Tuesday, 23. January 2018

The importance of hair lies not only in that is the framework of our face also is the barrier that protects our skull to prevent sun rays to directly affect upon him, damaging the delicate organ that hosts, that is our brain, in the cultural sphere, the hair has always had a considerable importance, at the time of the Egyptians was a symbol of social status. In our epoch hair says a lot about our person, a scruffy hair, shows how careless people, while a clean hair, healthy and tidy gives a look very favorable for us, however pollution, fashion trends, chlorinated water, damage caused by weather and time constraints make it more difficult for our hair care, but not impossible, remember a phrase that says if you feel good you look good and this also applies to your hair. Care for your health also cuidaras your beauty, uses natural products such as argan oil to care for your skin and hair, you’ll see that are very effective and although initially expensive, its long duration and effectiveness make that ultimately more accessible and many people see them as a long-term investment, take care that your diet is balanced and provides the nutrients your body needs, avoids the junk food that provide you no nutrients, and if they do you much harm, take plenty of water and increase your physical activity to apply argan hair oil, just that in the Palms of your hands place a few drops, rub your palms and proceed to distribute it evenly over your clean hair, brushing or combing as used, you’ll see that in this way your hair not only be protected from weather damage and pollution, but they also are ira repairing split ends, apart from that will give you brightness and will help you untangle it more easily. You can also apply the argan oil thing only once a week, this applies in the same way mentioned above but with quantity more generous and mostly at the tips, is left to act for 25 to 30 minutes and then it wash your hair normally rinsing with plenty of water. Recalls that not only a healthy hair is responsible for your appearance, a cut and a hairdo according to the type of face and stature will give you an essential touch of good clothing and elegance, for example a round face with a cut to the height of cheeks and bangs will cause it’s face look more round while at the height of the shoulders and layered cut will make the face look more elongated, very long hair makes that a person look shorter, so remember that although a cut or a type of hairstyle is fashionable choose what goes with it. And regardless of the type of cut or the length of the hair for hair argan oil will help you to keep it healthy and beautiful, and that its application will not take you long..