Spanish Government

Friday, 3. May 2013

In these days we are recalling the nineteenth-century grotesque attempt of coup d ‘ etat which occurred in Spain 30 years ago and who had use of reason then (to my surprised me attending an evening class at the University) will never forget that it all started with a peremptory and suburban voice that by repeatedly shouted Quietus everyone!! This phrase, which is already history of Spanish democracy, has a meaning that transcends their apparent first reading to describe us a declaration of underground intentions that determine human beings and are now, in difficult times, de rabiosa actualidad. With security, who gave it (the Lieutenant Colonel of the Guardia Civil, Antonio Tejero Molina) and how did it (gun in hand and going to the House where they were sitting members who voted the investiture of Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo as new President of the Government), intended that nobody did anything. I.e. the inaction of the representatives of the people power waiting for a destiny marked by mysterious military orders to come that they would form a new national Government order. The purpose of the phrase, from the beginning, was not achieved because before the intimidating the first rounds of machine gun bursts some deputies expressed his disappointment with the situation, remaining sitting unattended to orders from around the world to the ground!. Even two of them (the General Gutierrez Mellado and still President of the Government, Adolfo Suarez) raised not to be quiet, as they sent them. From here and during that long and dark winter night of uncertainty in the Congress of Deputies, other parliamentarians would also be silent in their seats. It was the beginning of the end that as we all know.

Lying still in a situation that is not to our liking is the best way of perpetuating it to make it worse. Only moving we can help change it. Fortunately, today nobody can force us to be quiet and we count with the free possibility to act to try to modify our personal experiential situations when these are not our whole liking. If we do not usually own reasons (no mistake with Balsamic and self-serving excuses that always point out!) because normally we chose this easier path, asphalting of mansa resignation, to accept what we call our destination. Destination that fortunately never is preset, because otherwise perhaps today I not could be writing these letters with entire freedom that allows me the State of civic guarantees that all have given us in Spain and we have an obligation to continue to defend the only attitude that it is effective against the unsatisfactory move around the world!! Antonio j.

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