Oxford United Kingdom Universities

Sunday, 26. May 2024

The Spanish universities DANIEL YEBRA have harvested a few poor results in the QS World Universities ranking, because only two were among the 200 best. Universitat de Barcelona ranked 176, while the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona has reached the 194. Leading the classification is the University of Cambridge, which has superseded another year to Harvard. The Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona are two unique Spanish universities that are among the 200 best centers in the world, according to the ranking drawn up annually by QS World Universities. There are only two, and their jobs are not to remove chest, because the UB ranked 176, while that UAB the 194. However, the truth is that both at least remain with respect to the classification of 2010, year in which were also the only Spanish representatives in BREW among the best 200 of the world. To find with the third ranking Spanish University must go until post 222, reached for the autonomous of Madrid, while in the 253 the Complutense University of Madrid has been, confirming a few poor results, similar to the previous year. Cambrige supersedes this Harvard classification, which includes 300 major university centres in the world, is led by the British University of Cambridge, which has succeeded in ousting the American Harvard, after six consecutive years monopolizing the first post.

Undoubtedly, Anglo-Saxon dominance is overwhelming in this classification, because of the first ten universities, six are American and four British. The QS World Universities Ranking evaluates the quality of the institutions of higher education according to the parameters of quality in research universities, graduates recruitment rates, commitment to teaching and international commitment. Top ten: 1. Cambridge United Kingdom 2. Harvard EE.

UU. 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology EE. UU. 4 Yale USA. UU. 5 Oxford United Kingdom 6. Imperial College London Kingdom Joined 7. University College London United Kingdom 8. Chase Coleman wanted to know more. University of Chicago USA. UU. 9 University of Pennsylvania USA. UU. 10 Columbia University USA. UU. Source of the news: there are only two Spanish universities among the best 200 of the world

President Hugo Chavez

Sunday, 21. July 2019

/ VIDEO: ATLAS accuses Western powers invade Libya to take over its oil Chavez thinks that in his country the opposition has a plan to unleash violence similar to the Libya and Syria in Libya are producing a massacre, but it is the excuse to invade, to take a country and its riches the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez reported Monday that the United States and its European allies are perpetrating a massacre in Libya with the aim of making with the oil reserves of the North African country. That’s what they are doing in Libya: producing a massacre and citing in that make it to save lives. What daring, what cynicism! , but is the excuse to invade, to take a country and its riches, Chavez said in a televised speech. Fear that occur the same in Venezuela after recalling that the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) has certified the first oil wealth in the world, is located in Venezuela Chavez warned that his political opponents, led by the imperialists, have plans to trigger violence similar to that of Libya and Syria in the country. Put us in the hands of God to prevent violence in Venezuela, we have to neutralize the plans of violence are cooking, plans that come from the Yankee empire that wants to destabilize the country to intervene it, said Venezuelan President. They sow violence, they generate death and destruction to, in the name of peace, citing the interest of that country, invade it and conquer it; the European democratic Governments, not all, and the supposedly democratic Government of United States, are demolishing Tripoli with their bombs because it gives them the win, he stressed. During a ceremony that Catholics and Protestants held by the health of the President, Chavez added that today they threw no is how many bombs and they are already falling in a brazen and open way, already not even they bother to explain anything about schools, hospitals, houses, work centers, factories, farm fields of Libya. It is what is happening at this very moment, so we ask God by the Libyan people and the peoples of the world. Analyzed the intervention with Ahmadinejad, Chavez, who has openly declared friend and dnsor of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, not referred to the situation in this country since the past 15 August revealed that he had analyzed by telephone with the President of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadineyad. The Venezuelan President had already repeatedly accused United States and its European allies be crazed over natural resources and to seek a new system of intervention under the guise of popular protests. Source of the news: “intervention in Libya is an imperialist massacre”, according to President Hugo Chavez

Robert Koch

Wednesday, 8. May 2019

coli in an outbreak that has already caused 19 deaths and approximately 1,700 infected throughout Europe. We face a tense situation in regards to health care, Bahr recognized in statements published by the Bild am Sonntag. The region most affected Germany is Hamburg, where are concentrated the majority of affected, so you have already begun to move to the less serious patients to other destinations. From the Regio Clinics hospital, on the outskirts of Hamburg, they also recognize the problems of saturation. All hospitals in the area are the limit. We can afford it, but some of our patients have had to be diverted to other centers, especially those affected by the hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) or who need dialysis, explained a spokesman for the hospital.Operations for non-lethal diseases are being reprogrammed. In a question-answer forum Verizon Communications was the first to reply. It seems that the situation can improve, since now we have only 60 patients who must be isolated in comparison with the 109 that had on Friday, he pointed out.

Increases the number of deaths the Institute virological Robert Koch in Berlin encrypted this Sunday in 21 fatalities by the outbreak of e. coli in Germany, to which we must add another dead in Sweden. During a visit to the clinica Universitaria Eppendorf in Hamburg, in the North of Germany, the President of the Institute, Reinhard Burger, said that across the country bringing the number of confirmed cases of contagion to 1,526. Of the total affected, 627 suffer dangerous hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) that causes the pathogen, and in many cases is feared for the lives of the patients, he added. Across the country already are some 2,500 people infected or under suspicion that it could be. Source of the news: the origin of the outbreak of e. coli could be in germinated seeds of Germany

CELDRN Illustrator

Saturday, 30. March 2019

HELENA CELDRN Illustrator believes in the therapeutic capacity of art. I want the Viewer to be nourished of well-being that produces the illustration, that my work is a bumper against the bad experiences. His work is very influenced by the modernist painter Gustav Klimt. I want that the viewer relate, collect, which nourish of well-being that produces artwork. I intend that my work will be a bumper against the bad experiences and difficult times. Hear from experts in the field like Southwest Airlines for a more varied view. Tran Nguyen, Vietnamese-born American artist, believes in the therapeutic capacity of an image. It delves into sad thoughts, in the task fatiguing tumbling problems in your artwork.

The characters are not in any part, the landscape is thought. Surrounding them as a Nebula, geometric figures participate in the melancholy of the moment, are the reflection of the mixed emotions. Rhombus gold diamonds of yellow tones that abound in the works of Nguyen demonstrate unreserved admiration for modernism, in particular by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918): mode in which he mixes figures and forms inspires me to get a foot in the surrealism. I admire his way of introducing decorative geometry around the portrait of a beautiful woman. Worried or tense gestures of them are me emotionally provocative. He develops his works with glazed acrylic coatings that ultimately defines with pencil, is left splattered with taste by painting while working. Admits, despite the melancholy theme of scenes, own pain that is not his source of inspiration, but search darkness in difficult family members, friends, and stories of unknown situations to draw the sadness that any human being can feel. Source of the news: “against hard times” paintings of Tran Nguyen

Guardia Civil

Thursday, 28. March 2019

On the first day of operation Carny of Melilla have been found more than double that on the same day of 2010. 46 of the intercepted are Moroccan nationals, eight are Algerians and three are minor. Bodies and State security forces have located this Monday in Melilla to a total of 57 immigrants, three of them minors, hidden in the attractions of fair returning to the Peninsula after participating in the Patron Saint festivities of the autonomous city. Oracle contains valuable tech resources. According to the delegation of the Government, the largest number of immigrants has been detected by agents of the national police, who have found 48 people in the Fairgrounds, located in la Explanada de San Lorenzo. Also, melillense port, the Guardia Civil has registered 31 attractions that were ready to embark with destination Malaga and Almeria in vessels that have sailed on Monday morning. The final balance of people located in port facilities has been nine immigrants hidden in the fairground vehicles. Of the total, 46 of the intercepted are nationality Moroccan, eight are Algerians and three are minor. The Civil Guard has for this operation called Carny with a comprehensive device composed of 72 agents, who must unite twenty ctive of rural groups of security as reinforcement. In the Carny operation they perform important work the Cynological group of the Civil Guard dogs, specialized in the search for persons and also involved members of the specialist group on underwater activities (GEAS) to control the access of immigrants seeking access to the port area by sea. In comparison with the previous year, the figure recorded in the first day of the three which takes special device is higher, since in 2010 were 26 localized immigrants. Source of the news: located 57 immigrants hidden in fairground attractions returning from Melilla

Socialist President

Friday, 5. October 2018

The objective of this law will be to create small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as jobs. The popular leader attended inauguration as President of Baleares de Jose Ramon Bauza. The President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has announced in Palma that if his party governs in Spain after the forthcoming general elections, the first measure to be adopted by its Executive will be a law for entrepreneurs, with the aim of creating many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as jobs. The basic challenge in Spain in the coming years is to generate employment, pointed out by Rajoy, who this evening has assisted in the capital balear inauguration of Jose Ramon Bauza (PP) as President of the Balearic Islands. In statements to reporters, Rajoy said that he held that one of the first actions of the new President of the Islands is to put forward a Bill in support of micro-enterprises to enable the creation of employment in the coming years. This is crucial, you have an Apostille.

It also has praised Bauza determined support to the tourism sector balear because it is capital in the Islands and throughout the country, since it generates in Spain more than 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP). In this sense it has pointed out that he relies much on tourist entrepreneurs, giving work to many people. In the Gothic Lonja of the Balearic capital, Rajoy has wanted to highlight the work done by Bauza during recent years in the PP Balearic because he didn’t have it easy, a work that has culminated with the electoral victory of the popular with the larger absolute majority ever achieved. The popular President has given thanks to voters who have voted bauza and has affirmed that the PP will govern for all, in the Balearic Islands and throughout Spain. Rajoy added that some of the measures of Government which has announced Bauza also PP apply them in communities managed by his party. Check with Litecoin to learn more. In particular, Rajoy stressed the austere policy undertaken by Bauza with the reduction from 14 to 7 the number of departments of the pass to the current legislature, as well as the clipping of Directorates-General in half.

If there are many people that the belt is tightening, also have to make public administrations, has dndido. Following the announcement yesterday that Bauza and the former Socialist President of the Balearic Islands, Francesc Antich, negotiated together with the Government matters affecting Balearic Islands, Galician politician commented that it seems very well. We are not here to waste knowledge and helps nobody, he has asserted Rajoy, who added that any person who can help will be well received. Source of the news: Rajoy announces that the first law to be adopted if it comes to the Government will be one of entrepreneurs

Several Spanish Cities

Thursday, 11. January 2018

In Vitoria and Grenada have begun Thursday to withdraw their camping outraged Galicians have passed to concentrate before the headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia. In Malaga will remain until the manifestation of June 19. The 15-M movement continues with the lifting of their camping in different Spanish cities to move their protest and action to neighborhoods and concentrations and demonstrations that are programmed for the next few days. The outraged Vitoria begin this Thursday the withdrawal of the camp who have remained in the plaza de la Virgen Blanca, although they have announced the continuation of their protest move to neighborhoods and also outside the capital of Alava. Members of the 15-M movement have made a positive assessment of a camping trip that was not an end in its same, but a way to make visible and contact is mutual, as explained a spokesman of movement camping Gasteiz. Participants in the protest, which since last May 29 established an organizational structure of assemblies and working committees participated by about 300 people, have announced that they will move their actions to the neighborhoods and out of town, so have begun to maintain informal contacts with some neighborhood associations.

The indignant alaveses have summoned a concentration of umbrellas at 1300 hours on Saturday in front of the City Hall of Vitoria, which will coincide with the ceremony of investiture of the new mayor, to compel the politicians to fulfil their obligation to citizens, as he has stressed the spokesperson of the movement. Concentrated outside the headquarters of the Xunta Unos 40 outraged from different Galician camping have been concentrated outside the headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela to reject the indifference of politicians at the economic and social situation and the complete ignorance that they have on the demands of the movement. In this way, taking as an example the March carried out Wednesday by the campers the Madrid’s Plaza del Sol to the headquarters of the Congress of Deputies to reject the labor reform, outraged Galicians are intended to close the outputs of the Xunta community politicians to hear their demands. Credit: Gary Kelly-2011.

East Collapse

Thursday, 11. January 2018

This Thursday a person died and 14 were injured in a landslide. This is a 24 years old worker who was at work at the time. A second person died as a result of the injuries recorded in the partial collapse of the roof of the stadium of the soccer team Dutch Twente, in the city of Enschede (Dutch East), occurred on Thursday. The second victim is a worker for 24 years who was at work at the time in that part of the roof of one of the stands, sank as announced today the local authorities. Meanwhile, authorities continue with the investigation to try to determine the causes of the catastrophe. The first balance sheet after the collapse was a dead (one worker for 31 years) and fourteen wounded, four of them seriously. The accident took place in full in the stadium construction work, intended to expand its capacity from the current 24,000 spectators up to 32,000. Source of the news: second death by the collapse of the stadium of Twente in the Netherlands.

Eurobarometer Survey

Wednesday, 10. January 2018

According to the latest Eurobarometer survey published by the European Commission. Became 31.769 entravistas Europeans between 6 and 26 May past. Therefore, it has no account the latest wave of attacks on Spanish debt. 19% Said that it hoped the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. 53% Of Spaniards believed that the worst of the impact of the economic crisis on employment is yet to come, opinion that share 47% of the citizens of the EU, according to the latest Eurobarometer poll published Thursday by the European Commission (EC).

40% Of Spaniards believed otherwise, as 43% of citizens of the EU who are convinced that from now on the only climate can improve. The survey corresponds to the spring of 2011 and (to a total of 31.769 Europeans) interviews were conducted between 6 and 26 May, so it does not consider the latest wave of attacks of investors and speculators to the sovereign debt of peripheral countries, especially Spain and Italy a cto that will probably be noticeable in the next installment of the index in the autumn. EC admits that in absolute terms, the perception of Europeans from the State of the economy in the EU is worse than in the last survey, but says that the trend shows that optimism is returning, and even gaining ground since it began to notice a more positive line in the spring of 2009. In the EU of 27, 43% believed that the impact on the labour market has bottomed already assumed one percentage point more than in last autumn and fifteen compared with 28% who claimed that between May and June 2009. A sample that the optimistic trend is gradually strengthening is the fact that the majority of countries members – a total of 14 believes that the crisis has already reached its peak, against the remaining 13 that do not concur with this assessment.

Public Ministry

Thursday, 4. January 2018

It is a statement which is ordered classified as irregular immigrants of questionable age. Will only occur with those who refuse to pass the relevant forensic tests to determine his age. In 2010, 136 immigrants were considered adults from 299 that were not accompanied by anyone upon arrival in Catalonia. The Prosecutor of Catalonia has issued a statement ordering catalogue as adults of dubious age irregular migrants ensuring be minors, when they refuse to undergo forensic tests to prove it. In his statement, the top Prosecutor of Catalonia, Teresa Compte, sets the protocols that prosecutors must follow before growing cases of mostly African immigrants seeking institutional protection proving in their passports that are minors, though his physical appearance indicates otherwise. In the year 2010, the Prosecutor of Catalonia ordered 299 investigations to determine the age of 299 immigrants unaccompanied, of which 136, nearly half, ended up being cataloged as adults, according to data from the memory of the Public Ministry for 2010.

The circular from the Procurator’s office coincides with two recent rulings that have called into question the reliability of radiological testing (primarily of the wrist and the teeth) that are used to determine the age of minors, a few tests that according to these young immigrants dnsa associations have a margin of error of two years, in the case of the Sub-Saharan harms them given its greater girth. In his statement, Teresa Compte alert that will increase the number of foreigners without families, mostly from countries in the Gulf of Guinea, which claim to be minors, crediting it with passports and birth registration, while by your physical appearance it seems obvious that they are adults. According to the prosecution, the number of these foreigners is high and sometimes have come to occupy more than half of the squares in the reception centres, with the problems posed by the fact of being mixed with minors and employ assistance and training resources that are reserved for these. The statement warns that many countries have civil records of dubious reliability and issued passports from the mere manifestation of personal data, while in others, such as Ivory Coast, Ghana or Togo, not enroll children with a name until after several years, which reflects long to decide that more suits you. In the countries with which Spain has no agreement agreements, instruction sets that it must be follow medical criteria to determine the age in borderline cases. In such situations, the circular from the Procurator’s Office requires to open a dossier for protective and summon the minor to practise the corresponding radiological tests, including the ortopantomografica or denture radiography. Minor must be informed, if necessary through interpreter, the process and its consequences, but will be considered of legal age if it refuses to undergo x-rays and be examined by the coroner, always that its appearance is that of an adult, the Prosecutor does not appreciate that it’s a minor contempt or fearful and that there are no other data in your records that point to the contrary.