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Tuesday, 9. August 2016

“Handelsblatt” author Sonke Iwersen reported also untruthfully when he writes that the Debi select Fund in recent years according to Managing Director Josef Geltinger without knowledge of the Executive Board notes of the current dealer Teldafax acquired “has, as in the wake of the now insolvent company” was. The fact is that the Debi select notes to the TelDFax group belonging companies purchased funds at any time. Debi select holding funds exclusively to factoring companies. But these have possessed notes belonging to the TelDFax group companies at any time even. The factoring companies, where the Debi select funds are involved, had accepted in the context of value paper credit-factoring transactions TelDFax bonds as collateral. These Securities factoring business were now handled by the customers.

While none of the factoring companies suffered a loss. This is clear also from the planned annual accounts for all three Debi select Fund. The accounts revealed that no Factorig demand had to be impaired. It is so expressly no deficiency claims so that the funds are properly exercised. “As long as this and the previous report of the Handelsblatt” give the impression, the Debi select would have to suffer fund losses, so this is specifically wrong. The financial statements should be presented at a general meeting (for all three funds) and submitted for decision. The invitations for this purpose are shipped in these days to the customer. In its entirety, reveals a downright appalling ignorance of the author with regard to the matter of today’s article and by Debi select management as reputation-damaging.

Due to the previous coverage of the trade journal” “Debi select has already obtained an injunction at the regional court of Cologne, so the Handelsblatt” his article has already removed from its online offering. The Debi select business leaders will examine legal remedy against this current reporting. An opportunity to comment, as is required by the journalistic diligence, the Handelsblatt “Debi select the rest didn’t. Due to this obviously intentionally negative reporting, the Debi select Board of management will inform its brokers and investors now at timely intervals regularly about actual developments within the Fund. More information:

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