The Nets

Sunday, 29. April 2012

The partnership is essential for the promotion of the support of a community, according to Capra (1996, P. 234) ' ' the partnership? the trend to form associations, to establish linkings, to live inside of another organism and to cooperate? he is one of ' ' certifyd of qualidade' ' of vida' '. complements: ' ' in the communities human beings, partnership means democracy and personal power, therefore each member of the community plays a role importante' '. The quality of the relations between the people, between the social actors is the direcionador axle for the success of sustainable communities, therefore each actor is important and represents a link that depends on the other link, in a constant interdependence. Capra (1996, P. 231-232) affirms that ' ' all the members of an ecological community are linked in a vast and intricate net of relations, the teia of vida' '. This interdependence between the members estimates that ' ' the success of the community all depends on the success of each one of its membros' '.

The nets, then, are born in virtue of the necessities not satisfied human beings, estimate the existence of a desire shared for some actors, however not yet materialize, what it takes people and organizations to affirm common intentions, cooperating between itself and weaveeing bows and respect reliable. It can still be a problem, a time that the same necessity that leads to the creation of a net is not enough to support it. In other words, the necessity is source of the conjugao of interests, but its prompt or momentnea satisfaction can consist in an obstacle for the perenizao of the nets, on account of the prevalence of the individual interests. Therefore it is that it is said to be necessary to surpass the established hegemonic standards in the individualism, in the scarcity and in covets, because the fear of the scarcity leads to covets, that it leads to the fear in cooperating.

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