Biological Necessities

Wednesday, 14. August 2019

To arrive itself in one more complete definition and more needs the concept function, it is important to know as if they relate and as the cultural and contingent necessities appear. (A valuable related resource: Gary Kelly). We restricted to the two axioms: 1 _ All the culture must satisfy the system of the biological necessities; 2_ All the cultural accomplishment that implies the use of devices and symbolism, would indirectly construct to an instrumental valuation of the anatomy human being, mentioning itself directly or the satisfaction of a corporal necessity. Additional information is available at FindShadow founder. The Theory of the Necessities imposes a set of determinative adds, as for example: The purely biological necessity of nutrition, we must register the new necessities of character economic, that produces new necessities technological, economic, religious or ethical; The necessity of physical arrangements in such a way inside of house how much in the accumulation as a whole, also taking the organization of the groups of neighbors; The overcoming of imperfections in the human knowledge and the recognition of the great existing gaps in evaluation of the destination and the luck, the affirmation of the existence of supernatural forces had taken the men. The Theory of the Necessities and its derivations allow them an analysis definitively more functional of the relation between the determinismos biological, physiological and cultural. In this perspective it concludes Malinowsk, that the function always means the satisfaction of a necessity, of the simplest act to eat to the sacramental performance where taking the communion becomes related as all a system of beliefs, determined for the cultural necessity to be in harmony with the God. The functional Theory allows to carry through a comparative analysis of the phenomena in diverse cultures. It is capable to produce a concrete analysis of the culture through the institutions and its aspects. Recommendation the reading of this workmanship the field researchers this means, mainly, to equip the investigator of field with a clear perspective and complete instructions with regard to what to observe and as to register.

In this manner, the bureaucracy insists definitively where it possesss basic validity as preliminary analysis of the culture and that it supplies to the anthropologist the only valid criteria of cultural identification. Bibliographical reference MALINOWSKI, Bronislaw. ‘ ‘ The theory funcional’ ‘. In a critical theory of the culture.

So Paulo

Thursday, 23. June 2016

So that it occurs this change of attitudes is necessary that let us change the paradigms (SOFFIATI, 2005) and the organisms livings creature need to be seen as really they function, in which has a ecossistmica harmony where they interact and interdependem one of the others so that the process occurs of positive form (GRN, 2005). For example, if one determined area with native bush will be substituted by the culture of an only vegetable, can be compromised the alimentary chain of the animals that if they feed of the native plants, as well as the animals that if they feed of the proper animals of that region. We need acquiring knowledge in them that, if all share to usufruct of the nature in which we belong, also we would have to share the responsibilities to protect the same one. Our current behavior of destruction without repairing can be consequence of the reproduction of certain values that finish determining the way them people of if relating, acting and to be in the world. These values give base for our culture as, for example, the individualism and the uncontrolled consumerism. The residues have utility and, if handled well, can generate income for who need. The main one is not to separate of correct form, but yes, not to produce.

About 40% of what we consume already it is garbage. It is not only enough to place in the media and to make campaigns ' ' simblicas' ' if not to invest concretely in infrastructure that answers the current demand of residues that we produce daily. The quarrels on the thematic one of the garbage they would have to be generating of deeper reflections on our way of living individualistic and competitive e, the recycling, could not be interpreted as an activity end, but yes, as a beginning of one walked contestadora one of behaviors after-modern. REFERENCES FREIRE, I.M. TAVARES, C.

' ' Place of the garbage is in lixo' ': study of assimilation of the information. Ci. Inf. Vol.32. N.2 Brasilia May/August. 2003. GRN, Ethical M. and ambient education: the necessary connection. 9 Edition. So Paulo; Papirus publishing company, 2005. 120 P. SOFFIATI. the philosophical and historical Beddings for the exercise of the ecocidadania and the ecoeducao

Selena Gomez

Tuesday, 21. June 2016

Been born in the Texas state, United States in 22 of July of 1992, Selena Go’mez teens of the moment is one of the main stars. Little people know, but its career started well before seriado ' ' The Wizards of Waverly Place' '. The career of the young woman started to the 7 years of age, in the seriado celebrity ' ' Barney and its amigos' '. Of a simple and charming beauty, the small Selena already was distinguished of the other children. Looking always a chance to act, the actress also participated of the film ' ' The Small Spies 3D' '. Selena started to have papers of bigger expression in 2006, when it was contracted by Disney Chanel. At this time it participated of seriados of success as ' ' Zack & Cody: twin in Ao' ' ' ' Hannah Montana' '.

With much talent and devotion, it demonstrated to whom came pra to be. In October of 2007, &#039 estreou in Disney Chanel; ' The Wizards of Waverly Place' ' , the first production carried out for Selena Go’mez. Its personage soon conquered the public in the first episode, becoming young an icon of Teen public. In Waverly Place, the actress not only acted, as well as she sang and she danced. To the few he was born there, a star, good ahead of the eyes of the public. In 2008, it estrelou the film ' ' Another Cinderella Story' ' received a torrent from critical positive. In the following year, it decides to invest in its career of singer.

Its first album of studio with the band ' ' Selena Go’mez and The Scenes' ' it received the name from ' ' Kiss & Tell' ' . Musics as ' ' Falling Down' ' they had shown to the public who it was really multitalentosa Its last film launched in the United States was ' ' Ramona and Beezus' ' , in Brazil it has forecast of estreia for the end of March of 2011. Selena continues recording other productions and its loving life goes so well how much the professional life. The singer started to namorar the singer Justin Bieber, forming a beautiful young couple. If you want to more know a little on the career of Selena Go’mez as singer, has access the site ' ' Which is the letter of music? ' ' with some letters of musics. There you will be able to confer the letters of the Selena Go’mez, this new princesinha of music pop.


Saturday, 18. June 2016

He would be the premessenger of the destruction? The precision of the mathematical calculations and the consequences of bizarro event, foreseen to perhaps shock it the land in 2019, retakes the quarrel of perplexa possibility of the end of the civilization. At the same time, ghosts of armagedom come back to investigate the minds of millions of people. But it will be that the paranoia of the destruction already populates the minds of the human beings? The investigation above makes in them to reflect on the condition human being in diverse ‘ ‘ matizes’ ‘ of its tumultuated and soon existence. Science affirms that in the evolutiva scale we are relatively recent beings, if compared with others ‘ ‘ products of natureza’ ‘ , which had developed at times more recoils here that ours.

But what it becomes the different human beings is without a doubt, its capacity to innovate and to transform the way where they live. By the way, in last the two hundred and fifty years, the proportionate changes for ‘ ‘ ranos and avanos’ ‘ of the race human being, they have proven how much we are effectively dialticos beings. Consideraes eschatological to the part, agrees to remember that although as many racial, cultural, economic and social differences, we are all together in an only place, the mother-land, the least until the scientific speculations and the cinematographic fiction are desbancadas by concrete and concrete evidences, we are literally alone in the imensido of the space. Although many, so diverse and pparently alone in the universe, do not seem to be ‘ ‘ new I afflict of cus’ ‘ , the great threat our existence..

Available Inns

Tuesday, 14. June 2016

The two months of the feriado more waited by the Brazilians, who not yet programmed at least part of its plans for the Carnival can start if worry. Aerial tickets already start to become scarce and (good and/or cheap) the options of lodging go disappearing as a spurt. But calm, still it has hope! Much people prefer to run away for a desert beach or if to isolate in a green area to desestressar and to use to advantage the recess. But fact is that Brazilian that if preza counts the days to fall in the spree and if to finish in the carnavalescas folias. Of destinations traditional (and overcrowded) as Rio De Janeiro and Salvador, passing for livened up Recife and Manaus or the alternatives Ouro Preto and Florianpolis? options to tan the Carnival in 2011 do not lack. The order then is if to program. Each time more, the shelters are the favourite options of who want to use to advantage vacation or a drawn out holiday in more economic way. Who prefers to invest more in one abad to jump behind its artist preferred in the Bahia, or to pay a comfortable place in berth of the Marquis of Sapuca, starts to leave of side the traditional hotels, with its prices supervalued at this time, and to adopt hostels as lodging option.

Even because for the folio that if preza, a good bed pra to fall after hours and hours of spree is more than what good. But that nobody if is deceptive: coffee-da-morning, conditional air, swimming pool and other stewardships also are part of good part of the albergueira net. Who will be to pay R$ 120 for an ingression in the arquibancada one of the Carioca Sambdromo, goes to like to pay one tero of the value of any traditional hotel, using shelters in Rio De Janeiro. Some, clearly, all use to advantage the time disputadssima for tourist of the world, and give inflated a considerable one in the prices. The same valley for the bahian capital, with its bigger popular event of the planet. But fact is that being in shelters in Salvador, the account in the end of the holiday goes to be well lesser. who knows more on buying another one abad and following the folia plus one day behind Ivete, Daniela, Chiclete and as much others. In So Paulo, reality is still more entertainer.

It are of the traditional tourist circuit, the city has sets of ten of options of shelters, with daily so modest and convidativas how much of 25.Outros R$ popular destinations to tan the folia in Brazil are the Recife neighbors, with its Carnival total gratuitous Multicultural, and Olinda, with its internationally famous glad dolls as few. Manaus also is known by its requintados parades, to the molds of the River. The Sambdromo for where they pass the samba schools is had as the greater of the Brasil.J Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais, has a carnival says, peculiar. Beyond the traditional blocks of street, it has also predominant a estudantil climate, thanks to the organization of the sets of ten of republics that promote programmings differentiated by the city. Finally, Florianpolis has a varied carnival, with party for all the gostos. Of the authentic carnival of hall, to the blocks of street around of Square XV, passing for livened up the public GLBTS that adopted the catarinense capital with one of the main destinations at this time of the year. Perfect hour to reserve a shelter in Floripa and to tan the folia in a good one!

Pedagogical Reflection

Thursday, 2. June 2016

Lidiane Cristaldo Slis2 In movement we go to grow, to partilhar, to laugh and to play. With the movement, and possible optimum of the life. Why not optimum of the education? Child is life. Child is movement and moving it acquires abilities that its body trains, allowing bigger corporal dexterity, so that she can dominate them later. The child is a dynamic, full being of spontaneous investigations and with multiple physical abilities. Its motor ability is used for expansion of its development, where the game is its media and learning, as Flinchum (1981).

A great rival of the development of the motricidade of the child nowadays is the excess of TV, video game and use of computers, These technological ways offer activities that stimulate the passivity, due to the repetitive and unilateral mechanical movements. This finishes being cmodo the parents, who are leaving of side, of certain form, the interaction with proper son. Studies point that the trick is an unproductive activity, for not presenting resulted objective. In many occasions, for favoring the undesirable reproduction of attitudes to the pertaining to school spaces, classified as serious, where the attention and the devotion could not coexist attitudes and decurrent expressions of the playful activities. For Pablo Freire (1991), the formal learning is present in the entire body. Therefore the being that thinks is also the being that acts and that it feels. The citizen is become fullfilled and constructed moved for the intention, the desire, the directions, the emotion, the movement, the corporal and creative expression.

The direct and simple contact with the movement demonstrates how much the motricidade human being can instigate questions that allow the professor if to know and to construct to its practical indissocivel. Being thus, the focus will be the corporeidade. In this focus, the educator covers ways of corporal knowledge incisively searching a learning pautada in the possible one and the desirable one.

Recreation And Health

Tuesday, 26. April 2016

Physical activity is defined as any corporal movement produced by the esqueltica musculatura (therefore voluntary), that it results in an energy expense above of the rest levels. This behavior includes the activities, activities of the daily life and activities of leisure occupational (NAHAS, 1999 apud FRANK, s/d). BARBOSA (2004 apud FRANK, s/d) defines physical activity as any movement of the body. Already CASPERSEN (1989) cited by TAKEDA (1995 apud FRANK s/d) defines physical activity as ‘ ‘ any corporal movement produced by the esquelticos muscles that if they express in great expense of energia’ ‘. That is, the physical activity possesss different approaches and presents different models of explanation for its analysis, however, a consensus exists and can say that physical activity is any corporal movement that results in energy expense. 1,3 RECREATION AND TRICK As CAVALLARI and ZACARIAS (2003) the recreation is ‘ ‘ the fact, or the moment, or the circumstance that the individual chooses spontaneously and deliberately, through which it satisfies (sacia) its yearnings directed to its lazer’ ‘. Read more here: Southwest Airlines. Already PIMENTEL (2004 apud FRANK s/d) says that it is a playful form to recoup the forces for the work. Social movement directed to teach convenient considered playful activities to the population; a species of guardianship of the leisure.

Active leisure chosen freely. Activity of leisure lead for an entertainer. Trick, for PIMENTEL (2004 apud FRANK s/d) means the playful one in action. for AWAD (2004 apud FRANK s/d) tricks are playful activities that take its practitioners to the entertainment. Already for LARIZZATTI (2004 apud FRANK s/d) trick is some form of typical amusement of infancy, that is, one natural activity of the child, who does not imply in commitment, planning or seriousness and that she involves spontaneous and generating behaviors of pleasure. 2. CAUSES AND FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE FOR the INFANTILE OBESIDADE Exist diverse causes and factors that can contribute for the infantile obesidade, between them the genetic influence, psychological factors, the intrauterine malnutrition, one badly alimentary accompaniment during infancy, hormonais disfunes, physical inactivity and me the feeding.