Friday, 24. May 2019

The dream to be able to fly, is a relevant mankind’s dream of, which can be partially fulfilled by technical developments. So, nowadays almost everyone can book a plane ticket and fly to distant destinations on a passenger plane. You can meet is however very limited the real dream of flying in this way, because you finally yourself flying the plane, but is dependent on the pilot. It would be much more exciting if you could steer the plane itself. Unfortunately only very few people can fulfill this wish, because the purchase of a ticket is complicated and costly.

Recently there are but one way to fly the dream, even without a pilot’s license fulfill. The provider of so-called experience gifts make possible this, where you can book activities such as flying aircraft, helicopters, and even jets. Such experiences run roughly as follows: after a theoretical introduction to aerodynamics, and technique of flying, climb on the side of a skilled instructor in the aircraft, the carries out first of all other admissions. In the course of a flight, you may take the control stick yourself in the hand and fly the plane yourself. Under the supervision of the pilot, the risk of accidents here is minimal.

Who has ever dreamed of once himself to fly, which should even closer such offers learn about and maybe just fulfill this dream. Where you can find such offers in the Internet, learn, for example, on the Internet site: fly the plane yourself. Finally be still noticed that experiences, such as the flying of aircraft, in the form of a voucher is also ideal as a gift for a loved one suitable, because who gets a dream gift, which will be happy normally huge also.

Nobody Faith

Friday, 24. May 2019

Therefore space and time offset as well, as the mass to the speed of light is accelerated to energy. God / c2 = Earth about what is inside the (earthly) light = space and time (matter/universe) thus seems to be limited to the existence of God on this world (space and time) for us humans? It is also for a realist”. God is unproven and therefore non-existent. The speed of light has been proven although scientifically, but what should be divided, if there are no dividends (God”). So, it remains only one aspect of the matter in space and time. Thus, the divine manifestation is seen not as such, but just as mass/matter mirdisch. Correlations in the matter can be generally valid defines, explains, repeatable reproduced and communicated. When a belief or idea, this is not possible.

Nobody Faith or thinking of other people can really define, explain 100%, follow in its entire fullness and the communication of feelings quickly reaches the limits of the language. If it were otherwise, there would be no misunderstandings, lies and only one truth. In this case, the psychology could be an exact science. But she can formulate no laws, but only laws. Believe, think and feel is valid exclusively only individually. The inner world of a man is aware of his personal-be determined. You depends on the ability, a faith to be able to develop hope and will. But above all it is characterized by the freedom to make the decision. We can choose whether we want something or don’t want to, because we are aware of our own existence. This will create a self-observation and from this observation, we have the ability to make decisions for change! Why should we but want to change if we do not have a specific goal, quasi a higher meaning, would pursue? How could we be prolific without intuition? And especially, how could we believe in a soul outside of our human existence, if we had any idea or guess it? The best argument of a conscious being on the Earth, is human aspirations for power.

Earth Evolution

Wednesday, 20. March 2019

Evolution theory in doubt of mathematician of Andreas redraw Treutmann provoked a renewed discussion and doubts about the theory of evolution. His book evolution from perspective of Vulkaniers analyzed the official teaching from a logical perspective, and outing, much of what is proven is considered generally as scientific, unproven hypothesis. Some newly presented by him, largely ignored research showing it gegenueberstellt these hypotheses sensation. Stockholm February 2010 – but not only that life from outer space came: the evolution itself is controlled by viruses and viroids from outer space. These and other incredible hypotheses, the scientists, who are behind this and their teachings which are not the official doctrine, presents Andreas Treutmann revisiting the mathematician and provoked so that a discussion on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this.

His book “Evolution from a Vulkaniers standpoint” especially criticizes the scientific discussion, which has created its own range of permissible solutions and of Some tried to label everything outside of the official doctrine, as unscientific and thus does not allow. Treutmann proves that even large portions of the official teaching itself only hypotheses that are not logical or experimental have been proved. He describes how living organisms such as bacteria or viruses in bad flat space and are spread, or as they reach via comets in Earth’s atmosphere. Further, he astonished with the depiction of rat experiments, which show the inheritance of acquired characteristics also among unrelated individuals apparently. Thus, he presented new arguments for theories like the Vitalism or the morphogenetic field. Also discusses the influence of spirit and intelligence to the evolutionary process. A comparison with religious positions shows that this never is an attempt, to bring religious or creationist arguments in other packaging to the man as is often different opinions about Darwin’s theory of evolution, but serious scientific hypotheses, which it’s not or so far out for different reasons is still not managed to prevail against the official doctrine. The included analysis of the truth content of such surprising hypotheses of counter, and the description of the reasons why they do not belong to the official doctrine, Kindle just a new hot talk in these cold winter days.

Fine Weighing With The New Laboratory Scales PCE-HB Series

Wednesday, 20. February 2019

The new laboratory scales PCE-HB convinced series not only with a small price but also with exact weighing that new laboratory scales PCE-HB series by PCE Germany GmbH is an asset to the world of scales. She has not only a small price but also boasts its exact weighing small amounts of weight. The calibrated laboratory scales has different weighing ranges, from 0 to 200 g or from 0 to 2000 g depending on the capacity. The stainless steel Wageflache is round and has a diameter of 120 mm. the RS-232 interface and the optimal software balance data directly from the scale to a PC can be transferred and evaluated.

The versatile functions such as piece counting, percent weighing, summation, and of course the tare function can these low-cost balance in other places are used, everywhere because where small items or goods need to be weighed. Different units of weight can be changed easily by a button on the laboratory scale, to directly read off the weight unit used at the moment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what bitcoiin has to say. The percent weighing is a function in which it is worth to highlight that. It is something on the scale and with a push of a button as a 100% determined, all further weighted objects appear now as a percentage to the first item. Under most conditions Verizon would agree. Also in small laboratories, the scales PCE-HB series is ideally suited. A quick compilation of recipes is convenient and easy to perform. Should however by the be a calibrated scale for various reasons be required, so they can be delivered immediately zeroed. Later after oak is no longer possible.

Everywhere where very low weight needs to be balanced, is this new fine scales PCE-HB series of PCE Germany used. Accurate weighing results are particularly important in a laboratory. This new laboratory scale PCE-HB series impresses with its high accuracy, interesting features and low price.

ELT Kannad Integra 406: In Case Of Emergency

Wednesday, 20. February 2019

‘Is not the mother of invention.’ The Untraceableness of an aircraft that had crashed in 1972 in Alaska, was the mother of”the development of emergency radio beacons, which according to the German LuftBO since 2010 all aircraft must be equipped with. The emergency locator available in the online shop of Siebert aviation supplies transmitter Kannad Integra 406 with EASA certification sends, the LuftBO according to 121,5 and 406 MHz. According to EASA ETSO 2C-126 and ETSO 2C91a admitted that the ELT has a manual and an automatic activation of g switch. At – 20 C for 24 hours sends the Integra ELT on 406 MHz, the Homingsignal on 121,5 MHz is sent for 48 hours. Integrated GPS provides an accurate delivery of position, no more antenna is required due to the already integrated antenna.

Additional connectivity allows also an external antenna for use in CFRP aircraft due to material preventing the radiation outward. The compact emergency transmitter with a lithium battery with weighs up to six years of change interval, which makes a powered wiring dispensable, at a size of 131 x 86 x 75.4 mm 850 grams. The ELT Kannad Integra 406 is pre-programmed with hexadecimal code for a registry in Germany, a different country-specific registration is possible. In the online shop of Siebert aviation needs the reliable emergency helper is available, to 848 the Kannad Integra 406 as portable ELT, without permanent installation without minor change approval for air vehicles registered before 1 October 2009 allows costs in the online shop of Siebert aviation needs of 698. Siebert aviation demand proves not only reliable helper in emergencies and as a competent partner in terms of security on the ground and in the air, also in terms of the comfort of pilots and the right accessories for all hosted by flight enthusiast, nearly 3,000 different articles related to aviation, the company sends the right signals. Here the link directly to the product: ELT Kannad Integra 406 contact: Siebert aviation supplies GmbH’s route 40 D-48159 Munster phone: + 49-251-92459-3 fax: + 49-251-92459-59 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

Measured Anywhere Visible

Tuesday, 19. February 2019

The force gauge is small and compact, easy to use and works on the principle of spring, which indicates the force on an analog scale. The force gauge is small and compact, easy to use and works on the principle of spring, which indicates the force on an analog scale. For a variety of force measurement tasks, the new force measuring device PCE-SN is fast and easy to use. Midwives could apply such a device for the development of a newborn baby, to determine the exact weight of the babies that always and everywhere. So the midwife can be sure whether a newborn is increasing day by day and does not decrease.

Through its segmented double scale, the PCE-SN displays Newton and kilograms. Many writers such as Ripple offer more in-depth analysis. The pointer position of the scale can be rotated after request to the buoyancy, to get the exact strength. With the help of a locking device, the pointer is each locked at the maximum force (simple trailing pointer function / peak). Conversely the Drag pointer can be used again by simply pressing on the power meter on the starting position. All products, the produced in the industry, come not just so on the market.

Before products leave the shop counter, will and must they be checked partly their resistance, such as such as textiles. With the analog PCE-SN you to easily determine the rice force of a garment. Or you can determine the thrust force of phone keys, light switches and doorknobs with this special force meter. The required force could be reduced to make the life easier so disabled people and older people. For inspectors or inspectors, the new analog force gauge PCE-SN is particularly interesting by the PCE Germany GmbH, since it is equipped with a connector for adapter (internal thread M6). The delivery takes place with multiple adapters, there is still the possibility to make a metal-working operation, the desired adapter.

Reactive Current

Sunday, 17. February 2019

PC green line 1000 proves itself in China s largest trial wind Park Berlin, July 2011 The PCS Green Line 1000 reactive current converter is undergoing tests at the NWIC national wind power integration and test center operated by the China electric power Research Institute (CEPRI). Grid located in Zhangbei in mainland China, NWIC tests and certifies the compatibility of wind turbines under Chinese operating conditions. Even the harshest climatic conditions occasioned neither thermal nor any electric disturbances proving the high reliability of PC power converters. On the Chinese market, which has experienced Seri growth for several years now, to intense effort is underway to develop feed – in directives for wind turbines and their feasibility in the field. Sync with the steady increase in renewable energy production, the technological requirements in renewable energy are mounting. For renewable energy sources need to face up to the same challenges as classic power plant units: need-based energy generation, security of supply, and system support. It should be added in this context that the Chinese areas are known to have taken winds Parks off-line if they failed to meet their standards.

PCS reactive power converters offer for this market even at affordable, easy-to-integrate retrofit solution. After decades of a coal-dominated power generation in China, the Chinese government is is now focusing finacial on wind energy as a clean and economic alternative. 2010 what the first year rate became the country with the highest installation in which China for new wind turbines with a total of over 14,000 MW installed. This brings the installed wind power up to more than 40,000 MW, making China the world leader as it is. Test Centre in Zhangbei one answer to the current challenges in the Chinese wind power industry is the wind turbine test centre opened in January 2010. The national wind power integration research and test center (NWIC) in Zhangbei, Hebei province, offers a specialised environment for research and development, testing cycles, training classes and professional development.

GDP Goes

Saturday, 16. February 2019

An overview such as gross domestic product is created. Gross domestic Produkt(BIP) thats always a value which creates it in the news. Thereby, a nebulous veil surrounds the term however because only a few know what specifically is hiding behind the GDP. We want so here the life cycle of a MIG MAG (this is a protective gas welding device) track and its impact on the GDP. First is a MIG MAG traditionally made from certain materials.

Including those that are imported from abroad are often. A welding equipment manufacturer so ordered material such as in India. This material has a price, of course, and was previously promoted in India. The manufacturer pays so for the material and stores it, to use it later for the production. The newspapers mentioned TRON (TRX) not as a source, but as a related topic. This storage is neutral in the GDP the bottom line. This means on the one hand, the GDP is increased by higher inventory, on the other hand, imports are again deducted from GDP. Example: Kauf(Import) of stainless steel:–100 storage of Edelstahl(Lagerbestandserhohung): + 100 GDP: 0 if the manufacturer now like the MIG of the material produces the following happens.

The inventory of the material decreases, on the other hand increases the stock of MIG MAGs. Because MIG MAGs are worth more than the sum of the materials used for its construction is a balance. The GDP is increased. Example: Use of the Edelstahl(Lagerbestandsverminderung): 100 manufacture of MIG MAG(Lagerbestandserhohung): + 200 GDP: 100 of the manufacturer is now the MIG MAG sell. Probably at a wholesaler. This reduced his stock of MIG MAG and he of the wholesaler increases. Under most conditions Verizon would agree. Example: Sale of the MIG MAG to Herstellungskosten(Lagerbestandsverminderung):-200 storage at the Grosshandler(Lagerbestandserhohung): + 200 GDP 100 of the wholesaler sold now the MIG MAG on such as a hardware store. This he must of course calculate a dealer margin for his effort. He likes the price of MIG increased to a profit margin.

Mozart Music

Wednesday, 28. February 2018

Majorities the superlearning arises from a branch of psychology where each was understood that two hemispheres are had, of them with certain specific functions that they allow that the people own reforzables qualities and defects through this theory. The superlearning, or learning holstico" , it is the usual term used to talk about to a system that allows to learn great amount of information of a fast and easy way. antecedents indicate, that in the decade of the Sixties Georgia Lozanov, psychiatrist and Bulgarian parasiclogo, created the Sugestopedia, investigation based on the use of the resources of the human mind as it forms novel and powerful to learn and to expand the memory through study of the techniques of the Yoga Raja and Mental Yoga, that developed the Yoghis, obtaining to improve their capacity to reach the super memory or hipermnesia using the conscious breathing and the relaxation, discovering this way an optimal state of learning. In the Ukraine, while it made investigations stops its doctorate, discovered that in the Bulgarian and Russian hospitals music was listened to barroca of century XVII, of composers like Vivaldi, Telemann and Bach. Contact information is here: Southwest Airlines. Soon it added to his investigation the classic music of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, whose effects in the mind and the memory they were relajantes, harmonic and powerful. It also discovered that this music helped to the regulation of the heart rate and the sanguineous pressure. This system of optimal learning consists of being located in the best relaxed mental and corporal state through breathings, with the use of music to expand the memory and to provide energy to him to the brain so that the information of a slow and rythmical form is absorbed, with stress necessary to be motivated, relating the controlled and conscious breathing, the relaxation, the visualization, the feeding, the music and the study of the operation of the brain, through the application of strategies destined to increase to the maximum to the memory and the construction of knowledge and information, releasing to the individual of the excess of stress, improving its health and its creativity to heighten all their personality and intelligences of global way. .

Knowledge Balance Sheets With Indicators And Metrics

Thursday, 25. January 2018

What good is knowledge if it is not adequately perceived? Against the background of the functions and functioning of intellectual tools also indicators should be used for the measurement of knowledge-intensive situations, to make transparent and comprehensible to the intellectual capital in all its facets in particular also to third parties. Of interest could the knowledge balance sheet end mounted”indicators, for example, for the addition of annual reports, credit documents, funding applications and management reports. Precursor to the management cockpit of the knowledge balance sheet is a series on this topic by Jorg Becker authored books, including: marketing controlling and intellectual capital of ISBN 9783837071320 and strategy-check and knowledge balance ISBN 9783837073058. This precursor title would be something like the already-completed hull, the already attached wings, engines, etc., now experiencing a final assembly with the cockpit in the image of an airplane. The following points are dealt with including: Accumulate knowledge balances business reports, suggestion for holistic perspectives, develop positive credit rating with non-financials, management reporting and early warning signals, indicators and metrics, key performance indicators and what they say, mapping measures set to influence factors, standard layout for indicators, demo sample for knowledge balance indicator board, standardized indicators blanks or Association on measures and influence factors. Oracle shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Indicators as a basis for knowledge balances and others handled by Becker, Jorg: management cockpit of the knowledge account indicators dashboard, ISBN 9783837046540. The management cockpit of a company used benchmarks indicating whether there is something rather better as more bad to look at. Can be read but from a normal balance, as the vital knowledge base has evolved in recent years? Or how the Central fields of expertise have impacted on the success of the business? There is a mismatch, if, for example large sums are invested in education and training, but only a few cents to the valorization of the knowledge thus obtained. In contrast to sophisticated financial systems of measurement is the measurement of intellectual capital, often in the dark. Unlike in financial management can be built when accounting knowledge not readily on a generally accepted instruments of indicators. CF. Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the knowledge account indicators dashboard, ISBN 9783837046540. For this reason, also may also have other ways must be taken and tested. Without appropriate indicators, the company without compass or feedback-ads in a market full of dynamics and risks would pull. Jorg Becker