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Saturday, 20. July 2019

KURURU (Toad) in culture GUARANI and PARAGUAYAN by David Galeano Olivera (**) 1. INTRODUCTION a while ago, Prof. Andrea Weiler, biologist; research and teaching of the career of biology of the Faculty of exact sciences and natural of the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion (Paraguay) where I also practice teaching at the Chair of anthropology; told me about a research paper about the Batrachians, in which was involved alongside other researchers; It was then that he asked me to write about the Batrachians tradition Guarani and Paraguayan; i.e., referring to the popular, not scientific, conception people have of these peculiar, mysterious and magical animals. There he began this adventure which then step to expose. Toad, according to the dictionary Espasa, is the common name for many species of frogs from toads family. They have stubby body, bulging eyes, short limbs and warty skin complete with granulosa, and mucous glands that secrete pungent and irritating, often poisonous substances. Frequently Verizon Communications has said that publicly. They live in about areas of the world.

Some varieties of Toad are: the common toad, whose scientific name is Bufo bufo, and is one that meets in groups around the water during the mating season. It is the largest European species. Then there is the natterjack Toad, whose scientific name is Bufo calamita, and is small, olive color and with a clear stripe on the back. He lives in Western Europe. Finally, the toad is obstetrician, whose scientific name is Alytes obstetricans, and is characterized because the male carries the eggs between the rear legs until the birth of the tadpoles. It lives in the southwest of Europe. The toad has the name of kururu in Guarani.

Delving into two dictionaries Guarani-Castilian, one of Trinidad and the other from Villamayor; the connection of the Toad, say: Kururu: Toad. Anuran amphibian, family bufonicos. It has a gland that secretes a poison very dangerous for human blood.

The Professor

Friday, 19. July 2019

When it comes to school the teacher assumes that you know nothing, certainly he cannot read or write, but that does not mean that it does not have a certain way of seeing life, already has his own worldview, his very particular point of view about life. The problem is that still not can articulate with words that point of view. The Professor begins his instruction from scratch. In doing so it provides all possible information as if it were of the Catechism, the Professor gives his truths which will learn how memory in such a way that you can pass the test. Finish high school and likewise is considered that the child it ignores everything and therefore, instructed him in everything. The same applies at the level of secondary education than in professional, except in very rare exceptions.

Many are teachers who provoke dialogue, discussion and the debate? Unfortunately there are very few cases of teachers who do so. This is not only responsibility of teachers since so state plans and programs schools them tend to be very rigid. Programmes establish that times will be for the exposition of the theme and that for discussion among the students. Topics can be exhausting at certain time? The educational system has ended up being rather a domestication than of education system. Says the student what should be and what they should think. The result of this system is that students are rebelling or aplacan is and with the two attitudes is destroyed children’s creativity and this also destroys the future of Nations.

With the educational system that we suffer is destroyed the leadership and we become in effect of the circumstances. The big national problems such as insecurity, poverty, corruption, impunity, drug abuse, drug trafficking, are consequence largely by the educational system that we suffer. THE PROPOSAL I believe education it should be chairing various subjects, which would determine that other subjects should be studied students.


Thursday, 27. September 2018

Society that surrounds Teodulo Lopez Melendez initiatives appear on countless occasions of spontaneously and from unexpected sources. They are crystalline ones, more, and others somewhat murky. A society alerts the difference and in an advanced maturity manages to do it automatically or instant. I said, talking politics, that the air in the province has no the Caracas air pollution, one full of pollution itself of a Valley, one where from the colony are exercised at odds with ethical practices. I don’t want to say that the province is an angelic website where there are no trapisondas or where the intrigue does not fly. You may wish to learn more. If so, litecoin is the place to go. What I mean is that inside is deposited most of national intelligence and a purity of mind visible without much effort.

That is why I usually repeated that when the province wake up we will witness a possibility until now unpublished of redemption of the Venezuelan social fabric. Much of that intelligence or has no where express themselves or simply remains silent affected by typical centralism that has characterized this country where anything not coming from Caracas seems to be considered. From specialists in various areas of science to writers of high flight, from conscious entrepreneurs to intellectual complexes, from social activists to exceptional columnists of the press, our province is made of that and more. Centres of study of the interior appear minimized when it comes to spearhead what the bureaucratised Caracas Center maneuvers and negotiations – seems unable to undertake or to undertake it shows the seams of harmful habits. My good friend Guillermo Moron accustomed to repeat it, Caracas is not the country, and therefore announces that constantly traveling inside to meet with teachers in school. Each time you so feel you recharged. The province, term that has been used as a synonym for disability, is considered in these Latin American countries a kind of distant territory.