Awareness Dreams

Friday, 12. April 2019

Take life as if all of creation were plotting to your benefit! When something happens in your life, for better or for worse, ask yourself what’s the lesson for you. Even unpleasant people or situations have been placed deliberately as a challenge that will help you to grow there. To begin to see your life as a work in which your you’re playing the leading role, the higher self will be much more evident in your life. Record your discoveries in your journal. 8 Dreams waiting for your higher self you speak in dreams. Before sleeping has some stretches and relaxes your body completely.

Ask something to your higher self and waits for the response. When thou risest, remembers what you can from your dreams and write in your journal. If you are not used to remember your dreams, it will take you time and persistence. However, with patience, begin to remember your dreams and receive responses from your higher self. 9 Awareness focus on living more and more in the present, in the now. When you’re eating, be aware that you’re eating. When you walk, you know that you are walking. The only real time is the now the past is gone forever and the future has not yet passed.

Therefore, works to clear your mind of worries, illusions and extrapolations. Cleans clutter off of your mind and creates a space for the higher self fill it. 10 Patience! Remember, you may have spent your life without contact with the source. Therefore, takes time to learn how to re-establish contact. Everything that is worthwhile takes time and practice. It remains vigilant and practice these steps every day, are going to get the answers you need. Remember: El be Superior QUIERE keep in touch. In fact, the simple fact of speaking of him as someone separate from you is contradictory. The higher self you’re your! Your true being. So get in touch with you! blog here.