Telecare Service

Friday, 30. October 2015

Telecare device designed for people with hearing loss group Neat continues within its line of technology business sector sociosanitarios developing new products for specific groups such as SmartCom, a device specifically designed for accessing the Telecare Service all those problems with communication or hearing. SmartCom is intended to alleviate the shortcomings currently presented the Telecare Service in this sector of the population and was very limited to emergency services that are mobilized whenever the person requesting help center, since the communication between the operator and the user, was virtually non-existent. The system is based on an instant messaging service with questions and predefined answers, which allow the user to contact the operator at all times. The user of the service carries a mobile device with touch screen, which will allow press the desired option to the question that asks you the operator. This results in all the needs of the Telecare Service such as social communications, emergency and user tracking from the center of attention to the users. Communication can start from the center of attention or the device itself and allows you to select the type of alert that you want to communicate to the Centre’s attention such as for example a fall, establish communication etc. Communications are displayed in the form of button, that change color when they are pressed and alert the user that the alarm will be sent through vibration. Moreover from the center of attention, unable to start a follow-up to the user, as it currently operates in the Telecare Service.

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