Revolutionizing Social Networking

Wednesday, 22. May 2024

Bischofszell/Switzerland, Sacramento/California 12.10.2010 Pantros, of innovation and market leader for intelligent software for IP analysis, brings the new EXPERT-WEB 3.0 application for social network on the market. This technology is applicable to any any social network, professional network of experts or any person database. Semantic profiles are produced by individuals or groups with identical interests to read that a relevant information from the network or the Internet and identify. The first network of this kind is under development and will be released soon. Pantros technology understands human language as well as the importance of information on the Web. It allows users of social networks for example, finding information, individuals and groups of people using this innovative technology. Electron Capital Partners is open to suggestions.

Researching online search results are ordered using the technology of Pantros by conceptual relevance according to the search query. This development provides for awareness of the Internet towards ideas and acts a great leap dar. It is the most advanced technology in the discovery of information, management and analysis of large amounts of data and is no longer dependent on keywords or synonyms. With its proven applications in the patent search and analysis, Pantros has proven his ability, not only very large amounts of data to deal with, but also the rapid growth of data. Due to the extensive experience is Pantros able to provide technologies that are intended to implement the so-called Semantic Web. CEO Maximilian von Lobbecke says: our new software technology converts social networks in intelligent platforms with the understanding of the trendy and read. This is perhaps the biggest step towards achieving the so long-awaited Web 3.0.

The intelligent Pantros technology is applicable to all types of data and document management. While the application is revolutionizing access, the identification and the management of information.” More For information, see. Media contact: WBCO Emen stone business communications GmbH Stefan Westemeyer Kroger road 2, 60313 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 069/13 38 80 36 fax: 069/13 38 80 33 E-Mail: information about the company: PANTROS IP is the first global company, setting a semantically-driven, digital systems for strategic patent management and the automated qualitative assessment of its own and competitive patent portfolios. As owner of the world’s largest semantic database PANTROS IP is represented in the United States, Europe and Japan. PANTROS IP has emerged smart IP solutions and the American PatentCafe merger which took place in June 2009 the European as a parent company.

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