Tarot Spreads

Wednesday, 29. February 2012

There are several editions of Tarot for Lovers and in all, we practice the same ritual and placed the same instruments, only change the cards to use on each occasion. The Arcana to use, according to the case are these: The Lovers, The Temperance, The Devil, The Emperor, the Moon, The World, The Sun, Death and The Chariot. It must light two white candles, the first question and then that of his par-aa are placed either side of the professional and record the names of everyone in them. Beneath each candle is placed a lien or a photograph of each one and picks up a pink candle, which serves as a witness for the consultations of the interested. This comes on last and, with his right hand, has to be sprinkled with a little strawberry or coconut perfume, while he held with his left hand. With lighted candles, are separated from the Arcana Tarot listed first and mix the rest of the deck.

Selects two cards, one intercedes for the person concerned and is situated alongside the sail and the other represents the other and is situated next to the other candle. Then he throws the Tarot According to the query: For reconciliations, the card stands for all the lovers from two in back, with Temperance left. Thus, strengthening the peace and welfare is expressed certainty. The Sun, to the right of all the lovers, gives her strength. Displays the lovers in stability, saying: “That these cards invigorate and stabilize the relationship of ….( name).” To avoid jealousy and mistrust, is located at Lovers and right El Mundo, which represents the help of people nearby. To the left lies the Devil invested, to separate the liars. Looking at the lovers in luminosity is required to Tarot: “Let every trace of suspicion let these lovers, nothing confuse love and live happily.” To strengthen the baby, is situated right Lovers and Moon, which represents sensitivity and romanticism. To his left stands the cart, symbolizing the heritage, memories and moments lived, with the idea of strengthening beautiful memories that encourage the romance in the future.

Displays the lovers affectionate, saying: “Let the natural power support to these in love and stability and east with beautiful moments.” To invigorate sex, gets on top of the deck of The Lovers, The Devil, and on this, it is possible to place the Sun and Death to require vitality, strength, skill and behavior changes. Displays the lovers loving and repeats: “Let the energy, vitality and imagination to sexually indulge here … (names).” To enhance personal qualities, it represents a useful modification to the card of Death upright. Next to it stands the emperor or empress, by sex of the person concerned, to give strength, security and energy. The person is displayed and asks: “With this option, I need the oracle of the Tarot to strengthen the human and emotional qualities of …., to discover love.” Rituals end when the fire completely extinguished Rose , is the first off it is the basis of strength.

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