Telecommunications Act

Thursday, 16. November 2023

Craft bug threatens to run targeted consumer protection in the opposite and endangered the existence of the popular call-by-call with the amendment of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) adopted at the 27.10.2011 of the Bundestag should as an essential objective of consumer protection be strengthened. Price announcement for call-by-call services, however, is the danger that the shot backfires. Yet the Federal Council must approve the law and it is expected that he does not in its meeting on November 25, but the Mediation Committee must be called. There, the tariff announcement could be corrected more consumer-friendly. Consumer advocates have long called for all mandatory at the usual many call-by-call providers rate announcement. “Background is that there are some providers that offer their services completely or partly without rate announcement and this unusually high” demand prices. Almost at the last minute b paragraph 1 was recorded now in 66 a general price announcement obligation TKG for call-by-call services, the so-called call-by-call abzocke ‘ to prevent. Technically this was but with the famous hot needle, which achieved the opposite of what it should achieve.

“There were that easy” in the existing scheme for premium services (0900) the words and language-based carrier selection “inserted. The 0900 tariff announcement is entirely unsuitable for call-by-call services, and consumers would more harm than good. According to the new rules a proper announcement would be something like this: this call will cost you 2.95 euro cents per minute after the signal tone. “This announcement is free of charge. A three-second waiting period would start after the following tone, before the call is connected to.

The customer would have to take each call 8 seconds delay in purchase. This can and will accept no call-by-call customers. Since the introduction of ISDN landline telephone customer expects that the call with the tap of the last digit of the phone number at the Angerufnen arrives and can be accepted.

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