Tuesday, 4. February 2014

No matter how hard the people do not perceive, Chemistry possesss a direct relation to the life of each one of them, in diverse basic functions of the proper man. However, due to clarification, many people also pupils, veem chemistry in a deturpada vision, not understanding its paper inside of the society. It is necessary to the use of mechanisms capable to establish connection the theoretical knowledge of the pupils, with its half one of life. As (SARDELLA, 1999): To know as if processes the chemical knowledge can more endow the people with an elaborated critical thought. With the hegemony of the capitalism and the increasing industrial and technological development, the societies had started to secularizar the knowledge most of the time, becoming it pragmatic.

This pragmatismo is strengthened by a globalizada society of consumption, making of a knowledge many times a business capable to satisfy the ends that nor always are what in fact it interests for the construction of a society where the people can be capable of if identifying as citizens. Inside of the processing of the knowledge of chemistry, it has innumerable forms of if trying to relate deriving knowledge of the common sense brought by the pupils with the thematic proposals systematically for the net of public education. One of them can be verified to if trying to introduce in the estudantil life of the pupil, practical imbudas of meanings for its real conditions of existences. This implies to try to take the education something that can be constructed to the measure that the knowledge only leaves of being simulated. In this perspective, that encloses the interatividade between society and school, a subject that can give edge to an ample quarrel inside of this aspect is the Processes of Separation of Mixtures, that can be focused in a line of debate capable to excite others subtemas that they involve the creative participation of the pupil in the educational process.

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