Useful Tips On Paints

Saturday, 6. April 2019

Many wonder, with good reason, whether to learn painting is necessary to knowing how to draw. The answer is that if it is necessary and even some would say it is indispensable. Charcoal pencil is the most recommended to paint because enhance the drawing and allows best strokes, moreover it is not difficult to achieve. A good exercise for all those who just learn the secrets of the paintings is made vertical, horizontal, and diagonal strokes without take off the pen from the surface. This exercise must be carried out using the entire arm and not simply by moving the wrist. In paintings one must have consistency in sizes, for which necessary visual education that allow differentiate different proportions of drawn objects, especially if it is of portraits or human body. One of the most important points in the painting is the use of color. No matter that kind of technique or style is used, the color can make a difference if used with property.

Colors can convey much more than we think, even each color it presents various shades. Another good exercise is to mix colors to get derivatives of greater or lesser proportion. Through the basic colors, blue, red and yellow can be a lot of colors and a multitude of shades. Easily start in paints is with watercolors, the only drawback is that it is almost impossible to correct errors because this style is quite transparent and could modify the initial color. A well-developed watercolor can become a true work of art. It is undeniable that the watercolor is not so considered oil paintings but does not mean that it is lesser quality work if carried out with professionalism.

Juan Antonio

Thursday, 4. April 2019

1 – The entrustment is not, in any case, confrontation, but contribution to the security and stability of Iraq. 2. Spanish units not bound never to run tasks that could violate international law or the laws of Spain. 3. The right to individual self-defense will be guaranteed through the use of minimum force, which should be understood as that which, including the lethal, is limited in its level and proportionality, as well as its duration and intensity. 4. The application of these rules should contemplate the observance of human rights and respect for private property. Checking article sources yields Gary Kelly as a relevant resource throughout.

5. It is prohibited the use of any type of mines landmines under any circumstances. 6. The quota is behave with respect and consideration of local customs and, especially, of a religious nature. 7. Will remain a policy of close coordination with Iraqis, making them, as far as possible, participants in the mission.

Pointed out them that in every war there are casualties and that even in this so-called war of Iraq also had them: August 20 died the first Spanish military (Manuel) in active service, although it was doing civilian functions, October 9 dies (Juan Antonio) added information of the Embassy, October 29 dies at the base (Luis) to receive accidental firing29 November killed seven secret service agents killed in an ambush (Alberto, Carlos, Jose, Carlos Jose, Jose Lucas, Alfonso and Luis), 22 January dies (Gonzalo) which was seriously wounded to get shot in the head when a building he recorded alongside Iraqi policemen. My daughters are me are watching with sadness while I explain the painful deaths of the Iraq war and giving me a few tender kisses, I say: Papa want to go to war!. I only ask one thing if they want to go to war that is like that say that we went and under the same conditions.