San Luis

Monday, 22. April 2019

San Luis is a province of Argentina located near the geographic center of the country (in the parallel South 32). Their neighboring provinces are, from the north to the right, La Rioja, Cordova, the Pampas, Mendoza and San Juan. The present territory of the Province of San Luis was inhabited by different native tribes: Michilingues, Calchaques, Ranqueles, Puelches and Pehuenches. The city of San Luis was founded on 1594 by Luis Jufr de Loaysa Meneses, soon to be left after repeated attacks of the native ones, and soon Martin Garci’a ez de Loyola in founded it to 1956 again under the name of San Luis of Loyola New Medina de Ro Seco. In 1712 the city suffered a great damage by the attack of malones native and had to be reconstructed, next to some strengths. Very shortly after the creation of the Virreinato of the River of the Silver in 1776, the province was taken by Intendance of Cordova and, in 1813, by Intendance of Whose. In March of 1820 the province declared its autonomy, and its constitution in 1855.

railway system I arrive at San Luis in 1875, that lead to the foundation of small cities in the way, like Villa Mercedes and Santa Rosa. The station is near one of the most important hotels of San Luis. During the crisis of the decade of 1930, it had I exile approximately of half of the population. This was reverted and it settled down after a reduction of taxes given to the province to foment the industrial development, a policy that has contributed to the expansion of San Luis until these days. Civil servants of the Justicialista Party of San Luis confer under the image of Juan and Evita Pern.

The Brothers Rodriguez Sa are located in means. From the return from Argentina to the democracy in 1983, in particular, the family Rodriguez Sa (of Peronist affiliation) has occupied the steering position in this province. This situation is, like in many small provinces Argentineans (and in other places), explained by means of the use of one formulate that she combines the nepotism, the propaganda and legislative benefits for the social welfare. This includes habitually technical of illegal repression, like in 1991, the violent abuse to a local journalist and his neighbors. From 1983, nevertheless, the Governor (at the moment Senator) Adolph Rodriguez Sa also supervised the investment of the generating companies of electrical energy (mainly in companies food processors and embotelladoras plants), and advanced for example, in the construction of the ample freeways but in Argentina.