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Monday, 6. May 2019

But this, as I was mentioned in the previous point, not is a matter of technology. It is a matter of strategy and is closely related to the way they operate processes to the inside of the Organization and of the attitude and ability of the people who run these processes. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. To ensure a strategy of CRM performance, the fruits that you expect, you should first review their missionary processes (those that are face to the client) and their support processes (those that allow the missionary is developed without novelty). For even more analysis, hear from E Scott Mead. Additionally you need to define a clear strategy to achieve the awareness of people in what you intend to accomplish with optimised processes. A CRM strategy begins when you and its Steering Group discussed in detail what are the adjustments and improvements that need to be done to business processes in areas such as marketing, sales, customer and measuring indicators of the commercial management service.

It is there where you have to focus on their batteries, to identify from the point of view of the strategy, it alienates the business processes so that they comply with what you want. Then and before touching any item of technology, must thoroughly review the people component. 2 Technology is an element that helps people and processes to achieve greater productivity, but isn’t that ensures the success of a CRM strategy: when you have clarity on how they must operate their business and processes as the persons involved in them must be sensitized, trained and committed to the achievement of the results of the processes (efficiency and effectiveness)It is when you can analyze that kind of technological tools can use, especially to increase the level of productivity of the people. Therefore note that the ultimate goal is not to run a computer program. The main objective is as persons running business processes designed and operated to meet the strategy are alienated with this aim and make use of technology as a tool to achieve greater productivity in the execution of these processes.

Harper Collins Publishers

Wednesday, 15. November 2017

The law of cause and effect remains in force and still ensuring that you will get results if it is not stopped. Maybe it will be different from what you had planned, but it will have results. Many times are not harvested the fruits of a job immediately. It sometimes takes time. Their efforts, applied consistently, will bear fruit. The Hare, tortoise and flywheel what best explains this principle is the concept of the flywheel or Flywheel, described by Collins in his book Good to Great.

(Collins, Jim: Good to Great.) Harper Collins Publishers, USA, 2001. p.164-185) the flywheel is a part of an engine that transfers mechanical energy. Collins applies the same principle to the world of business to use it as a metaphor for a cycle of actions, among which each gives the power and speed to the following. The central idea is to not look for a product or service that will mark the success of your business, if not implement strategies on an ongoing basis with the certainty that gradually all actions will lead to success. As he tells the fable of the race between the Hare and the tortoise, the entrepreneurial Hare will be very busy and restless. You will be constantly seeking new strategies to find product star, which finally opens the doors to success, and will change its course after each failed attempt. It is well known that the Hare lost the career, since tired of both run to here and beyond. The turtle, on the other hand, proceeded slowly, but safely, always in the same direction.

And he won. The enterprising turtle produces a set of strategies that apply on an ongoing basis and that, as a whole, accelerate progress up to a point of break in which begin to get results. This gives the same effect that has a flywheel on the engine of a car. The wheel is pushed at the beginning and barely moves. To continue to apply the same actions, the wheel cobra speed and increasingly turns more quickly, up to the point where its inertia makes it move almost on its single seen from this point of view, a little assisted event or a less successful product, are not failures itself. They become stones of a mile of a long road to the end of which the entrepreneur has the certainty that you will get success. Put another way: A failure is a failure only when he stops and stop pushing!