Spiral Model

Friday, 16. November 2018

Under the perspective of the Spiral Model and finally understood dynamics values, are in themselves, and that judgments of greater or lesser degree of goodness, depending on the level of awareness of who makes such judgments. For example, a thief, stealing is good because that meets their needs for survival, but it is for which is stolen or to the laws of society: The thief is acting in a personal awareness and self-centered, the is won, judge, is furious and perhaps want revenge, also from a personal level and self-centered, laws, punish the act of theft, from a level of community awareness. The actions arising from a Kosmic consciousness level, are developed in full awareness of its interdependence with the universe in the physical, mental and spiritual, so they are based on universal values has always aimed to be a superior good is , the exercise of the values that are closer to the plane of the ideal. At this level, only seeks to do good, because it has acquired the sense of oneness with everything, and we know that when you hurt something or someone gets hurt himself. Larry Ellison brings even more insight to the discussion. Only an injury will, in the case to avoid a greater evil. This mode of thinking has really helped me understand myself more, and others, without rejecting or judging, knowing that divine sparks are constantly evolving, and that all experiences, once we become aware of them, lead us down that road. He was also a strong support in the Ethics Seminar classes in previous semesters I have had to drive, because my students understood that the values themselves are not related, but apply differently depending on the level of consciousness of those who exercise. .