Sunday, 28. May 2017

Thyristor or capacitor ignition system is fundamentally different from the classical and the transistor so that the energy sparking it accumulates not in the ignition coil, and special savings capacitor. The operating principle of a capacitor ignition system allows for the greatest measure to address the shortcomings of the classical system without replacing the standard ignition coil. Therefore, the manufacturer of the capacitor system in amateur conditions is preferable. Sometimes when you install the electronic ignition system on a new car driver does not notice the improvements in the engine. This is because the new car all new – and candles and contact breaker, and battery. Stress promoted by classical ignition system, under these conditions is sufficient for reliable starting of the engine and its normal operation. However, as the operation of contacts interrupter burn candles borne varnish, battery capacity decreases, which causes gradual deterioration of the engine, which can be very significant, but not noticeable. Therefore, many drivers are clean or replace the circuit breaker contacts only when the engine is not running. Electronic ignition system in operation requires virtually no maintenance. The use of electronic ignition systems provides the following advantages: the voltage applied to the spark plugs, increases compared with the stress in the classical system, thus increasing the gap in the spark plugs on 20 – 30% relative standard, in this connection is more complete combustion of fuel and the associated increase in power and fuel economy, reducing carbon formation, reduction of exhaust gases; easier start cold start at low temperatures, reduced electrical load on the circuit breaker contacts, and their lifetime is determined only by mechanical wear.

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