The Manufacturing Challenge

Monday, 16. July 2012

A manufacturer is a big deal, only if you have millions to invest in infrastructure, patents, research, and shipping receipts. As Retailer. It is a great opportunity, only if you can afford the cost of franchising, weeks of seven days of work, advertising, inventory and employee problems.

The largest personal fortunes in recent decades were made by people who found better ways to distribute things. For example, owners of companies like Wal Mart, FedEx,, they are all distributors. What differentiates an entrepreneur from the other workers do not receive a fixed salary for what he does but risking their time, financial resources and effort in the hope of better earnings than working for wages. The price of job security is limited income. For the entrepreneur there are no limits.

No doubt to be an entrepreneur you need certain personal characteristics: they are generally people who prefer to send be sent, they trust their own abilities, willing to risk, unusual people and think long term. The employer is a Leader Whatever your attitude or way of being, the employer must become a leader. There are many ways to direct an undertaker but the fact that lead others to follow him is the essence of the work of an entrepreneur. In other words it is normal that a successful entrepreneur has or acquires the ability enthusiastic and convey to others the excitement. This explains why smart people but indecisive never become good entrepreneurs, the ability to lead goes beyond mere intelligence or technical skill, is also a question of character. The ability to lead should be developed and perfected every day and must agree to the point of view and personality of the entrepreneur. In general there are two major styles of leadership: those who emphasize the results (goal setting and compliance) and those who put emphasis on people (reward, motivation, good human relations.)

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