International Jet Set

Thursday, 20. June 2019

Nikki Beach Berlin opening – Rose Night@Maxxim SA 28.11.2009 @ Maxxim Club Berlin – Nikki Beach invites the legendary and global party label with Club destinations in the global hotspots of St. Tropez, Cannes, Marbella, NYC, and Panama City on the 28th for the first time in Berlin to a glamorous night. The Maxxim, the most exclusive Berlin address for exquisite and innovative House will open its gates, music and provide the perfect setting for this unique event the international and sophisticated party crowd. Keeping a Nikki Beach ambience, guests have access to a breathtaking decoration, as well as numerous Nikki Beach specials. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Quite along the lines of the internationally famous beach clubs, the Maxxim, is equipped with lounge beds and an exclusive massage area, celebrate an unparalleled party event. On the decks, both international top DJs Calvin Bosco and Ismael Nagera will provide for the appropriate House sound and the society in the party with the hottest and most innovative sounds of the Club Pop, captivated pull House, Balearic House, tribal House and bastard. As an additional highlight, the models of the “elite fashion Academy” present a breathtaking show with the choicest pieces of SMET-beachwear collection.

The Maxxim and Nikki Beach team traveled to forward, together with their guests to experience a unique and stimulating all the senses night. For more information about this event and the location below: home.php?#/pages/Berlin/Maxxim-Club-Berlin/224490730606?ref=ts reservation under: 030 / 417 66 240 or 0177 / 5363363 MAXXIM THE ART OF NIGHTLIFE In the Club with a national reputation is the music to the fore. The Maxxim is defined through the stars on the platter. All internationally known labels to guest, whose resident-DJs celebrate the best club sound in Berlin are regularly. And because the Club is focused only on global trends, hip protagonists of house music guest.

Our special soundscape promises to a stylish and exuberant party atmosphere. There is no evening where in a noble ambience not the arms in the height are torn and is shouted out the good vibes. Not to be surprised that in 2009 the international avant-garde is the Jack in your hand. The Maxxim is one of the most successful House clubs in Germany. Embrace life, embrace the night.

Christian Martin – Everyone Should Know

Wednesday, 6. March 2019

The new album by Christian Martin – everyone should know on the September, so just in time for the “HUSTLE IN HARMONY”-tour start and the planned album premiere is also known as the PHARO on August 29, 2009, the 1st album CD by CHRISTIAN MARTIN, under the title “each target it knowledge” available. And already promises to be the publication of the year among the hustle albums this album. CHRISTIAN MARTIN, confirmed in the first promo interviews on various radio stations and stations that the title of the album “each target it knowledge” is already very provocative meant. Who now believe they can expect a funky album, is perhaps a bit disappointed, because it is a solid pop album, in all facets of hustle to find up to very sensitive, danceable ballad is. CHRISTIAN MARTIN has done, a new musical in a friendly cooperation with Tommy Louis with this album, which will distinguish him from most of his colleagues, but that’s why his fans love him. Young, honest and direct. The current album “each It is knowledge”trade can be obtained from Vo on the. The album is published in BLUE POP of records and is maintained by DELTA music sales.

Sauguat – Mean Reschen Lake

Monday, 4. March 2019

The new album by Sauguat – mean Reschen Lake songs, who writes the life. Songs that go to the heart. These are songs of the Group Sauguat. With their song “The Shepherd of the Schnals Valley” Sauguat won 2008 the South Tyrolean decider to the Grand Prix der volksmusik and thus laid the foundations for a successful future. This year, the three guys made it with her song “My Reschen Lake” ranked two of the decider. The special reference to their homeland is a special feature and at the same time the basis for their success. Both songs written by Marco Diana and Fabio Omero, are based on true events. So “My Reschen Lake” tells the sad story of a village submerged by a dam and its former 150 inhabitants, who have been deprived of their existence.

At the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 represented again worthy Sauguat in August in Munich their country with this moving song. Sauguat are three young Vinschger Vollblut musicians who have come together in October 2005 and decided: “from now on we make music together!” Sauguat are Michael Abarth, Kurt Donner and Helmuth Kurz. Michael Abarth makes since 21 years music, of which he played 15 years in the Arundabuam. For three years he is now a member of Sauguat. He comes from Schleis and sings, plays guitar, bass and keyboards. His motto: “music and my horses are my life and now of course my son.” Kurt Donner from Schluderns is the deep voice of the trio, because he sings the clean baritone. Furthermore, he plays guitar as well as bass guitar and was a member of groups Tarscher Bichl Buam and the Alps sparrows over many years.

And don’t forget, Helmuth Kurz of the singer of the group… He comes from Eyrs and played in the group the young Vinschger for over 5 years. He sings, plays Styrian harmonica, keyboards and guitar. At first glance, you can see that here a lot of competence, experience and musicianship is gathered. Soon after their first three musicians agreed, that they want to musically excellent harmony and therefore now play together. Full of excitement and enthusiasm, they went to work. You studied flute, a jagged but also sentimental title: music that comes from the heart and goes to the heart, which enchants and ensures a good mood, music that is sauguat just. And exactly this word had brought it to the point and so unanimously agreed the three lads: so, do you mean our group – Sauguat. Already in the first year it went right to the point. Over one hundred live performances they completed what they particularly rejoiced when tent parties, balls, weddings and other festivities in South Tyrol but also abroad. There is already considerable, as this group has played up within a short time. The name Sauguat stands now for good music, mood and fun. The biggest live success by Sauguat include her performances at the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbuhel, where she enthralled the audience for the second time and the open air lodge with DJ otzi on April 15, 2007 in Sulden on the Madritsch. With her first album “My Reschen Lake”, the Group Sauguat will make another big step forward without question. Source: Koch Universal Music Sauguat the album “My Reschen Lake” (No. CD) will be available from August 25, 2009 in the trade. Web page: contact: press & online: TV: & radio:

Profile Texts

Friday, 16. March 2018

What you should pay attention to, to achieve with the self-presentation as a disc jockey on the Internet really show customers your personality – tell about you! Customers who want to celebrate a wedding or other party with a DJ, want to book not only a music expert and disc jockey craftsman, you are looking for a sympathetic people easily. The building feeling Bay with! Therefore already in the presentation of self in the Internet: tell about you! Reports not only on your DJ skills, how much thousand songs you own and what technology. Recently Coupang sought to clarify these questions. Tell you in fields such as education, occupation and hobbies. Reports from your DJ life, things that everyone can do something for example, which was your first LP or CD, and why that’s now embarrassing or why you’re always proud on it. And maybe have you original in the course of your DJ career experienced then back out with it. Show your face – upload photos! Present yourself with at least a photo to identify where your face is essential. Because nothing makes more for Distrust of the hidden as a man,”out acts.

And just as it works, when it hides his face”. A nice picture of you as a DJ at work is ideal. If you not ready, but also a nice holiday picture is enough. The main thing is that you are good to see and wear a smile on your face. Important for the good impression – avoid spelling and grammatical errors! Photos, interesting facts and nice stories from your life as disc jockeys include a good appearance not only a beautiful.

Even seemingly minor things like a proper grammar and spelling make sure that your offer is sympathetic and believable. Because it shows that you’re giving you trouble. Who is sloppy writing, will tear off perhaps his actual job as a DJ later Loveless”this impression at least subliminally, if a profile of full error is. And if you’re not so fit in spelling and grammar by yourself, then word processors such as Word Help”. The Spellcheck shows red (spelling) and green (grammar) snakes lines where something is probably wrong. Be an expert – but don’t talk like so! What you write to music and to hang up is of course very important. Most people who want a wedding or party DJ book search musical ALLROUNDER. You can of course try to position yourself as an expert for certain styles. Such restrictions, your potential customers will be decimated but automatically strong. “And who as a DJ for normal people” a really horny”party to musical fashion, must out get hits” and otherwise, at best random and liquid mixed. Thus, you should present even in the brightly. What you hear privately prefer should be secondary in importance, because here it comes so to win customers and convince not peers of the own competence. Following main categories should be included in a DJ profile the itself (not on clubbers, but) at Intended for people, who want to set up a private party: POP ROCK SOUL / BLACK HOUSE / DANCE GERMAN also in what you write about your sound and lighting technology, you should consider that your contacts are ordinary people, can catch usually little with brand names and especially with details about the technology. Therefore more generally describe how does your technology. Support maybe your words with beautiful photos of light installations. Take your potential customers but also the care that you’re an oversized sound and light show.

Tanja Siemens Has Your Summer Hit!

Sunday, 7. December 2014

Mona Phon of records produced the hit liner in 2011 that is waiting for an end! The Nice, attractive singer Tanja Siemens from Spenge has again released a hit single. Chris Fabian and Mona Phon of records producer team has tailored for Tanja to measure a song. “If a star from the sky falls” is the new popular song. Tanya’s voice sounds loose, easy, cheerful and always ensures a good mood. Dance leg itches at the first bar of this great pop production.

Many know the blonde Championhips by Schlager tour Radio Bremen with Lutz Ackermann. At the time, Tanja Siemens had a recording contract with “Arminia music”. It is to be not easy singer and mother of two children,”says the artist with Frisian roots. Many producers would have no thank you”to my projects again to make music said. I’m glad that there are producers and record companies have a plan.

And that Tanja brings victims, too. The North can look forward! The artist moved professionally East Frisia in the direction of empty and your Residing in Spenge abandon. The mother of two, knows the business and knows what it means to stand on the stage. There is nothing more beautiful than to excite the fans with music and themes from real life for Tanja. The hit single “when a star from the sky falls” is now available on all renowned download portals such as “Amazon and Musicload available. Who wants to see Tanja Siemens live must wait a little longer. The preparations for the homepage and TV and live dates are also in negotiations. Who would like to support Tanja Siemens can call radio stations and who want the song or download the song. The song is offered usually for about 90 cents. There is no success without Schlager friends and fans. There, a song can be so good. We also like to take criticism or be available for autographs. A fan club is in preparation and will be entered in the new home page of Tanja Siemens. Chris Fabian