UNO Is Committed To Fast Internet

Thursday, 27. June 2019

DSL is almost unthinkable for most of the inhabitants of the Western world to live without Internet, for the world. Gary Kelly will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Today, the Internet offers a plethora of options. It can be used for making calls, games or shopping. Banking transactions and a large part of the written correspondence be controlled increasingly via the Internet, and even movies can be viewed now online users. The consumer portal reported the spread of faster Internet connections in the world. DSL is widespread in the Western industrialized nations. However, according to current studies, have only about 30 percent of Internet users over a broadband connection. High speed Internet is not self-evident, so also here.

If for financial reasons or due to lack of care by the provider, live there still many people without DSL. In developing and emerging markets, the spread is much lower. In emerging markets, only about ten percent in developing countries even only a percent of users have access to high-speed Internet. The United Nations are committed to the task, to change this situation. It aims to supply half of the world’s population by 2015 with high-speed Internet access. In Western countries is hardly possible working without Internet and DSL provides significant advantages in terms of efficiency and speed. However, it is questionable whether it can guarantee the same benefits in developing countries.

In places where many people don’t even have enough food, clean water and medical care, the benefits of a DSL connection appears not priority. While the change in the long run would be desirable, however, an improvement of their living conditions should have priority. For more information,… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Andreas Lehnert

Monday, 10. June 2019

Durmersheim, 01.03.2010. ‘high time for something new’, Andreas Lehnert thought and scores to the eight-year anniversary with a revised corporate design including Web shop. Under the CEO of Lehnert create underlines the, further contemporary to establish its brand in the mission solutions for individual and professional call management. We needed a larger Web platform for different customer needs, explains Lehnert also we wanted to restructure our offerings and offer more speaker and music styles. After several months of renovations, the new appearance of a carefully drawn-up redesign shines now.

In the shop itself, hierarchically structured groups provide a quick overview of the first. Variety of useful features, ease of use and efficient order processing around the clock individualized prompts to facilitate hear and feel the project stakeholders and customers. The Language hit right tone and music have become important tools in the communications mix of companies. A corresponding appearance in the right tone on the phone can positively reinforce a corporate identity and leave a lasting acoustic-emotional impression on callers. \”Who his telephone visitors waiting or just not accessibility\” with a personal greeting, individual texts, original music or interesting information from his company would like to sweeten, should so think about professional call management. The phone sounds team offers professional queues, voice mail texts and prompts, uses for experienced speakers and spokesman, as well as a huge archive of royalty free music.

\”Super sounds for every purse who want to surprise his potential callers in the future with a new acoustic reception, found in different packages in various price categories: base\” allows a new for the rapid creation of online from 49 Euro Telephone greeting from preconfigured text blocks. The latter are not monotonic, selectable by mouse click computer voices, but individually produced and spoken by professional speakers or speakers uniques. From 159 euros is there by clicking the individual\”a freely designable text meets the respective music and speaker selection and supplemented with the respective company or a company-specific greeting the sound card is ready.

LTE By Vodafone Is Browsing In Real Time

Wednesday, 5. June 2019

Faster network expansion LTE with Vodafone already at this stage the market introduction of LTE offers the mobile phone company Vodafone customers attractive early booking discounts and complete solutions for Internet and telephony. The goal: nationwide LTE expansion at any other company is the expansion of the new mobile phone standard advanced Vodafone with LTE will be soon available in many connection areas be. Include in particular territories without DSL, the so-called white spots”of mobile map radio, which are equipped with LTE by Vodafone. Also cities such as Hamburg and Berlin will benefit from the expansion of the LTE network. A nationwide expansion and a market share of at least 50 per cent aims by Vodafone, according to a spokesman for the mobile phone company. Consult now according to the requirements of the Federal Network Agency rural regions without DSL connections be equipped initially with LTE with Vodafone, before a general LTE expansion can take place. Since late last year, Vodafone offers Hardware to use LTE, LTE sticks, which optimally harness the new power, for example. You will also receive more information about LTE with Vodafone on


Friday, 24. May 2019

For the visitors of this year’s meetings, Aastra also holds the communication server Aastra 800 to USB-stick. This innovative software PBX works on the open SIP standard and comfort in telephony. It supports up to 200 participants and offers comparable range of services and applications of the most powerful ICT systems of OpenCom 100 family of Aastra. Only a few days ago the Initiative Mittelstand in the VoIP category was awarded this communication server for PC based systems at the CeBIT 09 under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology innovation award. The meetings start at 15:00 and end against 20:00. They take place in the following cities: 24: 03 Berlin 25.03 Hall 31 Dusseldorf 01.04 Cologne 07.04. Munich 08.04 Munich 15.04 Stuttgart 16.04 Mannheim 21 April Chemnitz 23.04.

Brunswick 28.04 Hamburg, April 29, Bremen 05.05 Wuppertal place Bad Oeynhausen 12: 05 Frankfurt Sept. Saarbrucken 13.05 Vienna 19.05 Kassel 26.05. Deggendorf 27.05. Nuremberg 03.06 Rostock more Aastra holds on the Internet at ../aastra-detewe /… ready and also applications will accept.

Since the number of participants is limited, interested parties should register as early as possible to the event of your choice. About Aastra Aastra DeTeWe GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: “AAH”), a leading company in the field of corporate communications. Aastra in Concord, Ontario, Canada has its headquarters. Aastra develops and markets innovative communication solutions for companies of any size. Aastra is represented worldwide with more than 50 million installed ports and a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies. Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio. With a strong Focus on open standards and customer-specific solutions Aastra enables enterprises a more efficient communication and collaboration.

Making The Approach To New Segment On Easy Endeavor

Tuesday, 10. April 2018

Profit of mobile broadband is 50prozent below cost of production as leading analysts predict, 7 billion global mobile connections will be surpassed in 2012, 52% of these connections will be in the APAC region. Due to this growth, CSPs face huge challenges regarding network costs and the needs for profitable business models for all verticals. Many operators are experiencing that the price they are selling mobile broadband for is approximately 50% below the price it is costing them to produce that volume of mobile data. Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers solutions that enable beneficial handling of traffic volume and new service considerations. Addressing new segment is fundamentally the key for operator to deal with tiered – pricing data volume is real time rating, charging and especially policy management. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Operators are able to address new segment more individually while keeping customers loyal at the same time.

ORGA Systems’ real time solutions can define and enforce policy rules to both network and service delivery platforms based on customer-defined service usage limits, service agreement definition and network considerations. Real time policy control helps operators to gain management over their subscribers and network dynamic and intelligent. Different industries same requirements driven by innovation, ORGA Systems has extended its solution portfolio to leverage its vast competence and real time expertise it has gained in the telco environment to develop new markets in the field of sister industries, e.g. finance and utilities. The new offer to market is supported by ORGA Systems’ tailored consulting and support portfolio, designed for living in a connected world. The latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, lowest rating and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. * Meet Orga systems at the broadband traffic management Asia 2011 on Sept 5th and at the LTE from Sept. 6th 7th at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing. ORGA Systems’ convergent real time charging and billing portfolio enables profitable business for telecommunication companies, mobile finance institutions and energy suppliers. Orga Systems’ products and consulting services are designed for living in a connected world: lowest rating latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. Worldwide 40 + customers, serving 350 + M subscribers, rely on Orga systems and achieve competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams. Please visit for further information. ORGA Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Yasmin Yaqub Marketing Manager PR & press