipment to the mortgagor is not very large, and perhaps there is a temptation not to pay on the loan. In this If the bank can refuse to grant credit. Problems in a crisis is difficult to estimate the true providing liquidity, primarily because of the lack of stable supply and demand in the market. For reduce the risks lenders set the maximum discounts, on the one hand, it minimizes the risks of the bank, on the other – limits the ability to attract the customer credit.

If you learn that the bank took in your partners or competitors of intent to purchase your equipment at a specified price in the future, it does not mean that the bank is confident in your bankruptcy. He's just studying the market, using an additional method for determining the degree of liquidity and collateral adequacy of the discount. Offer from a legal point of view does not obligate the buyer to purchase equipment in the future. Keep in mind that bank checks and the potential buyer – so you should not engage surrogates to sign the offer. Resume Banks do not have a standardized formula for calculating the discount. It can not consist of several components with identical specific gravity equal to unity, since in this case the discount rate could easily exceed 100%. Borrower may be guided by the fact that the bank will choose the greater of two quantities: the total amount of wear plus the cost of implementation, plus additional costs by increasing the life of the (storage, security, extra wear and tear, etc.), the predictive value at the time of a possible foreclosure on collateral. On average, minimum discount on equipment is 50%.

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