New Type Crushing

Friday, 2. February 2018

Jaw crusher has been put into use since 1958 and becomes one of the crushing equipment with a long developing history; the equipment is still widely used in building materials, chemical and mining industry. Due to the advantages of simple structure, reliable and stable performance, and easy to maintain, it becomes one of the most important machinery in the crushing equipment. For even more opinions, read materials from Southwest Airlines. According to the motion characteristics, the jaw crusher is divided into two types: simple swing jaw crusher and complex swing jaw crusher. The main difference between complex swing jaw crusher and simple swing jaw crusher is the crushing way. Simple swing jaw crusher has a simpler structure and frame-building the movement locus of the movable jaw is more complex than the simple type, it can move both in the horizontal and vertical directions. In the crushing process, it is mostly used in crushing and crushing stage intermediate course.

This type of device also has the following shortages: small broken ratio, large energy consumption, low productivity, and the crushing process is easily been interrupted. Affected by the production process, the jaw plant is vulnerable to lose its inherent functionality and should be changed frequently. In view of these shortcomings, the expert improves the equipment through improving the crushing chamber, optimizing the overall structure of the equipment, adopting the automatic control system for this equipment and introducing new wear-resistant material in the liner. At present, the Hongxing Machinery researchers introduces a new type of jaw crusher jaw crusher-sieve. The device adds a screening system to the traditional system, which greatly simplifies the process of crushing process and crushing reduces the jam and over grinding phenomenon of the crusher and greatly improves the production efficiency; In addition, there is a dual chamber jaw crusher. Its work is similar to the cone crusher principle.

Relative to the other jaw broken, this kind of crushing equipment has the advantages of greater processing capacity and production efficiency and easy maintenance.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, such as ball mill mining, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. Using the development from the society, there are increasingly more kinds associated with crushing gear, and the actual manufacturers tend to be born in the right second. There tend to be many types of crushers, the popular crushers consist of jaw crusher, cone crusher, shaft effect crusher and many others. Different crushers are used in various industries, for instance, jaw crusher is popular in exploration, chemical along with other industries. Technological innovations of our crushing plant win our clients trust and support. The technological level of stone crushers made by our company has been in the mining industry, for Hongxing top always believes that only high quality products and sincere service can win us continuing inquiries and purchasing. Hongxing is endeavoring to make innovations in new products. With the individual needs and high standard jaw crusher of our clients, Hongxing, crusher manufacturer have realized the importance of creation and invested in the development of new products and updating of products every year. For instance, the change of crushing space and style of plate has made the product adapt to various raw materials and easier to operate.