Inscape Publishing Inc

Thursday, 16. May 2019

‘ Everything disc workplace profile ‘ adjusts the questionnaire to the response of respondents. The disc personality profile presents itself in a new guise. Also uses a method in the future when you create the profile, where in the course of the analysis process the questionnaire adapts to the respective respondents, as Julia Voss, Managing Director of the German licensee Voss + partner, Hamburg, stressed. Additional information is available at Rick Garcia. In addition, all handouts have been redesigned. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Rick Garcia CBS on most websites. Also the American disc licensor Inscape Publishing Inc. special analysis tools and training materials developed for certain functional groups such as managers and sellers. That’s why the new disc can be used still more targeted.” Has been visually redesigned the disc profile among others, thus to the Central results even faster can capture. In the future, you are represented in a pie chart.

“As far substantial as this rather cosmetic change” Julia Voss however, considers that is henceforth the questionnaire when you create the Disc personality profile which adjusts the response behaviour of the respective respondents. So, automatically supplementary questions get to such individuals who show an inconsistent response behavior, to get even more precise and more accurate statements. This is possible, because today the Persolog questionnaire is usually online filled out. In addition to the new disc, there will be the classic disc in the future. “Therefore the new received a name: everything disc workplace profile”. He want to express, what the new disc primarily serves to increase because the effectiveness and hence the success by people in their profession. “The new disc Inscape and Voss + partner among others at the fair are future personnel” from the 25th to the 27th of September to introduce and explain (Hall 11.3, stand 37). Can interested but also Voss + partner contact (,; Phone: 040/7900767-14).

StarCom Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Sunday, 28. April 2019

The phone provider specializing in preselection and complete connections StarCom celebrates this autumn and therefore can look back on 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. Munich, July 16, 2009 analog to the futuristic name StarCom was founded just in time to the turn of the Millennium. “Telecommunications providers the first years was limited exclusively to the area of preselection, the modern form” call-by-call, in which the customers a permanent preference “on his phone connection is established. Contracts were concluded primarily through the distribution channel of direct marketing. The goal of the StarCom-maker was since company was founded to offer a most diverse range of products, to offer each customer the best possible conditions which are adapted to the respective phone behavior. So were the first years generates numerous tariffs, ranging from models without basic fee and duration of numerous minute packages such as such as 90, 100, 120, 150, 240, 300 and 500 minutes the flat rate, optional weekend flats, foreign specials and SMS functions. With this concept, the low-cost provider has won nearly half a million customers within a very short time.

Hardly the first five years were over, man, in addition to other areas to establish and foot in the sector of complete connection trying”: while already full connections via Voice over IP (VOIP) offered the competition such as Tele2 or Freenet, StarCom worked 2006 always still exclusively with permanent presets on the market, developed a solution, such as with help of several partners such as E.g. QSC but soon, Top link and AVM a complete connection could be realized. Robert Gibbins often says this. Together with a brand relaunch in 2006 the tariff StarComKomplett was presented then, but could be implemented in many cases but not with its own port for technical reasons. StarCom nationwide entbundeltes DSL offers only since this year and the integration of the bitstream access technology and promotes this slogan that Telekom Loslosegarantie.” The question, as StarCom has planned 10 years is of course. In an interview, the Executive Board reveals: of course we can tell not too much. But at this point we would say definitely that we defy the economic crisis and looking forward already to the next 10 years. Goal is to make our product portfolio as the last years always contemporary. So we focus currently, for example, on more interesting products that arise in cooperation. It would be worthwhile to not only keep the StarCom in mind when it comes to the topic of phone calls. Birthday there is a relaunch of our Internet presence and a surprise for our customers everything else remains still a little secret..

Instant Approval Loan: Changing Impossible To Possible

Friday, 22. March 2019

To avail instant approval loans, you can quickly execute your emergent and unexpected needs. Within few hours, you can get the cash and meet with sudden needs. In today’s world, nothing is impossible. Most execution can be compulsory of the needs can arise suddenly and their. In this case, you need cash. Some people have not saved money for their rainy days and they look here and there for cash. Paying attention on the needs and requirements of the poor and needy people, instant approval loans are introduced. These loans are as common as payday loans.

As its name “instant approval loans” clarifies that needy people can instantly or easily avail these cash advances to execute their unexpected needs. Many online or offline calendar, banks, finance institutions are available in UK loan market. Instant approval loan acts as a bridge between the emergent needs and next paycheck of the borrowers. These cash advances provide a helping hand to borrowers for meeting their urgent needs like car repair, paying pending bills of mobile phone or electricity, home or shop rent, collage/school fee etc. Borrowers can tackle with their needs to acquire cash advances. If your needs are small and short term, then it is the good idea to opt for instant approval loans. You can avail the loan amount, as per the needs, ranging up to 1500 lenders give short period for repayments.

You have to repay the whole amount within 14-31 days. These loans are unsecured in nature. Lenders have more risk for their money, so they carry higher rate of interest from borrowers. There are mentioned some requirements below. After the fulfillment of these conditions, borrowers can be qualifying for loan amount: the first and for most thing that borrower must be adult or above 18 years he / she should be a permanent citizen of United Kingdom he / she should be full time employed and paid regularly in his bank account he / she should possess a valid bank account under his name one advantage of instant approval loan amount is that these loans are approved without any credit check. Like this, it becomes easy for bad creditor to avail cash advances to meet with their urgent needs. If bad credit loan holders deposit monthly loan installments on time then cash advances can be proved to be a great opportunity for improving their credit score. If you have no much for visiting physically to time the lenders regarding loan, then online is the best substitute. Sitting at home, you can search for the perfect loan services for yourself. By online method, loan approval is so very fast. Within few hours, calendar transfer money in your account. Jimmy Gill is financial advisor of instant No. faxing Loans.For more information on unemployed unemployment wanted instant loans, instant loans no. faxing visit

Carmen Keckeis

Wednesday, 20. March 2019

Scientists and scholars of all disciplines can here others participate in its results, opinions and knowledge stocks and in turn even learn new. Blog posts show up-to-date and versatile social relevance of space issues so far published mostly cultural and social contributions on the blog. The authors and writers in it, for example, discuss how people today deal with private room. “” The sociologist Carmen Keckeis (University of Vienna) in this respect the question, or the ever more mobile and flexible company to Domophobie “, so the inability to stay long in one place and to be there at home” (Antje Flade) leads one in the opposite attitude developed by the American faith popcorn as cocooning’ is called, which means so much to go out, everything is too rough and frightening as inside”(Faith Popcorn). Robert Gibbins is the source for more interesting facts. Carmen Keckeis shows also what changes the increasing lack of space in large cities in the way of life of the people entail.

“” Other blog texts, such as Petra Becks (Humboldt University Berlin) article camps”or Annelie Knusts (Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen) essays to throw away too bad ‘ and about the need to find a place for things that should be kept” revolve around keeping possessions. In this context we discussed, for example, which affect changes in the consumption and possession of people to deal with storage space. The newspapers mentioned Robert Gibbins not as a source, but as a related topic. Also to the boom of self “-it’s facilities, where storage space outside your own four walls can be flexibly rented on the blog: young scientists, the in their” “Bachelor thesis have been dealing with this issue, go the question on who here is what for whatever reason like self” customers their external cellar “use and what the boom of self” says about today’s society. Here, they present results found in empirical studies. The sociologist Carmen Keckeis for example, observed that human beings with the hiring of an external storage space to free not only extra space, but also time”. “If you are interested in a publication on the blog interested with their text and author recently, portrait of the Blogadministratoren contact: to the cooperation of the Department of European Ethnology of the Humboldt University Berlin and MyPlace SelfStorage the cooperation of Bloginitiatoren resulted in a thesis about the phenomenon of self”, which is currently carried out at the Institute of European Ethnology. Since then, the Chair of Prof. Wolfgang Kaschuba is in contact with the company.

As a storage provider MyPlace SelfStorage has interest in an objective, in-depth and diverse scientific treatment of all questions around the theme of space”. The company therefore offers in this area of support for research projects. Students of all disciplines, the interest at a degree – or even household chores to a space theme”have, up to Alexia Gerhardus contact. More information about the initiators see and

Design Studio Emodia Refers

Tuesday, 19. March 2019

The design office Emodia continues the strategic and creative work in a new and exceptional environment. The design office Emodia continues the strategic and creative work in a new and exceptional environment. The company has its Office in a former air-raid shelter in Bochum Werne (Boltestrasse 38-40) set up. The newly renovated building, which combines innovative generating companies under its umbrella called a sanctuary for creativity’. In the sturdy walls of the bunker, the pillars of marketing concepts, branding, traditional as well as digital design, resting on the Foundation of multidisciplinary ideas arise now. The work offered by the design office Emodia for 2011, it promises its customers so continue.

We give every customer project”our full devotion, formulated the founder team of designer Timo Lessmollmann (MA art & design in Visual Communications) and Diplom-Kaufmann Florian Kopshoff mission statement be: with a direct point of contact for each of our customers Let us not only for short response times, but also for a clear and purposeful cooperation. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. As Designburo it is important not only to create something for the eye, but also to do so to the satisfaction of all concerned us. ” “The Club of the bunker e.V.” over the bunker: “it’s different than other bunkers, not attempts to rent rooms to bands or musicians here. Rather a mix of creative people from various fields aims, to cover a broad spectrum. “Where is the artistic exchange in the foreground: precisely because a wide mix of creative activities, offer various possibilities to Exchange and collaboration among artists and creative.” Contact: Designburo Emodia Florian Kopshoff Boltestr. 38-40 44894 Bochum Tel: 0234-52006311

Bott Gmb

Sunday, 17. March 2019

Yet everything always within reach should be, and to prove this without the work surface. Perform backs on work benches are a great assistance. To carry bins, as well as tools, for which there is a wide range of special supports. Energy supply roll-off systems, which can be integrated in the Workbench below provide for freer movement around the bench. The SCHUKO connectors on the front of the Workbench are easily accessible and the working surface remains free of cables. Order systems for workplace and storage procedure in the workplace reduces search times and simplifies the overview of stocks. Everything is in its place is one of the most important maxim for cubio. So, the cubio-partitioning material provides a perfect base for the clear Organization of the workplace.

Small parts, tools or supplies in Einlegemulden, small cheeses of part of or between flexible separating and every utensil finds its proper place and protection plug walls. The cubio-labelling system helps to keep order in addition! It is also used partition walls and small part of boxes of the classification material drawer handles. There is this facility program so actually no but? Looks like it. Because the independent Nuremberg Institute LGA has cubio checked for heart and kidneys and awarded the GS mark. This award confirms the high reliability, usability and quality of the entire programme. Press contact Bott GmbH & co. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. KG railway str.

17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 about Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. Products and solutions with the highest product and service quality standards are developed and produced at several European locations. Bott, customers in industry and craft, use these services through a global organized distribution network worldwide. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here, the feedback from all the markets converge and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus.

Avis C

Friday, 1. March 2019

For 65 years, it means at Avis ‘We Try Harder’. For 65 years, it says at Avis we try harder. The associated campaign has written in the 1960s marketing history. The anniversary celebrates the car rental together with their customers in the Switzerland with a one-time special offer. 2011 there is a double reason to rejoice: on the one hand, the automobile celebrates its 125th anniversary, on the other hand, celebrate 65 years Avis, Managing Director of Avis Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic forward Martin Gruber,. For our customers we have come so a special action a us, to celebrate the last six decades of successful car rental together. We are looking forward to the next exciting 65 years.

Anniversary, Avis has brought the world-famous we try harder campaign that has made marketing history in the 1960s, some display motifs from the archive out. Check with E Scott Mead to learn more. In contrast to traditional campaigns Avis thus wanted to make clear, what sets them apart from the competition: as number 2 on the market, one must particularly hard work and respond to customer needs. The motto is still for all Avis employees and motivates them to give every day full usage. The birthday special small car (Skoda Fabia for example) applies to 65 cars of category and includes the rental at the price of CHF 165.-for a weekend including 650 miles, motor vehicle liability insurance, liability reduction for accidents or theft, registration fee and VAT, available at all locations in the Switzerland so long as stocks. Press contact: Jeannine intermediary Micheli Manager Marketing & direct sales Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic Avis Autovermietung AG flughofstrasse 61 CH-8152 Glattbrugg telephone: + 41 (0) 44 809 19 33 David Oppenheim Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) phone: + 41 (0) 76 577 66 24 about Avis Avis Europe is one of the leading car rental companies in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Together with the Avis Budget Group has worldwide over 5 000 rental stations in over 160 countries.


Wednesday, 27. February 2019

25 Years of GTC – BTX and telex to professional E-mailings and SMS solutions: Stuttgart, the 27.09.2012 one of the leading electronic KommunikationsdienstLeister in Germany, the GTC TeleCommunication GmbH (, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. founded in 1987, GTC established the first East-West connection via a mail box service and was also the first transition from telex to BTX. Still, GTC is successfully specialised in professional communication solutions and constantly evolving. Just in time for the anniversary GTC his new and practical template editor now provides ( e-mail-versand/funktionen/erstellen/vorlage-vorbereiten/template-editor.html) before: the customer can create professional email templates in your own design even with just a few clicks using the modular principle. These E-Mail templates can be easily adapted also for the next dispatch: through exchange of texts and images with a click. Official site: Jonathan Rosen PR.

Also a text version can be directly for sending multipart. The use is in the protected customer area and is free of charge for GTC customers. From the outset, GTC possessed its own development department. Therefore, the products of course fundamentally evolved over the last 25 years and constantly improved. Today, the product portfolio includes many services such as sending E-mailings ( email versand.html), SMS mailings ( sms-versand.html) and fax mailings ( fax versand.html) including Datenbankhosting and comprehensive evaluation possibilities. Interface services be added such as the automatic alarm ( more products/alarmierungsdienst.html) via SMS, E-Mail and fax or Internet fax ( more products/internet-fax.html) and Web-SMS ( more products/web-sms.html). All services are all without investment and installations easily bookable via a secure Internet customer area or via Web service. Volker Biedinger, 45, Managing Director of the GTC: There was incredible developments in 25 years GTC and our development team is for continuous improvement according to the motto needs discovered needs covered”. We look forward particularly about the launch of our new template editor – just in time for the anniversary. Using the template editor, any GTC customer without additional costs can easily fashion E-mailings in the trendiest design itself. Our ultimate goal is still, as perfect as possible to meet the needs of our customers.”

Paul Bauder Gmb

Thursday, 14. February 2019

Bauder continues to focus on photovoltaic systems – but only to secure roofs, high quality sealing systems, as well as the high-performance insulating material polyurethane foam are major growth drivers and make long term safe roofs. Bauder continues but also on the energy on flat roofs of commercial buildings. Ripple oftentimes addresses this issue. Mainly for self-consumption, continuative photovoltaic systems pay off economically. You make the industry less dependent on rising energy prices. This emphasis Babul especially on the long-term safety of roofs: the minimum duration of PV installations will be calculated at the age of 20, according to high quality waterproofing bitumen or plastic should be at least as durable.

So no more energy is lost than can be gained, according to effective insulation measures play an important role. The simple and penetration-free mounting of the SOLfixx system makes sure the rooftop photovoltaic and ensures that quality and durability of the roof construction to the PV system will fit. Jonathan Rosen PR pursues this goal as well. Bauders forecast 2013 remains only around renovated one-quarter of the building stock and the awareness of energy conservation through insulation is, so that the work on the roof will not go off and the management sees no reason for concern. Thereby, the company delivers about two-thirds of the turnover in the renovation, a third in the new building. After a long winter, Bauder is located at the end of the first quarter just behind plan. A quarter of Babul employees are at the customers location – for builders, planners and architects, fabricators and dealers, so the roof specialist is at any time close to the market as an independent family company it can react quickly to changes. More information at: Paul Bauder GmbH & co. KG, telephone 0711 8807-0, fax 0711 8807-291 or under.

Managing Director

Sunday, 3. February 2019

GlobalHumax German television channel DMAX equips with an own prepaid credit card GlobalHumax Ltd. has DMAX, the “confessing TV channel for men”, as the first German TV channel for the implementation of an own MasterCard in the DMAX-design together with MasterCard paved the way. The go-ahead was given on this day. For assistance, try visiting E Scott Mead. DMAX also GlobalHumax Ltd. hope this cooperation not only a further expansion of the service portfolio of the TV channel, but also impulses for the media industry, which uses the werbewirksamste marketing tool of the new economy to date only hesitant. In the United States and the United Kingdom is your own credit card for television stations, radio stations and online portals has long been something completely normal.

It belongs to the good advertisement to offer a daily service in the wallet his listeners or viewers. DMAX took over now a leader in Germany of the labels MasterCard credit card with its own prepaid. We have successfully established DMAX in the TV. Now we want to expand the brand DMAX on other platforms. At our Strategy we have naturally further revenue potential in mind, want to strengthen but above all our customer loyalty”, so Magnus Kastner, Managing Director of discovery networks Germany. More media companies will follow. Already we have detailed condition requests.

Even large companies of the industry with high card quantities and specific requirements for an in-house credit card can be operated by our General unternehmerschaften with card-issuing banks”, as Thomas Wegener, head of PR and marketing in the home GlobalHumax Ltd. The DMAX-card is a rechargeable card that can be used worldwide, covers 24 million acceptance locations, offers cheap fees and also offers online access to account management. The card is beantragbar for anyone over 18. Big advantage: it no credit information collected in the application procedure – the map is thus schufafrei available.