RuMS New

Wednesday, 9. December 2015

RuMS has with the otherwise popular financial advisor portals to do almost nothing, except of course, that the topics for investors, traders and investors are selected. On, the new, sophisticated financial portal with a completely new concept, the reader will find not only all the information about the subject of investment, legal, tax and financial instruments of all kinds, but also evidence of trading days, trading hours, trading days, information about brokers, hardware and software for the traders, trade fairs and other for the trader and investor significant events. RuMS provides extensive expertise for beginners and advanced independently and objectively in a distinctive low. The experienced user detects a serious, generating trust environment, without the usual accumulation of ads at the first “click” and upon closer inspection, this positive impression is impressively confirmed by high compelling content. RuMS deliberately dispenses with current stock quotes and makes no recommendations for financial products. Not Managing Director Rudolf Markus Schug pointed out during his presentation on the new concept of its financial portal without pride and said: “ is a new, honest information portal for interested investors who want to place their capital on the financial market itself and manage or have just information needs”. On, all receive necessary information in combined form, as on any other site, for the trader and investor, offered continuously updated news and important dates of the financial market are reminded of all.

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