Some Keys To Your Success

Tuesday, 25. July 2017

For almost a year when I started my career as a Networker, I was a complete novice, I had never heard of multilevel did not know you could make money from the Internet, but I was very attracted to this and decided to get into my first business. At first, like many beginners, I started to want to reinvent the wheel, ie, I began to follow a proven system, I thought he had no further complicating the business, and only had to be promoting everywhere. Last working this way for several months, and the truth is that I was not so bad, come to recruit enough people in this way, and even my uplines congratulated me, but had the following three problems:

1: The work to be promoting everywhere, trying to convince everybody, and answering children’s questions for the end I say things like, “That’s a pyramid”, “I have no time truth” that does not work “” I need the money and “between other things, I really wore out. 2: That there were people who recorded before contacting us, thinking they would win thousands of overnight and doing nothing, and that being in my emails still did not answer or would answer but they ignored me and ended up getting away. 3: That while using a capture form, that form is not what drove me, just received the diaries and leaflets sent them letters autoresponder follow-up, but I had my own autoresponder for my own list of subscribers, and therefore could not reuse. . Educate yourself with thoughts from Hewlett-Packard Co..

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