Foreign Investor

Tuesday, 12. November 2019

Some data and advice for the foreign investor Very in spite of the great economic and financial crisis at level world-wide and that touches to the United States directly, the investment in buildings, real estate or Real Estate as it wants to be called in this country, continuous seducing the majority of the buyers. And we did not talk about the internal investment of the own inhabitants of this great nation, but to the foreign investors whom they try to place its money in a safe bet with yields to medium and long term, or properties for purchase fast sale, in a greater term or to obtain a good monthly rent. To invest in properties in Los Angeles is one of the best ideas within the great territorial extension of all the states of North America. Here, one of the real estate agencies with greater portfolio of clients and properties, with ample experience in this city and its environs with extreme pleasing would offer the necessary advising him so that it finds what better it adjusts to his possibilities and is the best investment of his life. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. The foreign market of Hispanic speech would find in Sunset Strip Realty a place where to trust, with the calidez in the attention that characterizes to them and that has added throughout the years, thousand of clients satisfied with its business. It exists in this country, an association that nuclea to the investors in real estate foreign and of its statistical studies we can emphasize some numbers that demonstrate the reality of our affirmations. Estosa assures that every two years the estranjera investment in real estate increases in an average of 9%, which mean almost 2 trillones of dollars. The confidence has followed signs in the market and the investors continue placing their dollars, Euros, yens or any other currency in the properties of New York, Boston, Washington but essentially in Los Angeles and its great metropolitan area and this in spite of the attractiveness that continue being some Asian markets. More info: Munear Ashton Kouzbari.


Thursday, 18. July 2019

It is a way to make feel to the pair that is mistaken, or that of plane is crazy. In this heading they are observed, mainly three types of violence: 1. – The threats: " nor it is happened to you to say to him to anybody what happens in casa" , guaranteed by the beliefs of " the dirty clothes are washed in casa". Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. That is to say, the will of the people forces concerning to express its experience in outside. It is a form to have a fear power, of being able clearly, the women in his social condition of acceptance, allow this type of situations according to his culture.

Here also are forms like degrading, insulting, to hurt, to make feel them ridiculous of subtle ways, which takes very deep to an emotional and spiritual deterioration. It is east type of violence that does not see, but that it undergoes with a great pain and desperation. In you indicate outside it indicate that the type, is a great gentleman, therefore, it exaggerates. Here what it damages is the permanence, the certainty and consistency of the subtle attacks 2. – The Cosificacin: that is to say, the pair it is seen him like a concept or thing in its way to be, this takes to assertions like: " you are one tonta" , " you are or you haces" , " you are created very " , Another way of cosificacin is directly tie to the concealed aggression of the life of the pair, like speaking badly of the family of her or him, criticizing and to make judgments on the behavior of the pair, always to make him feel that it is mistaken. They expose generally to its families in public with respect to its weaknesses or, make fun of sarcastically of them in private.

National Unemployment

Thursday, 20. June 2019

CONSISTENT action is what separates of dreamy thinkers or of the hacedores. Much people highly educated know what must do, they think that they know like doing it, but never do nothing on that. By this many of them consultants and professionals finish like, working for successful entrepreneurs who had losses qualifications in the school and university. Learn more about this with Gary Kelly. PERFECT! , If that is what you want in the life, is not bad until your life is total and full of happiness. But not these satisfied with your status quo, then BEAM something to change it.

Perhaps meet you somebody who can be less talented and intelligent than your, but is much more successful? Sometimes you have asked yourself: I recognize that I am better than they, but they are much more successful? Good, your you can be but intelligent, but they take many but actions in their life and is for that reason that have but results. And one of the actions that they perhaps take is in the growth of their person, increasing their capacities to work and to speak with any type of person, all those are necessary tools stops any type of success in the life. Then why as much intelligent people fault in taking consistent actions to reach its goals? Good, first we must understand that our actions are defined by our emotional states. Emotions such as fear, inertia, anxiety and uncertainty paralyze to us, avoiding to us to take action. On the other hand, emotions such as enthusiasm, motivation and confidence excite and allow to us that the things action happen. The ability to handle our feelings directly to reach a maximum performance is what is called Personal Masters.

I meet many intelligent with shining ideas that they can get to be successful, but it throws them to the fear for back. They sometimes place inspiring goals, but they need the motivation to do the necessary thing to obtain them. But dared they can that begins to take initial operation, but they pause as soon as they undergo frustration or anxiety. We see my case: During the months following to National Unemployment in Venezuela, I was making other things: I began with my friend Alfredo a business of printer ink charge, with corporative clients, and also one proveedura of office articles. My uncle Freddy, a natural entrepreneur and successful industralist, I am to instill its knowledge to carry out several businesses, but I needed the motivation to continue. So they can see that I had a mixture of successes and failures, being the failures attributed to the fear and anxiety to do something new outside my area of experience, whereas the success is attributable to the motivation generated by my Alfredo friend and to the fact that knew what it was doing. We learn to be in control of our emotional states so that you can bear feelings of fear, anxiety and delay, you will see that this will impel to you to take mass operations to reach your goals.

North American Invasions

Sunday, 28. April 2019

The planet sacrificed to the survival of a political model, to the fullness of a few pockets. With regard to the Conference in Copenhagen, I read the case of the Republic of Maldives, an island in the Indian Ocean, projected to disappear with the ascent of the sea; and, for surprise, the information arrived at my hands on a book that speaks of the one hundred places to disappear and that pain is worth to visit before it happens, Caracas among them, fantasy or probable fact that it touches the fiber of the Venezuelan who writes these lines. I culminate very on purpose with the mention of an apocalyptic film with the treated subject, conceived in the Hollywood heart of the same country of the grief mentioned here: 2.012. You will see as you happen defrosting, as the disappearance of the species projects almost and how nothing else the rich ones are saved, unique able to pay for the construction of extraordinary rescuing ships, luck of coffers of Noah! We say, in conclusion, that the models of human development affect the planetary health, affirmation almost of Pullover if we did not know that the man has scattered itself very unthinkably on the terrestrial crust and the transnational companies misstatement multiply everywhere with contamination of their interest; and we add, of step, that fed up turns out stupid to yield extraordinary gains for a pocket if later the carrier of such pocket does not have atmosphere where to live, since the blessed model of to make businesses devastates the fundamental habitat.

Certain or false the Martian fable in himself, its story tolerates enormous reflections for the human life, that makes think us and to encumber towards a more ecological style of life and humanist to us: the man uncongenial with its atmosphere and itself. I say with that the socialist proposal acquires force, including until its utopian characteristics, since it seemed sometimes that the real thing turns out useless to be saved to itself, having to make use of the idealistic capacity of the men. I say same that, if after reading these notes, we thought that the socialism is not the way, is because surely already we will be dead (for the case that we think of some way after dead). We need a new man, a new one brings back to consciousness, a new world of environmental and interpersonal relations, completely surpassed of the historical misfortune that has been called on to us to live with the present political system of things.

San Luis

Monday, 22. April 2019

San Luis is a province of Argentina located near the geographic center of the country (in the parallel South 32). Their neighboring provinces are, from the north to the right, La Rioja, Cordova, the Pampas, Mendoza and San Juan. The present territory of the Province of San Luis was inhabited by different native tribes: Michilingues, Calchaques, Ranqueles, Puelches and Pehuenches. The city of San Luis was founded on 1594 by Luis Jufr de Loaysa Meneses, soon to be left after repeated attacks of the native ones, and soon Martin Garci’a ez de Loyola in founded it to 1956 again under the name of San Luis of Loyola New Medina de Ro Seco. In 1712 the city suffered a great damage by the attack of malones native and had to be reconstructed, next to some strengths. Very shortly after the creation of the Virreinato of the River of the Silver in 1776, the province was taken by Intendance of Cordova and, in 1813, by Intendance of Whose. In March of 1820 the province declared its autonomy, and its constitution in 1855.

railway system I arrive at San Luis in 1875, that lead to the foundation of small cities in the way, like Villa Mercedes and Santa Rosa. The station is near one of the most important hotels of San Luis. During the crisis of the decade of 1930, it had I exile approximately of half of the population. This was reverted and it settled down after a reduction of taxes given to the province to foment the industrial development, a policy that has contributed to the expansion of San Luis until these days. Civil servants of the Justicialista Party of San Luis confer under the image of Juan and Evita Pern.

The Brothers Rodriguez Sa are located in means. From the return from Argentina to the democracy in 1983, in particular, the family Rodriguez Sa (of Peronist affiliation) has occupied the steering position in this province. This situation is, like in many small provinces Argentineans (and in other places), explained by means of the use of one formulate that she combines the nepotism, the propaganda and legislative benefits for the social welfare. This includes habitually technical of illegal repression, like in 1991, the violent abuse to a local journalist and his neighbors. From 1983, nevertheless, the Governor (at the moment Senator) Adolph Rodriguez Sa also supervised the investment of the generating companies of electrical energy (mainly in companies food processors and embotelladoras plants), and advanced for example, in the construction of the ample freeways but in Argentina.

Europe Markets

Saturday, 17. November 2018

Being an independent, rigorous and impartial organization, PhoCusWright it promotes the intelligent strategic planning and the taking tactical decisions. PhoCusWright offers a qualitative and quantitative investigation on evolution of different the dynamic ones that affects the distribution of the trips, the tourism and the lodging. Our intelligence of markets is the same of the sector as far as the segmentation, sizing, forecasts, tendencies, analysis and behaviors of the consumer in the planning of trips. High managers, salesmen, strategists and professionals of the investigation of markets of all the segments of the chain of value of the sector worldwide, on a daily basis use the investigation of markets of PhoCusWright to obtain competitive advantages. PhoCusWright, with the intention to complement its primary investigations in Norte and Suramrica, Europe and Asia offers several conferences and commercial fairs of high profile in EE.UU and Germany and collaborates in conferences in Canada, China and Singapore. The leaders of the sector and the analysts of the different companies, are able to always give to life to this intelligence by means of debates on the different problems, sharing ideas and defining the money changer reality of the commerce of the trips. The company has his it soothes in the United States, it has on a base in India for its operations in Asia-Pacific and analysts by the five continents.

Swiss Guard

Friday, 16. November 2018

I chose Peru because I have to two friendly that live in this country, an ex- colleague on watch, near the city of the Cusco, member of a contemplative community, and a priest (father I fight Lamb), director of a center for children of the street in Lima. I am of French language-mother, in the school I learned German, during my permanence in Rome I studied the Italian and later I was in Ireland following an intensive course of English. Peruvian treasures – What is what you liked more of Peru? As I like much history and the traditions of a town, I have found many pretty and interesting things in Peru. I believe that a new visit will be necessary to know the treasures the culture Inca and the rich Peruvian kitchen better that esteem and that I knew much in Peru. – Finalized your mission like Swiss Guard, to what you are dedicating yourself? I am in a period of rest and tranquillity. I am being accustomed again to the civil life.

In the future next, my challenge and hope would be to work in the humanitarian scope. – You would like to be priest? It does not have to confuse the service in the Switzerland Guard and the seminary. Our service is of military court, not a priesthood. I have, in any case, that to mention that some guards, after their period on watch in Rome, have embraced religious life. – Which has been your happier moment like Swiss Guard? They have been two. The first year on watch, when in occasion of the ceremony of the oath, the 6 of May of 1993, I presented/displayed to my parents to the Pope Juan Pablo II. The second was 9 of November of 2005, when I could personally give to Pope Benedicto XVI the first copy of my book on the history of the Guard, concluding seven years of investigation.

The Gladiators

Tuesday, 23. October 2018

Some never but are able to leave that pain, others they decide to jump from the floor but high from a building when losing the value of their actions because of a steep fall in stock-market, many are not able to rise again. But the heroic act but that already I have seen in this life, is those people who in spite of everybody in his against, almost strengthless, without anybody around to help them, money, future, mental conditions to continue, suddenly rise (not like) the waited for moment less, and they transform the Rockys or the Gladiators of the Life, giving the final accurate blow to the ghost of the failure, and are able to fold its opponent. Thus, before the astonishment of all, once again they begin slowly to reconstruct, putting in sequence each piece scattered of its broken dreams, until straightening up with greater force than ever. Now we go to the main subject of this message. Like beginning everything again when there are lost everything or almost everything in the businesses, by axis? Like arming itself of forces and the value necessary to begin everything again. Since these champions did of the life, that they happened through these same tests. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Oracle.

We emphasize the excellent qualities but of which they managed to surpass a lost one and to rise again. I have listed some important points here, action that we can imitate when there are lost everything. I dare to say that these principles are applied to any situation. They included/understood that the businesses come and they go away, and that in the end what truth matters in the life, is the people who mistresses, your family, the people. They learned to balance its priorities. Everything has its time and place. Gary Kelly has similar goals. They were a sleepy and intention of life well clear, They knew what they wanted, knew where going.

Invoices Through Bank

Tuesday, 22. May 2018

The modern technology offers many comforts to us. Some seem too good to be truth. One of them is the possibility of paying its invoices through banking operations in line using cellular telephone. It was very interesting when we can make these transactions through our computer of house, or the portail in the office, nevertheless, today we have the technological option of our movable telephone. To pay to conduct the banking operations in line in your moving body is quite simple.

Initially an application of bank is required in line that is possible to unload soon to its movable device and if, to use this service. Once installed, it is as easy as abrir the application and to visualize the invoices that wish to pay in line. If previously either I realise east passage in the equipment, or only must realise the corresponding transaction in the existing accounts. If you must take care of new projects or their appointments of businesses, she can do now it without having to hope to that she is in the office or the tranquillity of its home. It accedes through his movable telephone, its bank in line and only must follow the same steps as if it was using his PC or its portable one.

With a single click, you now can pay the invoice of the left, seated in his writing-desk and while it is his way to a business meeting in another place, that is not their office. One of the important things but that it must take into account to use this system, like to do it from a computer it is the same password that protects its information considering that it does not include birthday, number of children, numbers like the social security, or any word that is not easy to discover by potentials hackers. One of the advantages to use a movable application to realise transactions in line, is to be able to initiate a session without concerning the place, the hour, or the climate and to pay its pending accounts, even though encientre of trip of businesses or vacations.

London Galleries

Sunday, 11. March 2018

London is a quite expensive city. Sometimes we deprived ourselves to go to certain places for want of budget, and we have when it, this it is possible to be finished quite fast in that city. Nevertheless, there are ways to pass it entretenidamente that they do not require of a great sacrifice for our pocket. Additional information is available at Coupang. Besides already classic London Big Horseradish tree, there are many interesting sites. Next, we are going to indicate some places that you can go to visit in London without spending money. 1) Museums.

One can find different types from museums in London: of dental history, anthropology, museums, museums of archaeology, museums of plants, animal, etc. These are some entertained museums that you can visit: – Museum of Natural History – Museum of London – British Museum – Museum Victoria and Albert Of course, are others. In the following list of museums I have also placed the meter nearest the respective museums: Bank of England, Bank Dental British Association Museum, Bond Street The British Library, King” s Cross Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham The Clowns Gallery and Museum, Haggerston Houses of Parliament, Westminster The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, Covent Garden House Mansion, Bank Museum of Fulham Palace, Fulham Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road National Archives, Kew national Museum of Ejercito, Chelsea national Museum of Navy, Greenwich Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, Euston Square Royal Academy of Music, York Gate Collections, Marylebone Royal Air Force Museum Hendon, Colindale Royal Museum Hospital, Chelsea Royal London Hospital You file and Museum, Whitechapel Sainsbury African Galleries, British Museum, Holborn Science Museum, South Kensington Theatre Museum, Covent Garden Wallace Collection, Marylebone 2) Galleries. The amount of galleries in London also is great. These are some that you can visit: – National Gallery – Tate Britain – Serpentine Gallery These are other interesting and gratuitous galleries in London. The near neighbourhoods or meters are in italicas letters Association of Photographers Gallery, Old Street Britart Showroom, Commercial Street, Algate East Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road The College Art Collection, University College Crafts Council, Pentonville Road Kenwood House, Hampstead National Gallery, Trafalgar Square National Portrait Gallery, Leicester Square Late Night AT the National Portrait Gallery London International Gallery of Children” s Art, Finchley Road Mashed Potato Gallery, Deptford Peter Pan Gallery, Great Ormond Street The Royal Hospital AT Chelsea, Chelsea Sesame Art, Islington Special Photographers” Company, Notting Hill Gate Tate Modern, Southwark Tate Modern Annoys View (F & The Sat, 10pm), Southwark Wallace Collection, Marylebone Whitechapel Art Gallery, Whitechapel 3) Music/Concerts. In London there are places where they realise concerts of gratuitous way.