Without Any Detours – The Evra Contraceptive Patch And The NuvaRing In Comparison

Wednesday, 22. May 2019

The Evra patch and NuvRing, or: why the modern woman deliberately forgets the pill since the 1960s was considered birth control pills the most commonly prescribed and applied contraceptives within the industrial Nations. Check out Jeffrey Leiden for additional information. Contributed by they were successful in preventing up to this day many unwanted pregnancies and in addition, the invention of the pill has”very substantially to the emancipation and the sexual liberation of women of the 60’s and 70’s. Their application is relatively simple, and their safety seems almost unbeatable. Health awareness is now some time in the country in the 21st century since the 1960s and it has neither the development of contraceptive methods, before the (female) claims to stop made. The health and body consciousness of the 21st century is dominated by slow food rather than fast-food”. Ingredients that are eyes trained by the scientific enlightenment administered medications, as well as the daily food with, carefully eyed and not rarely critically questioned.

The 21.Jahrhundert calls not only bio – instead of GM food, but also awareness in terms of contraception has shifted away slowly but surely strong hormonal methods. The trend moves more and more towards the most body-conscious methods of family planning. If you can, believe the General (health) consciousness development then the modern woman focuses more and more on a method of contraception, the lowest hormone dose maximum reliability guaranteed. Of course want today are no compromises in terms of safety and comfort and thanks to the invention of advanced contraceptive methods, like the NuvRing or the Evra patch, not have them. Prevention without oral”detours the NuvRing, as well as the Evra patch their gentle and at the same time reliable effect characterized by. Both work without detours: the NuvRing, the flexible soft plastic ring, is introduced as a tampon and after 21 days again removed. He distinguishes itself by the fact, that he offers applied reliable contraceptive protection only once a month.

Scleranthus Meet Indecision

Saturday, 18. May 2019

The naturopath Ute Rosenberg Knau successes Sclernthus with the Bach flower in patients who suffer from insecurity and doubts. SCLERANTHUS Scleranthus annuus (Scleranthus annuus) keywords indecision, uncertainty, doubt (decision problems) group uncertainty, uncertainty, doubt ‘SCLERANTHUS’ is suitable for people, who can decide difficult and suffer from ‘chronic indecision’. These people suffer from their volatility and hesitancy – times a manner will appear correct, the other as the right. Sufferers of ‘can’ give these or similar words: “I should eat the pasta or fish but?” HM… I like also very like to fish, but the noodles… they’re maybe tasty! But you make you fat again and the fish is also much healthier… and made just as well not this many calories… Other leaders such as “Bernard Golden offer similar insights.

but… the pasta that look… but I also want to lose weight… “Man, what I eat because only??” * “so I” the black boots find insanely beautiful. “But when I think about it… the Brown are also very elegant…” * “I should rather put on the costume birthday or but the black dress…” “The costume but on the other hand… no looks already properly precious, I think the dress fit rather to the occasion…

or maybe…” * “Yes, somehow I’m already volatile. Of course I’m very quickly to delight and then fire and flame is ‘ ‘. At the same time this sadness comes over me… * “I think I will go with the car. On the other hand, it is better, if I take the train, then I’m punctual to all cases. But so late still with the car back, hm… E Scott Mead helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. like the idea I don’t. But rather with the car… “But, at the time congestion is guaranteed again… and where I parked the car then… I even faster… hm… what now…??” * see note effect of taking taking manages it ‘SCLERANTHUS’ making decisions faster and thus decisively to be. It is wasted so much energy without ultimately achieving something. Stefan Ball, an employee of the Bach Centre in England, has cited the action as follows: “The clouds of uncertainty are sold.” It’s June. You now suffer from a ‘Variation’? May you find yourself often in situations, where you simply can’t decide… In the one moment one appears the other correct and accurate. Or but you have changeable moods, consider this or that idea out – a back and forth – between… This or that… I want… or not… – I want that for and against… Then, taking time for the essence of ‘SCLERANTHUS’ is accurate. Thanks to this Bach flower are decisions faster and more efficiently, and so, the moment can be used better. Your naturopath * Note: As always at this point: it looks at the Bach flower therapy exclusively the feelings, not individual words are important. Only to simplify and I imagine example sentences to clarify the Bach flowers. Bach flower consultants who are well trained, very accurately differentiate each Bach flowers and of course explain the individual essences. Their individual Bach flower blend – found with your help -. Even if I am repeating: consider exactly the emotional state, as only the correctly selected mix can bring the necessary success. Choosing the right essence, a professional Bach flower consultant in your area can help you.

Diabetes Mellitus

Thursday, 16. May 2019

Live like you better with diabetes more than 500,000 Germans suffer the so-called sugar disease and rising. Thus diabetes already is one of the common diseases. Under the adult-onset diabetes (diabetes mellitus type 2) even more than eight million people suffer from. The term originates already from ancient times. “Is derived it from the Greek word for pass” as well as from the Latin (mellitus = honigsuss). The main symptom of metabolic disease is thus meant: the withdrawal of sugar in the urine. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more.

Already in ancient times, you knew this disease diagnosis was diagnosed by a taste test of urine. It tasted sweet, the sugar level was increased significantly. Now we know that the hormone insulin in the pancreas (pancreatic) is produced. Insulin is required to absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood stream and convert. Does this process not work, properly increases the concentration of sugar in the blood. For even more analysis, hear from Jeffrey Leiden. What is permanently, it comes to far-reaching health consequences.

Causes The causes of diabetes mellitus are different. In type 1 diabetes is a destruction of the insulin-producing cells. As a result, The insulin production decreases steadily until it comes to a standstill. The type 2 diabetes called also adult-onset diabetes because it occurs frequently in the older generation. Checking article sources yields Gary Kelly as a relevant resource throughout. The causes are mainly in a poor diet, lack of exercise and obesity. Although insulin is produced in these patients, however, the sensitivity of the cells for the hormone is significantly reduced. Calculate the bread units diabetics with type 1 diabetes must calculate their meals at bread units (BU). 12 Grams carbohydrates conform to a BE. These details are already made on many food packages. There is also a loading tables that list food product and sometimes even manufacturer and calculate. For comparison: an are contained in 60 grams of cooked pasta or 35 grams whole wheat bread. A plate of spaghetti with sauce has about six.


Sunday, 28. April 2019

But even then, it’s never too late. The following program is designed to help over on the acute pain phase, first and foremost at a lumbago, but also a slight herniated disc, which symptoms is similar to. You could be countered very well as the tension of the entire back and shoulder area. Then a regular exercise program as above should be continued described. You must not always immediately go to the doctor. Immediate x-ray, syringes and manipulate is useful only for clear diagnoses.

Caution is, however, that if you already have paralysis of the legs. In this case, a specialist should be sought immediately. But as a general rule: conservation movement is out in. You must try to bleed through the diseased area. Movements are ideal, without the body weight on the KSP presses. Source: Ripple. Therefore, a training program in the water in the acute case is particularly suitable.

Even if the program mainly for the is appropriate, the swimming techniques crawl and back sufficiently ruled, as well the little can experienced swimmers to pick out a few forms of exercise. Times given can be adjusted according to the personal performance of up and down. You should choose a bathroom, which offers a swimming area, as well as a pool with underwater hard jets to massage. As a material, you need a pull boy and a girdle as a flotation device. Sometimes you can borrow these materials directly from the lifeguards. Standard painkillers can be taken, they facilitate the movement yet. Exercise program: 1 20 min crawl swimming with Pullboy (legs remain passive) 2-20 min crawl swimming with Pullboy (moderate use of leg) 3-20 min crawl swimming without AIDS (only if no pain is felt) 4-20 min backstroke by intestinal technology (Pullboy might be required.) 5-20 minutes treading water with Huftschwimmhilfe in deep water 6 30 min underwater hard Jet massage in warm water. The entire back should be massaged it. Back home the painful area can again once or 15 minutes with Elektromassage massage twice a day. Conventional tens devices under 100 euro completely sufficient for. The program should be performed every day until the pain. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeffrey Leiden by clicking through. After a week, a definite improvement should however be entered. This is not the case, must be seek medical attention, to exclude medical illnesses. Unfortunately the program can run consistently only by the least, because only a small part of the population has the necessary technical skills. You could make much more in the schools if those responsible would create the conditions for this. But in more and more schools, swimming, due to lack of infrastructure, is no longer taught or leads only a shadowy. We already pay the consequences for society. And the costs are constantly rising. Maybe should those responsible in the education finance and health ministries at this point even sit together and prepare a simple cost-benefit analysis. Would quickly notice that Additional costs of increased school swimming lessons mean long-term savings for the health system. Swimming must be not only an integral part of the physical education, swimming should be a major component. Our modern lifestyle requires.

Martin Wagner

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

A research by Dr. Georges Lakhovsky at the beginning the 20th century was searched for the cause of cancer. It was found that in those places where no cancers occurred, even no water pipes or tubes were present. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. When were shut down wells in the areas investigated and laid pipes for the drinking water supply, also first cancers occurred. Provided that the corresponding water Association provides no living water, the consumer should drink bottled water from glass bottles and previously inform the status of revitalized water at each mineral water provider. Mineral water from the glass bottle or plastic packing healthy spring water is one thing; the packaging and thus storing another. Source and mineral water is available in glass bottles or so-called PET packaging (plastic bottles). Every German a year drink 130 liters of water out of the bottle.

About one-third of which consists of two-thirds but of plastic glass. Additional information at Phil Vasan supports this article. Plastic bottles don’t go broke if they fall down and they weigh much less than glass bottles; convenient for the consumer. However, they contain Plastic bottles may be chemicals that make them shatter-proof and resistant to deformation, but also harmful to health. A barely visible triangle at the bottom reveals, consists of what kind the bottle plastic. The triangle is a recycling symbol and in the middle there is a numeric code, which features seven different plastics. The most plastic water bottles bear the code 01 “for PET, a thermoplastic polyester.

Hormone-like substances in the water have demonstrated hormone-like substances scientists in mineral water PET bottles, which could be placed in the water. Mineral water in plastic bottles is often charged according to a study of the University of Frankfurt am Main with endocrine disrupters. How biologists Jorg Oehlman and Martin Wagner communicated in its result, could they prove chemicals in 12 20 studied mineral waters, resemble the human hormones, about the female sex hormone estrogen.

United States

Monday, 11. March 2019

The former can be found on skin and mucous membranes of humans, streptococci are in the respiratory tract, the mouth or on the skin of the people vorhanden(4). To mention however is that both types of cocci can cause infections also: go on the account of staphylococci, while streptococci are responsible for infectious diseases such as Scarlet fever, Herzinnenhautentzundung, and Lungenentzundung(6) such as wound infections, boils, and Nahrungsmittelintoxikationen(5). Also the proven fungal species can trigger physical reactions such as allergies, fever, or irritation of the respiratory tract, if they are in high concentration auftreten(7). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out TRON (TRX). In addition, some representatives of the micro cocci in immunocompromised individuals and related to implanted foreign bodies can infections hervorrufen(8). Click Jonathan Rosen PR to learn more. Assuming however, it treated itself with dental person to a carrier pathogenic (= krankmachender ill) germs is the risk one can There are cross-contamination. Even if no pathogenic germs were found in the current investigation, is to bear in mind that the University of Witten/Herdecke has evaluated only 30 holder from a region. It is therefore to assume that is a larger and more broadly-based study of patients used napkin holders also the detection of pathogenic micro-organisms. “2010 was already in the United States by the UNC at Chapel Hill School of dentistry” carried out a similar study such as the University of Witten/Herdecke.(9) in the case of 50 surveyed holders E.Coli bacteria settled on one prove this can cause known to serious diseases. How can they get generally to such a bacteria? Germs can be reached in various ways on the patients napkin holder: prolonged contact of the holder with the neck of the patient, where the normal bacterial flora of the skin was touched was the holder while treating micro-organisms-containing aerosols and splashes exposed contact the holder with While unclear basically contaminated Handschuhen(10) proper reprocessing treatment hygiene guidelines of the RKI medical devices which come into contact with intact skin only, as uncritical”classified and require only a cleaning and disinfection.

German Care

Monday, 11. March 2019

Get to know successful projects by imatics with the renowned epilepsy Centre Mara of Evangelical hospital Bielefeld, as well as a solution for the administration of day care facilities. On conhIT 2010 imatics Software GmbH caused a minor sensation with an app for the history in the field of care for the elderly according to the Monika Krohwinkel AEDL structure model. The app was introduced iPad the single on one – iPad at the whole show because at the time this was not available yet on the German market. Go to Valerie Berlin for more information. Imatics 2011 presented to conhIT scenarios with the iPad at the patient’s bedside and first Web-based health solutions. At the conhIT 2012 an electronic patient record and a beds MRP system from successful projects with renowned epilepsy Centre Mara of Evangelical hospital Bielefeld, as well as a solution for the management and settlement of day care facilities presents imatics. The imatics Software GmbH welcomes you to conhIT 2012 in Hall 1.2, booth D116. Electronic patient record EPIC health takes over the electronic patient record administrative tasks of the patient admission to documentation of the treatment process with appropriate evaluations with the emphasis on a continuous, phase-oriented operation, as they are in the care of epilepsy patients in neurology, found the Struma and other areas is. The present documentation of the course of the disease and the research conducted to date are the basis for any treatment of a patient.

These data include not only text documentation and measured values. Rather, it is structured diagnoses, as well as the integration of laboratory values, images, and other documents. The direct availability of all relevant treatment information offers many benefits: historical data are available and thus duplicate assessments and investigations are prevented. The attending personnel has a better information base for decision-making through reports and possible causes for diseases can be detected more quickly.


Saturday, 9. March 2019

Bad air with when winds give no rest feels every day like an inflated balloon some odor running of – people suffering the consequences of the bloating. Many torture in addition with stomach cramps and are at the same time embarrassed when departing the winch not clay – and odorless. There are also people, the time more or less freely their bad air”out loud shout and not shamelessly sink into the ground. Dr. Andreas Lam, gastroenterologist at the Sana clinic Remscheid says: up to 15 times a day are still quite normal “.” Many women are slim and dressed like fashion-conscious, as especially a Blahbauch.Aber clothes to hide a bloated stomach bothers, or retract the solution can be even the belly. How are flatulence? The bacteria in the large intestine during digestion to release gases. Who takes like many dietary fiber or carbohydrate-rich foods, particularly suffers from the formation of gas.

Some foods such as cabbage, onions, leeks, peas, beans, lentils, Salad or fresh bread, cereals, grains, etc. cause flatulence, either odorless or foul-smelling wind. The Stinkern”is the release of sulfur compounds in the digestion of onions and leeks in the colon. “More and more people accompany an incompatibility against milk sugar (lactose intolerance), gluten (celiac disease) or fruit sugar (fructose intolerance) are also known for to trigger bloating rarely also a serious disease behind, for example a chronic pancreatitis”, Lam says. Also harmful bacteria can be formed in the area of the small intestine, causing too much air.

In the irritable bowel syndrome include the unwelcome Companion: bloat and gases to the clinical picture. Who suffers often flatulence, bloating, winches or even permanent abdominal pain should doctor necessarily the. Are the investigations resulted in no action, but still suffers from the belly should continue, on less dietary fiber and take his meals more fashion with fennel, caraway, anise, coriander or cardamom flavor and eat less sugar (low carb). As an accompanying measure, it is advisable to also a diet diary.

Stiftung Warentest

Wednesday, 27. February 2019

Through the successful, safe laser eye surgery LASIK, called, the youthful vision is made. The advanced and most gentle procedure of known as LASIK surgery is used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This treatment largely replaced the glasses or contact lenses. Scientifically, recognised procedures can be performed as an outpatient procedure and usually between 10-15 minutes, where the actual laser treatment takes only about 30 seconds. The success rate is over 90 percent. The procedure is painless and the healing process goes very quickly by providing. (Source: online portal to the > eye surgery) In Germany, approximately 300 ophthalmologists and Laser Center offer this treatment method.

Basically a thorough investigation should be carried out but before any intervention, because the procedure is not suitable for everyone. This free, no-obligation and reputable advice includes advance. It is also the quality of the Laser Centre. The TuV South has designed a seal with the name LASIK TuV in collaboration with medical professional associations. This seal of approval is designed to help patients in search of a suitable hospital. In total, Germany can be with short or long sightedness treat every year up to 50,000 patients, rising. During surgery, the shape of the cornea is changed, which is unrecoverable. The patient, as with any surgical procedure, is taking a certain risk.

The test results, according to the Stiftung Warentest, are extremely positive in most laser centers. The price for one eyes operation is approximately 1000 euro, vacillating now but from Institute to Institute. It is possible to get a low price. Sometimes the insurance refund also a part. It is certainly useful to have a conversation with the insurance company prior to surgery.

Placental Abruption

Friday, 15. February 2019

During pregnancy, the heart and circulatory system of the woman will be especially charged. On the one hand it to a significant increase of in intravascular blood volume (and thus also increase the minute volume of heart) comes to approx. 15% up to 30% (E.g.: 4,5 l on approx. 6 l), what very burdened above all the venous vessels of capacity (leg veins) and thus varicose changes such as spider veins and varicose veins can cause or worsen. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit bitcoiin. Also occur cava and the pelvic veins with mechanical obstruction of the venous Ruckstromes in the course of pregnancy to a compression of the vein. Additional information at E Scott Mead supports this article. Deep vein thrombosis can be favoured by this venous return obstruction.

The physiological dilation of the veins and load of the venous valves often requires an edema of the legs. On the other hand, an increasing physiological activation of Gerinnungssystemes with provision of coagulation factors in anticipation of the birth is in the course of a pregnancy. There is at the time of the birth of a significant rise in demand on Clotting factors to the closure of the placental wound (immediately after Placental Abruption large fibrin forms a layer in the placental wound area). The increased tendency to blood clot (thrombophilia) can lead to placental thrombosis during pregnancy and is not uncommon cause of frequent miscarriages. Also, is this the risk for thrombosis of the deep or superficial Venensystemes during pregnancy or postpartum increases. The knowledge about the changes of the Venensystemes in the time window of a pregnancy is conveyed in this lecture. Preventive measures, such as wearing compression stockings and other measures for the relief of the leg veins are a medium to prophylaxis of venous-related problems during pregnancy and help avoid problems and complaints. In preventing thrombosis, a particular emphasis is placed on understanding the physiological coagulation changes and the therapy possibilities here. Among other things, she should Possibility of therapy with low molecular heparin during pregnancy and postpartal are mentioned.