So Paulo

Thursday, 23. June 2016

So that it occurs this change of attitudes is necessary that let us change the paradigms (SOFFIATI, 2005) and the organisms livings creature need to be seen as really they function, in which has a ecossistmica harmony where they interact and interdependem one of the others so that the process occurs of positive form (GRN, 2005). For example, if one determined area with native bush will be substituted by the culture of an only vegetable, can be compromised the alimentary chain of the animals that if they feed of the native plants, as well as the animals that if they feed of the proper animals of that region. We need acquiring knowledge in them that, if all share to usufruct of the nature in which we belong, also we would have to share the responsibilities to protect the same one. Our current behavior of destruction without repairing can be consequence of the reproduction of certain values that finish determining the way them people of if relating, acting and to be in the world. These values give base for our culture as, for example, the individualism and the uncontrolled consumerism. The residues have utility and, if handled well, can generate income for who need. The main one is not to separate of correct form, but yes, not to produce.

About 40% of what we consume already it is garbage. It is not only enough to place in the media and to make campaigns ' ' simblicas' ' if not to invest concretely in infrastructure that answers the current demand of residues that we produce daily. The quarrels on the thematic one of the garbage they would have to be generating of deeper reflections on our way of living individualistic and competitive e, the recycling, could not be interpreted as an activity end, but yes, as a beginning of one walked contestadora one of behaviors after-modern. REFERENCES FREIRE, I.M. TAVARES, C.

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