Wednesday, 10. July 2019

Ethnography as field work in nursing the ethnographic research approach can be approached from the study within the field of nursing and whose stage is the hospitable medium, where the protagonists are the multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, nurses and auxiliary nurses of different shifts of the hospitalization unit. A study centered and focused on the leadership of nursing care quality, all managed through techniques of participant observation and semi-structured surveys. According to the approach to research that may develop can offer a remarkable success, and despite the fact that the staging of the activities of the research from a theoretical point of view are really reasonable and allow a wide data validation later likely to be picked up for analysis and presentation of information,-for purely statistical purposessocio-economic or quality of care-, is not easy to carry out the work of field by the actors themselves. If we tackle immediate and consecutive form a multidisciplinary healthcare team in their daily tasks, both healthcare and administrative, most likely conflicts between optional staff and health not optional and members of the observer team, as well as the own investigator. Possibly there would be disputes, conflicts of interests, rejection and the unpleasant feeling that an external to your unit staff if it interferes in their daily work, takes notes, attends to everything that makes, appreciates it and analyzes. Workforce study and by very professional to make it, will feel assaulted, some to a greater extent, others in a lighter way, but basically all human being who feels studied during performing their tasks, shows a certain degree of dissatisfaction and displeasure. A constant observation seeks observed display vandalized, even if it is active, intends and get be collaborating, it continues to be a nuisance, an imposition from one top hierarchy of the healthcare organization and that logically represents without a doubt an invasion of the territory and therefore the Habitat of a few health professionals work. .