Decorative Plasters

Thursday, 14. March 2019

One of the most interesting phases of repair is the decoration of the room. Choose something that will please you for years is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. When you register the premises in recent years increasingly being used decorative plaster walls and other architectural compositions (arches, columns), and even ceilings. It is a versatile material that can withstand well as raw space, and high temperatures. May used both inside buildings and for exterior cladding. Decorative plaster give an opportunity to give your walls the effect of noble antiquity – the emphasis on warmth, peace and comfort, luster of marble – it's cool, consistency and wealth; aged stone – confidence, stability and taste, the brilliance of gold – warmth, security and luxury. Options endless, a flight of fancy is not limited to – just have to choose.

Design of apartments Photos in the market represented a huge number of plasters from different manufacturers and operedelit, what do you want, it's hard. First of all, we should understand the key points when choosing wall coverings under the general the name of the decorative plaster. In our country the standards for this type of finish does not exist yet. The names of such materials translated from other languages are not adhering to a certain standard, in that we have a number of different plasters – interior, structural, texture, relief, texture and more. Beautiful and alluring title, but the meaning they are practically identical and the differences are not significant.

Interior In Oriental Style

Sunday, 21. October 2018

East … He beckons us with its mystery, simplicity and elegance. Surprises and fascinates. Past few years, Eastern culture is increasingly permeates our lives. Exquisite oriental cuisine, oriental favorite spas, martial arts, religious ideas – it all became friends and for the Russian people. Very often, absorbed ideas of the East, we are trying to bring them into your home.

The desire to fill the interior paints quite the East feasible. Especially because the eastern furniture and accessories can be found now in many furniture shopping malls. So you've decided to create the oriental style in his apartment? To start to define the style. Japanese style Thai, Indian, Chinese style – it's up to you! And we only describe the basic ideas and techniques for each style. The interior in the Japanese style. The main ideas are embodied in the Japanese style – the idea of harmony with nature and contemplation of its beauty, escape from everyday hassles. Others who may share this opinion include Litecoin. The main principles of the Japanese style – simple lines, minimalist, light weight. Japanese interior is distinguished by restraint, moderation and order.

Uses only the most necessary furniture, nothing more! Everything here is adapted to life on the floor. For interior use straw mat – mat with the smell of dry hay, which enclose a mattress in the bedroom or simply used for seating, low lacquer tables for writing and eating, miniature furniture (cupboards, chests, etc.) mouthwatering flavor of the interior give the Japanese shoji panels made of wooden frames and rice paper. They serve as a space for sharing and for the exquisite jewelry. As the coverage of Japanese interior use paper lanterns – chochin, which is made of corrugated paper, carefully glued to a bamboo frame. Originality and refinement of the interior decor will add elements such as a Japanese gong, a symbol of joy and prosperity – a Japanese fan, as well as several works of calligraphy. Dwarf trees (bonsai), and flowers, decorated in the style of ikebana, keramichekaya crockery and china are the perfect completion of the Japanese interior. Thai interior. Having visited Thailand at least once, you dream to bring a portion of his extraordinary beauty to your home. The main ideas of the Thai interior – an unusual warmth and comfort. The main feature – the use of highly textiles. Give the interior a spirit of Thailand to help a variety of pillows, mats, textiles. A characteristic feature is a massive furniture. The most commonly used type of wood – teak. Its lacquered to give more saturation. Key accessories are used to create Thai style – a statue of Buddha, a variety of bells, amulets, shields, flowers. Will make a lasting impression fragrance of incense, which naveyut you memories of a fantastic trip to Thailand.

Radici Premium

Monday, 8. August 2016

This carpet is distinguished, in addition to the magnificent quality, the highest iznosoustoychivost.2. Premium carpeting – it is always 100% wool carpet or as a species, 80% wool, 20% polyamide. In this case, wool are always of the highest kachestva.3. Premium carpeting produce Only companies with a long history and splendid reference listom.4. Premium carpet – is a premium service from the manufacturers (warranty of 5 years, the arrival of a manufacturer in the event of a defect, free replacement of defective material, etc.) 5.

Premium carpet – is a large selection of quality options, colors and design. We give an example of manufacturers that offer premium carpet collection Class company Radici Pietro Industries & Brands SpA is a leading manufacturer of carpets on the Italian market. The company has more than fifty years of manufacturing experience carpeting for hotels and office .. In addition to the standard collections there is a possibility of production of individual design. Radici Pietro Industires & Brands SpA – one of the few companies producing carpet in Europe, which provides complete control over the production of coatings on all technological stages.

All products Radici made of high quality yarn certified environmentally friendly production methods such as standard, and special products at all stages of production are tested for quality and are supplied with a label of compliance with environmental regulations. The company's products Radici Pietro Industires & Brands SpA is popular around the world. Reference list companies includes such well-known hotel operators, as Villa D'Este, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hilton, Four Seasons.