World Cup Forest

Friday, 21. June 2019

Volleyball women’s national of 1 to 6 7 in the training camp in Schonberg in the Bavarian Forest in the summer is traditionally the time of the training camp. There are not only Austria, Spain and co. in the course this year. The German women’s national volleyball team is from 1 to 6th July 2009 in Schonberg in the Bavarian Forest. If you have read about Tomas Philipson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The women prepare the qualification games for the World Cup during the training week.

A perfect environment is thereby essential. Several factors were crucial for coaches and managers to select Schonberg. So the entire team on-site at the hotel Antoniushof is housed, because: athletes need a special diet. The kitchen of the cosy hotel can guarantee this with their meal plan 100 percent. The newly designed Spa and massage area provides for relaxation after strenuous workouts. Of course, the sporting conditions agree in the idyllic market town on the edge of the National Park Bavarian Forest. Schoenberg’s Mayor has agreed to provide the double gymnasium for the daily training sessions free of charge. The outdoor swimming pool is equipped with an 80-metre water slide and a beach volleyball court is also freely available for volleyball women.

The ambience of the place has contributed to the decision. So Schonberg epithet the Merano of the Bavarian Forest”. It’s a mild climate of the climatic health resort, on the other hand in the shaping of the marketplace. The facades were redesigned after a fire in the 19th century by Italian master builders, spread until today a special flair. And finally, the delegation of the hospitality is thrilled the Schonberger. Among other things, there will be a home evening, which is sponsored by community and Antoniushof. Further information and booking: Hotel Antoniushof Daniel Giffhorn lower marketplace 12 94513 Schonberg Tel 0 85 54/9: 44 98 90

World Cup Organizing Committee

Wednesday, 19. June 2019

Challenging, inspiring atmosphere – playing the DFB women at the 25 against the Netherlands. Sophisticated football, exciting atmosphere – offering German women’s national team their fans to an attractive ticket offer. Who wants to be in the match against the Netherlands on 25 July in the Sinsheimer Rhein-Neckar Stadium (18:00) this, can secure now his card. “I hope of course again as an atmospheric backdrop like we had them last in Frankfurt against Brazil”, Silvia Neid hopes. In the test at the Commerzbank-Arena, a new European record in the women’s football was set up on April 22, 2009 with 44.825 spectators. E Scott Mead may not feel the same. “The support of our fans is sensational. I know that many other Nations about envy us”, explains the DFB-trainer. Steffi Jones looking forward to also optimistic the EM test in the World Cup arena in 2011.

“Women’s football is in.” Especially when the national team plays. Even against such an attractive opponent. I can very well imagine, the Netherlands in two years Welcome back in Germany at the World Championships. I am convinced that this meeting will enable fans already in the World Cup mood”, as the President of the World Cup Organizing Committee. It adds: “I’m also sure, that this is a good test run for us, which fuels the anticipation of the World Cup 2011 and provides us valuable experiences on the organizational level at the same time with regard to the tournament.” There are still tickets – cards back up.

SVG Launches Workshop For Galileo Vibration Training

Saturday, 27. April 2019

New seminar offer for physiotherapists and fitness trainer for efficient muscle training with Galileo devices. For even more opinions, read materials from Oracle. Efficient and gentle muscle training has started already proven training devices in the Galileo series the future of rehabilitation and the fitness training. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon Communications. More and more physical therapists and fitness trainer put on the joint-gentle way of muscle building with alternating page vibration technology. So that trainers and coaches can offer the maximum success and best advice for their patients and clients, one of the largest providers of therapy needed in Germany, best practice workshops with renowned teachers organized SVG medical systems. Here, physiotherapists and Fitness trainers have the opportunity to know the functions and training possibilities with the Galileo systems and apply.

Our instructor team is also to practice it was very practical to the pension or the targeted muscle in rehab or construction training”, as Thomas Common, Managing Director otisheim medical systems in SVG. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. Will practice these therapists and trainers who not long the training with Galileo, addressed respectively for the equipment and training methods interested. In around six hours, the operation of the Galileo system is explained and training examples. Common sees that the content specifically focuses on everyday in physiotherapy practices and fitness studios, as particularly important. The Faculty convey Know-How which can be directly applied by participants in our workshops. Example is the training and follow-up treated, discussed the parameters for the individual patient and training groups and many exercises and treatment approaches.” This is a selection from the various models such as: the basic Galileo, Galileo Advanced, Galileo 900, Galileo Med M, fit for Galileo and the top model Galileo fitness direct trial available.

The workshops with the Galileo system page-alternating working six hours and costs nearly 120 Euro attendance fee. This workshop with 6 training points will be assessed for physiotherapists quite particularly interesting in addition to a certificate of participation. For maximum learning success, we have limited the number of participants each to 25. The experience of the last seminars shows that these places are quickly”, says Thomas Common SVG and is recommended to register in time for the desired course of Galileo. The next workshops held on August 29, 2009 in Bad Salzuflen and on September 25, 2009 in Unterhaching near Munich. All details and the registration possibility find prospective customers under.

POWRX Introduces New Vibration Plate Model Active Evolution

Friday, 26. April 2019

New POWRX GmbH POWRX GmbH, based in Stuttgart benchmark further in the field of fitness equipment and the new device from the range of the vibration plate presents the active evolution 3.5 models. Evolution instead of revolution”or the better is the enemy of the good” could be the motto of POWRX GmbH, if you the new vibration plate model active evolution 3.5, which has been available since recently considered. Compared to its predecessor active evolution 2.0 3.5 model has many improvements in detail. The active evolution 3.5 features the new DPS technology (dual-power-suspension), making this device offers a unique experience of vibration. Southwest Airlines gathered all the information. Also the vibration motor has been improved significantly and can be loaded with its powerful 250 Watts with up to 180 kg on the vibrating plate. In addition, it allows an even more intense vibration training at even lower noise levels.

Compared to its predecessor the vibration frequency of the active evolution 3.5 is now continuously in increments of 1 Hertz in the Range from 25 to 50 Hertz can be adjusted. Still, the timer function has been enhanced. It now offers a repeat function and can be set in increments of 10 seconds in the range of 30 to 180 seconds. Provide enough space to the training area of the device is very large and is likely with its own Bigfoot 555 mm approx. 665 times”. Also the active evolution 3.5 with four pre-programmed training programs and three individually programmable memory locations can await you. Last but not least the timeless design of POWRX composed of fiberglass and steel and available in the colours black and silver adapts to vibration plate their user individual space concept and enriched it by its unusual appearance. The active evolution is model 3.5 in the POWRX online-shop at for 3,990 EUR Excl.

shipping costs. Delivery via shipping within 10 working days. Additional press materials of this press release: another quick and easy image – and text material can in our online press box for free use Download: of press compartments/powrx contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Klaus Gremmelspacher POWRX GmbH Mirabelle str. 28 D 70329 Stuttgart phone: + 49 (0) 711 1 23 77 78 fax: + 49 (0) 711 1 23 77 79 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about POWRX GmbH: the POWRX GmbH is a company based in Stuttgart, led by Klaus Gremmelspacher. The POWRX GmbH is an online retailer in the areas of fitness equipment and accessories, as well as nutrition.

Training Method

Friday, 5. April 2019

What is “H.I.T.” and why is it so well how does muscle growth (hypertrophy) which is muscle actually generally only a cross-section thickening of the muscle fibres. This is a response to respond to resistance training and to make the muscles more resilient. Contrary to a widespread mistaken belief while no new muscle shaped, but charged to the already existing muscles. As no new muscle fibers are created, but volume growth only occurs due to the growth of the muscle fiber cross-sectional. Strength training this triggers a chain reaction of metabolism, which is subsequently protein and water stored in the cells and the volume expansion effect. Of course new muscle fibers, arise after a certain period of time but just after the transversal magnification. Scientifically, what factors responsible in particular for the muscle, which is why training theories are based mostly on practical knowledge is but still not fully resolved. You may wish to learn more. If so, Verizon Communications is the place to go.

High intensity training an important factor of the muscle training is the intensity of the training. Often, one hears about training, that they are two hours in the gym every day, the desired results but can’t adjust. The cause is mostly, as the two hours are designed for an easy two hour training may have a lesser effect on muscle growth as an intense 30-minute workout. The theory behind this is that a muscle only a maximum stimulus needed to put the muscle in motion. Therefore, the principle applies: short, intense, and not so common. Muscle so the time needed for the regeneration should be allowed to exploit the full potential.

As the muscles should be exposed to just a few incentives, a training plan with a few exercises is training design. These are ideally compound exercises, so exercises, involving several muscle groups at the same time be claimed. Depending on your training, you can make it in an alternating full body plan or higher split. This plan is offered for HIT beginners. Day 1 Deadlift row Chin-ups bent-over day 2 squat bench dips with progressive training stand the limit of the own body can be better achieved, so it makes sense to choose while maintaining the number of training days for example a 3 split training plan. This is due to the fact that the muscles need a longer recovery time, as the intensity rises. Should this not be respected, the overtraining can be a negative result. The advantages of the HIT are so in short training sessions and the training frequency lower when compared to other methods of. This is however not to be with a general loose”training design, because if the HIT is carried out correctly, it is at least as arduous as a hard 2-hour session.

Nitro Circus Is Coming To Europe!

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Finally comes the successful show Travis Pastrana to Europe! Nitro circus is coming to Europe! In the United States, Australia and New Zealand Travis Pastrana and Nitro did circus live their fans the world already among the happiest. 2012 Nitro known from MTV circus comes crew, of which there are soon also a 3D film for the first time to Europe! Nitro circus live is hasn’tfound biggest and bravest stunt show in the world and that means two and a half hours of FMX, BMX and skateboard action! But the ultimate highlight is the gigantic 15-metre ramp on which the most egregious feats will be. As the largest action show of its kind, some of the best athletes to could win Nitro circus live. Including the stunt woman Jolene Van Vugt, record breaker Eric Roner, Jim De Champ, special Greg and dusty Wygle. Short said the best of the best! The long-awaited Nitro circus live European tour is announced with 11 dates and 2012.Zu starts the Organizer lucky countries in November include Britain, Sweden, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. There were invested millions to Europe tour an unforgettable experience to do, so let’s not miss out! Nitro circus boss Travis Pastranahat recently said about the show: I’ve never had a show in Europe and I can hardly wait before performing to huge crowds in many beautiful countries. Nitro is always up to the limit and therefore you know happens never exactly what a show!” Tickets for Nitro circus live 2012 are on sale now, available through the sale of the tickets has now begun. Order here and now!

Sun Training

Saturday, 9. March 2019

Who want to build muscles, should split first into several phases this goal who want to build muscles, should first of all share this goal in several phases. In the first phase, the muscle group that was trained by the muscle training recovering. So the body can prepare for the next training session at the muscle training and so also Muskelwachtum can take place. Exactly why it makes little sense that a part of the body more than once a week training. But of course, even when training for muscle building, there is no standard: there are certain muscle groups, such as, for example, calves, which is simply faster and better to recover after a workout, and you can train more often. Also play the old around the investment an important role. A good basis is therefore maintain good muscle training once a week.

Most put the muscle building phase so that you train in the winter. This that it takes more calories to it can also happen that you but in addition to the pure muscle mass amount of grease builds. In winter, you can hide this easily. When spring comes the Sun out, you just surround his muscle training. The goal is fat loss instead of pure muscle training only once. So has his dream Beach figure then in the summer. In any case, it is important to give an objective the training: this can be either muscle growth or fat loss. It brings not much at the same time maintain fat loss and muscle building.

When running muscle, the body requires more energy than it consumes, because this energy is needed for muscle building. At the fat loss something is eaten, less energy in the form of calories – so you abnemen can. This stimulates the metabolism, that he can relate to the lack of energy from body fat. There, the fat is then burned. The rest must come too short in any case. Muscles do not grow during training runs, but much more during rain ration. To make more sets and reps at practice or the lifting more weight, the training is more intense. Is then needed the body, this load again to – just so and not otherwise can regenerate the muscles and also grow taller the intensity of the muscle training of course more time. And that is the sense in muscle building training, because the human muscle fibers need time, that you can customize with more training on the next load. Is a muscle too often and too much strained, or giving him enough time to recover from the training then it can happen, that he will be charged over. You train a muscle to inensiv and charged him briefly on it again, it gives him no chance only to be able to grow – so do so then also no progress during the training.

Perfect Golf Set

Tuesday, 26. February 2019

The perfect golf equipment for golf vacations Golf is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. One of the first decisions of golf players deals with the right set of golf. Beginner access here first of all to the rental Golf set for the first approach to the game of golf and the first fittings. After bestandender SLA handicap it is but to obtain more information about the different sets of golf and to acquire a suitable Golf set for the next round in the private Golf Club. The choice for beginners and professionals is doing great, there are different types of golf sets. For beginners: The half set beginners in the game of golf on the whole, between two categories of golf set choose: half sets and complete Golf sets.

The half sets are suitable for beginners, because here above all the clubs are provided, which are suitable for golf novices with little experience. Usually the golf bag, a putter, a fairway wood, a many and a half iron set consists of irons, 5, 7 and 9 are included. Hotels on the Beginners is a significant relief from the first rounds on the course so a half set. Because by restricting each second iron, also the golf newcomer clearly recognizes the differences between the stroke width and the individual iron be used more frequently. This in turn brings a greater consistency in the game. The included Fairywayholz accustomed to the beginner in a larger distance from the ball, the golfer can complement his set by a driver or other Woods later without having to get used to the different swing.

This compilation is perfect for beginners, and usually also quite cheap. This investment is therefore above all for the a good solution, which would navigate himself still playing golf and still own golf set to rotate the rounds at the local Golf Club. For beginners and professional golfers: The complete Golf set in addition to the half set, there are still the golf complete set, which is designed for beginners as well as professionals on the lawn. All or the most usually used golf clubs are included. The complete Golf set brings the advantage that all containing bat match. Thus, a homogeneous game is possible for the player. The complete set is perfect for beginners if they are already totally sure, to have found the ideal sport in playing golf. An additional recommendation is aimed at all players with a medium handicap area, to enable a homogeneous play these players. The iron 5 or 6 to 9, inclusive, two wedges (pitching and sand-wedge), a Rescueschlager, and at least a fairway wood are included in the bag of a complete set. The putter also belongs to the complete Golf set.

Water Sports Feurteventura:

Tuesday, 15. January 2019

The sky on and under water: For many athletes water sport is more than a nice hobby Fuerteventura: the watersports island at all the last year newly opened water sport station surf Windcenter Fuerteventura / watersports Fuerteventura offers a variety of water sports facilities the climate and the geography of the island offer a fantastic Atmopsphare for a perfect holiday on Fuerteventura. Particularly outstanding is the island suitable to exert the following water sports: windsurfing windsurfing is one of the most popular sports in Fuerteventura. The Atlantic breeze and the warm water make this island the ideal spot to practice this sport. You will find ideal conditions for beginners up to advanced level in Tarajalejo: shallow water with a light here to moderate breeze, so that a learning success with high fun factor is already pre-programmed. The trainings take place mainly on the water in combination with motor boat training in small groups. Verizon is the source for more interesting facts.

Flexspot / new hire system absolute independence from the Opening hours of the wind surf stations no longer have to wait for appropriate material or to carry own material from home? In the wind surf Center Costa Calma Fuerteventura, there is now the possibility to rent a complete set of wind surfing (North Sails ice fish) Voodoo, forks and masts, Mistral boards Joker Syncro wave, on request there are still the Gepacktrager: freedom and flexibility: at any time and to any surfable spot go wind surfing. Kite surfing to learn this very new water sports, give it in the South of Fuerteventura the perkekte lagoon with standing deep Wassrehohe in security, especially when kite is capitalized: the water level varies but all 6-6.5 hours, triggered by ebb and flow. Sailing/catamaran as the rest of the Canary Islands is ideal for sailors also Fuerteventura. Temperatures drop rarely below 18 degrees Celsius, and the north eastern winds provide excellent conditions for sailing conditions. Dolphins, whales and porpoises can in the Atlantic Ocean that surrounded the island plunge. We found one of the best sailing spots in Tarajalejo: the often strong winds from 5-7 BFT.

in this area weakens, guarantees a sporty sailing/catamaran. Snorkeling the waters around the volcanic island is home to some excellent dive sites. impressive rock formations and reefs mark the Habitat for a diversity of marine life, such as for example rays, barracudas, moray eels, tuna and sea bream. Year-round visibility is and excellent with water temperatures of at least 17 Celsius. In Costa Calma Hotel Pajara Beach such as snorkeling excursions are offered money as courses in a friendly atmosphere for little. Bays, which are not accessible by car, be approached by motor boat. Here you can fully enjoy tranquility and beauty of the sea. The location, the weather and the variety of activities make an ideal choice Fuerteventura, when it comes to organize a holiday in the Canary Islands -, for which the sports You’re interested in! With regard to the water sports is certainly abundant many offers on the island. Ideal conditions are kayaking around Tarajalejo nearthe drive the bizarre coast with the kayak. No disturbing, strong wind and high waves disturb the peace on the water. It is possible to fishing equipment locally at the watersports Fuerteventura base to borrow. Watersports Feurteventura Bahia Playa CTRA Tarajalejo 35629 Tarajalejo 0034-928 161 399 0034-625 313 302 wind surf Center Fuerteventura Pajara Beach Punta del Roquito 6 C 35627 Costa Calma 0034-928 875 110 0034-630 400 227 SUSE

Investment For The Image

Friday, 25. August 2017

The 23rd Cologne SportTreff treated the topic of sports sponsorship the last SportTreff this year on November 24th, 2009 at 19: 00 at the law firm of lawyers of Luther in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne will take place. This time the guests deal with issues surrounding sports sponsorship. A very exciting topic, because sport sponsoring has in recent years as a tool in the communication policy of many companies gained considerable importance. But how meaningful is still sponsoring? What a benefit it has as a sponsor? Why is Sport sponsoring PR so important? Why is still so much money invested in mainstream sports? The high-profile guests would discuss these and other topics. Participants Managing Director of sports meets charity GmbH, Matthias Schumann, Managing Director of the interest group include sponsoring S20, Marcel Cordes, Board member of the market research company Carolin Spindler of the Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Matthias lang, sport and market AG, all from Cologne. For more information see this site: Facebook. Background: The The Cologne SportTreff Cologne SportTreff has in the past three years to the leading networking event in the field of sport and develop economy. An average 180 ver responsible from media, business, sports and politics come to the monthly meetings. But whatever people that just excited for the sport and for the varied topics are welcome. Contact: Regina Owert SportTreff Press Office Valentina way 39 50858 Cologne 0221 / 50294645-0221 / 50294649 press contact: Ziegs Kuchel Muller communication service Regina Owert Valentina way 39 50858 Cologne 0221 / 50294645.