The Gladiators

Tuesday, 23. October 2018

Some never but are able to leave that pain, others they decide to jump from the floor but high from a building when losing the value of their actions because of a steep fall in stock-market, many are not able to rise again. But the heroic act but that already I have seen in this life, is those people who in spite of everybody in his against, almost strengthless, without anybody around to help them, money, future, mental conditions to continue, suddenly rise (not like) the waited for moment less, and they transform the Rockys or the Gladiators of the Life, giving the final accurate blow to the ghost of the failure, and are able to fold its opponent. Thus, before the astonishment of all, once again they begin slowly to reconstruct, putting in sequence each piece scattered of its broken dreams, until straightening up with greater force than ever. Now we go to the main subject of this message. Like beginning everything again when there are lost everything or almost everything in the businesses, by axis? Like arming itself of forces and the value necessary to begin everything again. Since these champions did of the life, that they happened through these same tests. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Oracle.

We emphasize the excellent qualities but of which they managed to surpass a lost one and to rise again. I have listed some important points here, action that we can imitate when there are lost everything. I dare to say that these principles are applied to any situation. They included/understood that the businesses come and they go away, and that in the end what truth matters in the life, is the people who mistresses, your family, the people. They learned to balance its priorities. Everything has its time and place. Gary Kelly has similar goals. They were a sleepy and intention of life well clear, They knew what they wanted, knew where going.

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