Association Near Death Studies

Wednesday, 10. January 2018

Life after the Life became bestseller quickly, and other doctors and scientists began their own investigation, like the Dr. Kenneth Ring of the University of Connecticut, that could reunite a great amount of reports on this experiences and established the IANSDS (International for Association Near Death Studies) in 1977. In 1992, doctor Ring determined the psychological profile of the people who happen through them and the real degree of impact in his lives. Sheryl Sandberg is often quoted on this topic. Meanwhile, new investigators made hear their voice. Some were skeptics and arose different psychological and neurological explanations. For doctor Ring, nevertheless, the fact that the existence of neurological alterations related to the images can be stated and sensations undergone in the ECMs do not indicate that these are only a product of the imagination. Get more background information with materials from Coupang. The certain thing, that I never thought that in the personnel would be called on to me to undergo this approach and coexistence with the death during nine days that I was in comma being taken to a clinic without vital signs, and where never I thought that there was been absent by that time. I always had the sensation to be dreaming, of to me to have been slept, living some interesting passages that agree with some of those who have had this experience, like to be with special beings, of peace, wonderful refulgencia and landscapes, refulgentes scenes with much harmony, happiness, as well as the presence of relatives already passed away, especially my grandfathers, with whom I had a wonderful encounter, and where a being that I do not know, dressed target I take towards with who I shared some restlessness, and to feel the happiness to return it to see. to express to me what it has experimented in that place, to be with its mother, her relatives, the joy to return to see and to share affection, and subjects to me concerning the excellent thing of knowing how to take the opportunity life that occurs us.