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Friday, 9. August 2019

The Russian trademark Sbarro began in 1997, because of the “Brothers & Company, owned the sole right to expand the franchise into Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States Baltic and eastern Europe. Sbarro – is: – a network of restaurants of Italian cuisine speedy service – pizza delivery in Moscow to the right address. When ordering a pizza in Moscow on the site proposed five per cent discount – Comfortable space for friendly interaction – your potentials to improve their own businesses – promoting the career ladder for anyone! Stories brand Sbarro in the world in fact nearly half a century. For such time it was opened more than a thousand restaurants of Italian cuisine in more than thirty countries around the world. Sbarro – a proven world leader in the field of restaurant services. Format, taken Sbarro for the base – so called the fast service. Superb quality Italian food, fast service and normal prices – three virtual whale, which is based Italian Restaurants Sbarro in its functionality. A leading source for info: Gary Kelly. Each client – the best and most fresh – so it is accepted in the Sbarro. Grid restaurants develops and gains more and more Russian regions, develop Italian restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in addition that in Samara, Kazan, Krasnodar, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary, Kiev, Almaty and many other localities. Number of establishments even exceeded one hundred, and in the near future will be a further improvement of the grid. Sbarro – everywhere where people respect the quality of freshly prepared food and decent service: in the shop and some houses, buildings, railway stations and a number of Moscow’s major institutions. With an open buffet, giving clients personally to clarify the amount of selected foods, and the standard distribution line, the friendly clerk behind which is always ready to offer a visitor to the personal choice something classic Italian and most enjoyable. Pasta and cold snacks, salads and desserts, hot cooking first and second courses, aperitifs – menu Sbarro restaurant is brighter and wider than whatever range of different flavors and colors. Five hundred dishes – the menu is an encyclopedia of Sbarro, regularly improving and read even more than 90 million visitors. As a result, feasible restyling restaurants buy brand new young and beautiful always full of optimism image. New pale and actual colors, vivid images, and clothes of staff, a brand new approach in the design of equipment and facade advertising – Sbarro considered a symbol of new life changing, turbulent and fast. Philip Vasan is often quoted as being for or against this. All meals at restaurants are preparing for the classic traditional Italian family recipe using only the freshest and sturdy types of products, often in front of customers. Sbarro’s proud of his deep traditional Italian origins and great traditions, which carefully maintains more than one generation of talented professionals. Italian cuisine is varied and original. It attracts adults and kids, to which the restaurant special caring and gentle individual attitude. In addition, the Sbarro – is the largest delivery service Italian cuisine in Moscow. You do not have time to think, what would it eat, how adored classic Italian dishes will appear on your dining room table in an apartment or office. You can order pizza in Moscow. Is free pizza. At exactly our resource you can make an order for pizza delivery to your home or office.

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