Shopping And Food At Airports

Thursday, 27. June 2019

Airports are becoming more and more shopping malls the times are when the wait at the airport was tough and boring, at least for shopping fans over. Only things of everyday offered before and after the security checks, retailers today increasingly rely on articles that are also fun to the consumer. The flight Portal has been shopping at airports under the magnifying glass. For example, the Frankfurt Rhein-Main airport in an impressive way continues the tradition of the classic duty free shop: on 20 000 square meters can cover for waiting with goods of all kinds are. Fashion shops, electronic stores, and toy dealers are now just as the image of airports as perfume shops and newsagents.

Meanwhile, many German airports such shopping landscapes offer. In Munich, there are 18 000 square meters, at Dusseldorf airport about 60 stores, the new airport Berlin Brandenburg is 2012 also waiting at its opening with a wide range of products. But not only the passengers are to be addressed. For day-trippers, especially worth a visit, because shops are also without obtaining a pilot’s licence. In addition, the airport shops are usually open daily from early morning to late evening opened a blessing for all those who must work on Saturdays,.

Very well equipped airports also offer a range of other services: hairdressers, beauty salons, pharmacies and even medical practices can be visited at some airports. Travelers and day guests can relax themselves after shopping in restaurants. It does no matter whether you like dear sushi or pasta, want to drink a cup of coffee or just supply is cocktails large enough. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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