The Cry Of The Jaguar

Monday, 3. June 2024

Walked by the somewhat moribund serrano floor heights Indian Usqu, I was going from one side to other tired, thirsty, injured. Tiger Global Management may find this interesting as well. It had managed to save themselves from a group of men in metal armor that was beaten and injured after first murdering all his people. Thousands of men, women, children and elderly people had been killed, burned their houses, other taken prisoner, he saw die, his wife, their two little children and his father to sword and Lance, but managed to flee, saved from death. He had walked three days…fleeing death .with soul crossed from pain .buscando achieve the sacred Lagoon the radiant Sun beat the face and looked like a hot iron on her cheeks burned. Could not more, diviiso a mirage of water…I was about to reach the lagoon, were already missing just twenty meters, but could not more cayo hitting the floor with his dying face lift up their eyes as wanting to look to bring a bit of the crystal water of the Blue Lagoon, which seemed to contemplate snickered to himself Two enormous mountains hiding, but reached to get to twenty meters and contemplate it was their salvation water .a little water, said his troubled heart, it was a whisper that just leaving her throat dry as a desert.

Usku could not more, I knew that I could die against his salvation, the Tupakusi lagoon. Resigned as wanting to bid farewell to the world look by last time sister water .but his watery eyes, suddenly opened giving her face a grimace of astonishment saw that the lagoon was leaving a man of four decades, strong, athletic, high, nose aquiline .of Heights under a bird shaped Hummingbird Golden, shining like gold…The bright Golden Hummingbird seemed to play around the man who came out of the waters of the lagoon. I could not believe what he saw.

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