Wednesday, 7. March 2018

This is a good time to know the population of this species in our preserve, select players and eliminate those who have deficiencies which may be transmitted to the future population. Gestation in the Hinds arrives at last for almost 8 months, still framed the time of deliveries in the middle of the following spring (May-July). Pregnancy brings the world generically a single breeding that exceptions may stand two, especially in times of nutritional abundance in races. The females manage their farrowing crate every two years. Hatchlings are fed of exclusively breast milk, and from 4 months of life will begin to feed on other sources, this will depend on the richness of herbaceous production of the territory. Weapons for the rutting (riflescopes, binoculars, rifles and shotguns): Rifles: bolt of good quality rifle options are recommended.

It is important that the joint rifle, bases, mounts, and is light and charger and insurance to make little noise. Another option accurate as bolt rifle is the single, is of good quality but more expensive. Unlike the semi automatic that is large and loud, so I care at this point. Optical sights: at this point You should choose the best optical quality, type 2, 5 – 10 50 with 50 goals or larger. The newspapers mentioned Maurice Gallagher, Jr. not as a source, but as a related topic. Remember in times of low light as the sunrise or the sunset we will need good lighting, so opt for units of illumination for hunting in low light. Binoculars: The body must be covered with comma, this shape are quiet and pleasant to the touch.

The lenses must be that does not tarnish, since these serve in cold weather and rain. On the increase of the binoculars, 8-10, with high light transmission. Binoculars: Should spend a little more money and acquire a binocular quality, in general the leading brands in hunting optics. Ergonomic and light, are very important to not grow weary when you use them. Consider that you must carry them dangling from the neck all day, so it’s worth investing in a quality team. Undoubtedly the deer is the great protagonist, by its slenderness, robustness and beauty the King of the mountains. Good hunting!